Lisof takes it “One school at a time”

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Joe Public, a well spoken advertising agency meets Shana Rosenthal (CEO and founder) of LISOF, most progressive fashion design school and retail education institution in Africa.

Joe public runs a division called “One school at a time”, managed by Bronwyn James. “One school at a time” teaches, uplifts and cares for unfortunate youth in rural areas and schools in Soweto and Diepsloot. We, at Lisof, were fortunate to collaborate with this division, to help build and give a young aspiring fashion designer a chance to make their dreams come true. LISOF in association with “One school at a time” visited  Forte High School in Dobsonville, Soweto. We were privileged to enter the school with big smiles and cheerful greetings not knowing that these learners are taught in challenging circumstances. Upon arrival, we noticed the learners were playing soccer on the ground between rubble that the community throws in the schoolyard and immediatly knew that offering them an opportunity to study at Lisof would be life changing.



Pics above: Bronte of Lisof (wearing white top) and Bronwyn of One School at a Time talk to the learners about this exciting project!


We entered the office with a warm handshake, meeting the principal and teachers. They escorted us to the hall and the bubbly students moved closer to the stage were we stood. Unpacking and settling in, we noticed they did not have the necessary resources to play the “Why to study at LISOF” movie. When handing out fliers, we came across a student who had started his own business, where he buys second hand clothing and tries to modernize these items by hand. Such great initiative and an entrepreneurial spirit! His only wish was to know how to sew. This skill could change his life. These students were eager to learn about fashion and we were given the chance to teach them as much about the industry as we could. Lisof cares and we will uplift the community with skills development and knowledge of the fashion industry as our social responsibility.



The term “Doodle” was unknown to most of the learners, therefore we spent time explaining the concept to them. Inspiring them to create, draw and design! The learners then created their own original doodles and several were chosen to participate in the Design Workshop at Lisof Blairgowrie Campus. . At the Design Workshop they will be taught how to draw, design and silkscreen. The best doodle will then be printed onto fabric, which will then be used to produce t-shirts within a fashion range! This winner will be gifted a Lisof Bursary.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.35.38 AM

Kamogelo, Grade 11

Mpho gr 11

Mpho, Grade 11

Reney gr 12

Reney, Grade 12

Morena Gr 11

Morena, Grade 11



Ntswaki Gr 12

Ntswaki, Grade 12

This design was created by Kelebogile in Grade 8

Kelebogile, Grade 8


Enter the ELLE LISOF Bursary Competition 2015

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Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.00.25 AM


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Recruit 4 friends to do the workshop and get your place FREE!

Learn how to apply make-up to yourself using the MAC cosmetics and tools provided. An industry expert will show you how to execute professional techniques such as:

DAY 1: Highlighting, contouring and strobing

DAY 2: The Perfect Smokey Eye and more

DAY 3: How to do the Lorde Lip and more



3 Day Workshop /// 5 -7 October /// 3hours /// 9am – 12pm /// At Lisof Blairgowrie Campus /// R2500 Fee


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Blairgowrie, 18 August 2015 – LISOF is responding promptly to a regrettable incident that occurred at the Blairgowrie campus today. After receiving complaints, a staff member of LISOF, in an attempt to resolve a potential conflict, asked a student who was wearing a T-shirt that was considered offensive to a number of students, to remove or change it.

The staff member exercised poor judgement in his attempt to resolve the issue and acted in contradiction to LISOF’s philosophy of creating a non-political environment in which all students, irrespective of their political affiliations, are welcome. LISOF aims to provide an environment that promotes both individuality and diversity. A personal apology will be issued to the affected student. We are taking additional measures to ensure that our staff are well acquainted with our values and act appropriately in the future to promote a positive, creative and non threatening environment on all our campuses.

#Shoesday: Jane Sews

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Todays #Shoesday post goes to South African brand JANE SEWS.

#LisofLoves “The Bailey Shoe”. Crafted from genuine leather with a stacked heel, featuring colour block panels.
Designed and made in Durban, South Africa

Shop here:


#ShoesdayTuesday: Lipstick Heels

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Alberto Guardiani designed these unique lipstick-heels that are 15cm high. These ankle-boots are for the individual who wants to make a sexy statement. We wonder just how comfortable are they though, but who needs comfort with such a fun quirk anyway! #LisofLoves what Alberto Guardiani stands for and the video (below) tells of a story of passion for design, workmanship and business. Watch and be inspired and share your comments with us!

Alberto Guardiani 1

Alberto Guardiani from

Alberto Guardiani 2

Alberto Guardiani from

Alberto Guardiani colours

The classic black pump with a lipstick twist! (Pic from:


Watch the Video Here:


My, designer, Little Pony! Competition Time!

