Human of LISOF: Drew Henry now working at Celine

posted on September 8th, 2017 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

Drew Henry graduated from LISOF in 2007 and went off to the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London where he completed his BA Honours in Fashion Design and Marketing, First in his Class in 2012. He then went on to achieve his Masters in Womenswear in 2014. He is now a Junior Designer for Celine (RTW: ready-to-wear). Drew is what we affectionately call a “Human of LISOF”. As with all LISOF Alumni who have been on campus throughout the LISOF’s 24 years, we are immensely proud to know that they are working in the industry both locally and as Drew, abroad.

Here is a look at Drew Henry’s 2012 collection:


“Geometric patches of brightly dyed African springbok skins on crisp white suits and pleated white cotton dresses. “It’s a mix of workwear, menswear, and traditional beadwork and patchwork inspired by the work of photographer David Goldblatt,” says Henry.

On his springbok-skin drama:

“When we were working on this collection, the menswear shows were going on and Raf Simons had used the same color springbok skin as I wanted to use! I thought it was going to ruin everything but it ended up being fine.” – Drew Henry

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South African Fashion Week from students’ perspective

posted on May 15th, 2017 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

SA Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017

We think it’s safe to say that SA fashion week was not at all what we expected… Honestly, the experience exceeded our expectations by far! What started off as a project we took on to furthermore promote LISOF and learn more about the South African fashion industry; turned into three unforgettable days of fun, laughter and admiration. Something that we both hope we will get the privilege to do again after socialising, networking, learning and most importantly watching in awe the creative prodigies that walked down the runway night after night.


Wednesday, 29th March:

Our first day of preparations for fashion week felt like a scene pulled out of a movie. As LISOFIANS, it isn’t surprising to hear that one of us had a class that ended at 5pm (sigh) and conveniently the first show started at 6pm. Giving us a total of 1 hour to leave campus, glam up and arrive early enough to take photos (mind you, none of this happened the way we had hoped). We ended up getting ready in a total of 15 minutes including the car ride because that’s where we did our makeup. After rushing to Hyde Park, every image anticipated about fashion week had disappeared and we just went with the flow. Dressed by Aya Velase and Glitter Betty we fit right in with the crowd and successfully blew LISOFs Instagram  and Snapchat by storm; our question for the night was “What inspired your style for the night?” and the answers were as interesting as the people. The shows for the night were truly moving. We really enjoyed the Lufthansa 1st Class Collections; designers such as AYA VELASE and STITCH AND STEEL showcased impressive collections. Other collections that caught our eyes were RISE OF THE OXX and HEART & HERITAGE which really depicted the essence of contemporary South African fashion.


Thursday, 30th March:

Our second day was much easier to prepare for as we had an idea of what to expect. It was a big night for us as not only were we representing LISOF but we were  also representing SUN GODDESS , so we ensured that we had more than enough time to get ready after lectures. That being said it is a lot easier to get ready when your classes don’t end so late lol. We spent our afternoon playing dress up at the SUN GODDESS store in Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City which was definitely one of our peek moments from this experience, trying on their exquisite “Quintessential African Luxury” designs isn’t something we get to do often. After setting out an equivalent amount of time to get ready, we once again made our way to Hyde Park, however this time our group of good friends and fellow students were also attending, turning it into a treasured night. Walking around in a big group drew a lot of attention on us so many people asked us for pictures and essentially we featured on Marie Claire and Spree’s instagram pages (yay!!). The shows on this night were long but enjoyable. We especially loved the collections by VINTAGE ZIONEST and of course SUN GODDESS. Our question for the night was “Do you think fashion shows are still relevant and why?” and the answers were documented on Lisofs Instagram and Snapchat respectively. We ended off our night with a “mini photo shoot” with SUN GODDESS’s head designer Vanya Mangaliso backstage, the pictures came out so editorial lol.


Friday, 31st April:

We were especially excited for Friday night; it was the beginning of menswear night but most importantly Nondy’s 19th Birthday! Essentially our looks for the night were street wear inspired (mixed with a little glam of course). The night was eventful and ended off our experience with a BANG! The shows were inspiring; it was really nice to see how artistic South African menswear designers are and how fresh and exciting menswear has become. We particularly enjoyed a collection by Bayanda Khathini who showcased under SAFW Scouting Menswear in Association with GQ Magazine – his collection was clearly inspired by an authentic South African lifestyle, so much so that his show might as well have been in the middle of the KZN midlands. The only thing that outshined the clothes were the people wearing them, yes, we mean the models. They were truly a sight for sore eyes and we made sure to take photos with the guys that were too hot not to (hehe). We also enjoyed interacting with the crowd during the intervals. Our question for the night was “Would you consider SAFW as a way of analysing trends?” Because this was our last night we made sure that we wanted as much fun as possible and to communicate with everyone we came across. This night’s crowd was definitely the most diverse and we certainly saw the link between fashion shows and trend analysis. After the shows we decided to take a moment and let the event sink in, definitely very 1990s sitting in the parking lot chatting up a storm with our friends haha! This then encouraged us to grab a quick bite to eat at McDs to end off our night and commemorate Nondy’s 19th.


