EDGARS and LISOF have joined together to upcycle denim product into new designer garments. The collaboration between 2nd year Design students, were given youth brand denim product and briefed to upcycle, reengineer and consider sustainable fashion practices when creating their one of a kind garment. These pieces will be available to purchase at a selected Edgars store.

ENGINEERED DENIM LAUNCH – 16 August 2017 For more info contact: caileigh@lisof.co.za

Pre-launch of this project, we invited the public to vote for their favourite denim fashion illustration. During this stage, students were still designing and conceptualizing their vision onto paper.

Each week for four weeks we changed the illustrations on the LISOF website and here are the TOP 4 winners:

Week 1 Sarah Mutshipayi

Week 2 Natsai Musasike

Week 3 Kearabetswe Sekati

Week 4 Andrea Figuera