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These “My Little Pony” equines have put on their designer best to raise funds for Save the Children and the Nepal Earthquake in conjunction with their own Make Kids Happy campaign. Each Pony has a signature touch from the designer whether it be in print, texture or colour.

Kenzo Pony

Kenzo Pony


Be inspired and Create a LISOF designer “My Little Pony”.

Open to ALL Lisof Students.

Create an illustration that shows the best representation of the Lisof brand and values.

Consider colour, texture and if you will add print or not.

Prize: A lunch voucher for a week valued up to R250 and exposure on Social Media

Specs: A4, Full colour, hand drawn or computer aided design. Words explaining the design (in label or paragraph format)

Send your entries to: – Competition closes: 7 August 2015.

Designs will be uploaded onto Facebook and the Winner will be determined by how many Likes a design receives. Winner to be announced 21 August.

Pucci Pony

Pucci Pony

rick owens

Rick Owens Pony

roberto cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Pony


Versace Pony

Versace Pony


Student Showcase: 1st year Photography

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For centuries artists and photographers have used window light for portraiture. It is one of the best light sources, ranging from a soft, indirect light to a theatrical effect in the middle of the day when the window is in strong sunlight. First years were given an Assessment Test to photograph a Window Portrait, amongst other techniques. They needed to be a model scout and select a person that they felt would be interesting for the portrait. The brief advised them to place them near a window and move them until the desired lighting effect was achieved. Experimenting is encouraged, therefore using different camera angles and positions could create more interest. Students had to keep in mind the space as so give control of intensity of light on and around the subject.

Here are several of the first year students whose work, for WINDOW PORTRAIT, was highly successful and literally tells a story in their own right. #LisofLoves

Want to study the module of Photogaphy at Lisof? Click HERE to learn more of how you can be a part of this exciting career path.



Lesedi Leketi

Photographed by 1st Year Student: Lesedi Leketi



Tanya Bezuidenhout

Photographed by 1st Year Student: Tanya Bezuidenhout



Shweta Chiba

Photography by 1st Year Student: Shweta Chiba





Alexia Roussos

Photography by First Year Student: Alexia Roussos



Marli VD Merwe

Photographed by 1st Year Student: Marli van de Merwe

Who is Mira Duma and why you should be following her

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Miroslava Duma was born in 1985, in Surgut, the oil-rich Tyumen region in Russia. She started her career in fashion as a contributing editor at Russian Harper’s Bazaar magazine, but quickly decided that web journalism was her forte, becoming a freelance writer and co-founder of Buro 24/7 . She started the site with a friend. Buro 24/7 is dedicated to fashion and lifestyle. Miroslava says it is “..kind of a bureau of information 24 hours, seven days a week. It provides our readers with quality information 24/7, up to 25 updates a day, on cinema, music, art, culture, fashion, lifestyle, social life – everything.” Buro is going global, with offices in Croatia, Middle East and Australia to name a few.



She is a street style maven with the fashion paparazzi buzzing around her at all the major fashion weeks. With 1.1million followers on Instagram, she plays with proportion on her petite frame and she is not afraid of colour or print, which makes for exciting imagery. She has a unique creative way of styling herself. Her signature piece, would be a coat, jacket or cardi just placed over her shoulders. She is married and a mother of two. As she expressed to Vogue Australia she has “an ability to mix very expensive and very cheap things in a way that they will look cool together. You just have to look in the mirror, experiment, see what works, what doesn’t, mix and match, and it’s like playing a puzzle really. I love mixing prints especially. My fashion style is experimental, because I’m still young and I’m experimenting. The 21st century is a mix of fashion trends – each decade before that was more distinctive, but now it’s a mix”.

You need to be following her because she is current and relevant in what is happening on the #streetstyle scene. She is a global fashion influencer and communicator. She is not afraid to express herself in her own personal style, even though she is not of model height. She is a successful business woman with a family. She might inspire you in some way! #LisofLoves

Follow here: @miraduma     Follow us: @lisof_fashion


Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 9.41.38 AM

@miraduma Instagram Account

Mira Duma head piece

Mira expresses herself with confidence and strength

Mira Duma

Mira and her signature style – coat over shoulders

Mira Duma

Bold colour, print and proportion


Mira Duma 2 looks

Showing two different styles

Mira Duma

Going old school

#ShoesdayTuesday: Bright Sneaker

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We are loving this fun loving, light hearted, wild sneaker by Marc by Marc Jacobs. With it’s name “Ninja”, anyone wearing this will truly knock you out with the rainbow! With rubberized leather and mesh detailing, this sneaker could surely pack a punch.

What do  you think of it?

marc by marc jacobs colourful sneakermarc 2 marc 3

Images from