Overall, we can say that this experience was a lot of fun. We learned important things, met a lot of relevant people and hopefully made good connections that could help us in the near future. It was also nice to see several LISOF students every night, especially since we surely stressed on how important we felt it was for fashion students to attend such events. It was also great meeting all the LISOF Alumni sitting front row proving their relevance in the industry; it was truly inspiring as that is something that we both hope we could achieve soon. Of course our experience could have never happened if it wasn’t for LISOF; we are really grateful and hope we get to do this again.

See all the images here.


Mich & Nondy












DAY 1: SA Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

posted on April 6th, 2016 by LISOF

Herewith are highlights that #LISOFloves of Day 1 at SA Fashion Week SS16 Collections:

Gert-Johan Coetzee

We see a confident, feminine quite flamboyant woman wearing these designs. They are curve conscious and textural too, with black pleats to an orange soft puff ball. The finale dress was truly a showstopper!


Clive Rundle

The volume of printed fabrics layered and cut to effortless perfection. The Doc Martins were just the ideal last word on the collection.

CR 1 CR 2 CR 3 CR 4 CR 5 CR 6 CR 7


Neutral and natural and all things nude, this range inspired us into a understated feminine glamour.

Lunar 3 Lunar1 Lunar2 Lunar4 Lunar5

Greer Kyle (LISOF Alumna)

Urban and fresh with strong lines and interesting detailing. Loved her interpretation of SS16 colours.


Lumin (LISOF Graduate Duo)

Minimalistic white in solid and sheers created a cool summer vibe ready-to-wear from beach to cocktails and city living!

Lumin1 Lumin2 Lumin3 Lumin4Lumin 5

Heart and Heritage: Winner of the Lufthansa 1st Best Collections

Dreamy, floaty and apologetically pretty, this collection will suit many a woman’s figure.



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LISOF Alumni LUMIN-ating the way

posted on April 5th, 2016 by LISOF

“LUMIN is a contemporary South African women’s wear brand that defines its aesthetic by capturing the presence of light and the cover of darkness, and the way shadows bend over surfaces and sunlight illuminates dark corners. Easy-to-wear and urban, LUMIN’s design philosophy embodies varying degrees of soft and hard, light and dark, symmetry and asymmetry.”


Design duo, James Barrett-Poulsen and Amy Liu of LUMIN are LISOF ALUMNI and we are proud to be supporting them tonight at the Lufthansa #1stBestCollections at SA Fashion Week. Here is an insight into their connection with their brand and LISOF:

Amy and James

When did you realize that fashion was the career for you and why LISOF?

James: I studied a marketing degree at UJ and then worked for a while. But I realised I was meant to do something more creative. I’ve always loved fashion and decided to follow my dream. I chose LISOF because I knew it was the best place to study fashion design.

Amy: I grew up loving fashion and knew I wanted to study it from a young age. I came to LISOF from Port Elizabeth after I matriculated.

When did you and Amy graduate from LISOF?

We graduated in 2012, and then Amy did her Honours in 2013.

Speaking of LISOF, what competitive advantage did studying at an institution like LISOF give you over other players in the fashion industry?

Studying at LISOF is really a privilege. We feel that it gives you such a great foundation when entering the fashion industry. At college we had amazing lecturers with valuable industry experience. This knowledge gave us an edge over the competition.

LISOF is also so well known and recognised, so when you speak to employers and other people in the industry they know immediately the level of skill you have if you tell them you studied at LISOF.

And another great benefit of studying at LISOF is the alumni network that you become part of. Some many ex-LISOFians are in all corners of the industry, so it can be really useful if you need references or connections to help with work and that sort of thing.

What is your artistic influence when creating your garments?

Our artistic influences can come from many different places; listening to a piece of music, from buildings or patterns or from other design areas like jewellery or graphic design.

What is the overall aesthetic of your brand and who does it represent?

We look to Eastern culture for inspiration – minimal silhouettes. We love a monochrome palette and sometimes use geometric prints. Ultimately we’re about using simplicity to create a bold, interesting look. Our style would be representative of a creative mind who appreciates an understated kind of style but wants to still look interesting and unique.

What advice do you have for up and coming fashion designers on how to best survive the fashion industry?

If you’re wanting to start a label, we’d have to say that finding a partner to work with, that you get on with and who can challenge you would be a great benefit. Getting in to fashion is a lot of hard work, and trying to manage the creative side as well as the business side can end up being too much for one person. So find someone who shares the same passion as you, you’ll each have different responsibilities, but you’ll be able to share the workload and work with your strengths.


Good Luck to James and Amy for their showing tonight at the SA Fashion Week Lufthansa #1stBestCollections happening tonight at Hyde Park, #SAFWSS16.

Follow LUMIN on their social pages here:


Available online and in stores from: A1, Nova Culture and Style Fly

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Alumna, Sarah Veldman: Living her fashion dream

posted on March 20th, 2016 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

Sarah is living her fashion dream of relocating to Cape Town and working in the fashion industry. Learn more about her first day on the job!

Who am I?

I am Susan Veldman and I am a LISOF alumni. When I was in the 10th grade I heard of LISOF through a career day at my high school. After doing some research on the LISOF brand, I fell in love and decided that my future starts with LISOF.

I did a BA in Fashion with Garment Construction, Pattern Design, Creative Design, Fashion Theory, Computer Literacy and Business Studies as my subjects. The first three being my major’s – according to me. After a 3 year roller coaster ride my studies came to an end at the end of 2015.

Now I’m living out my dream in the Mother City of Cape Town. I am a Technologist and Pattern-maker in training at Trade Call Investments Apparel. I assess garments and make patterns and pattern corrections where my skills are needed, to ensure that these garments are exactly what the customer wants.

Let’s talk about my first day.

“What can I say, if you’ve ever worked, it doesn’t matter for whom, where or in what position, the inception is ALWAYS overwhelming. If you haven’t worked yet, don’t worry, it will be okay, you will survive!

After going through an introduction and signing the policies of the company, we were taken on a tour of the factory. And what a tour it was! From the outside the building is quite inconspicuous, but as soon as you walk into reception, it’s like the closet doors opening to Narnia. There are rooms upon rooms with different departments and different production floors. From pattern makers, cutters, and machinists up to the designers and merchandisers, we were taken through the factory. This journey took us most of the day. At the end of this long day we received a schedule for training.

The next two and a half weeks were dedicated to training and familiarizing ourselves with the factory environment and learning how each department plays a role in the success of the company. After the induction weeks we were placed within the departments we are working in currently.

Day one on the actual job.

You know if you’re majoring in patterns that you are told to measure twice, cut once. That does not count here. It’s more like measure three times and then let someone else measure your measurements to double check. All of this is done to ensure that the garment is according to what the customer demands. In the retail manufacturing business it’s all about the customer and their wants and needs.

So on I went and measured the day away. And you might think “it can’t be that bad, measuring is easy!” well, you’re right, measuring is easy, but measuring, doing admin and taking the garment where it needs to go is a very tiring process. Especially when you have to walk up and down flights of stairs, for most of the day.

Week one on the actual job was all about getting accustomed to the ways of the technologists that I work with and the ways the customer wants things to be.”

Susan’s fashion journey to employment shows that the fashion industry is hard work and not all glamour as it is usually perceived to be! To start you career in fashion and retail, contact u! LISOF offers Registered and Accredited BA Degree and Diploma in Fashion with three elective pathways: Design, Media and Buying. Call us: 0113261698 or 0123420069.



Life after Lisof

posted on October 28th, 2015 by LISOF

From studying fashion then off to the real world, listen to these Lisof Alumni talk the business of fashion.

Lisof Alumni Video

Lisof Alumnus Kyle Henderson, Liquid Salt Active Wear Designer, opens stand alone store

posted on October 6th, 2015 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

Who is Kyle Henderson?

Kyle is an entrepreneur and he has a passion for living an active life. These two …. came together to form Liquid Salt. A range of unique active wear designed and manufactured in South Africa.

Kyle Henderson

Lisof and Liquid Salt?

Kyle studied at Lisof choosing to complete the Design, Garment and Pattern Construction short courses. He learned the foundations of design and patterns and describes pattern making as “architecture that makes my designs come to life” He had no tertiary education. He calls himself “Jack of all trades”. He had never drawn before, had no fashion experience whatsoever and was actually not specifically interested in fashion as such. For him it was a new language.

The early days?

On completion of the Short Courses at Lisof, Kyle went through the small business trials and errors which is path of the course when starting a new business. In the beginning he would design, construct all the patterns and sew until early hours of the morning until he was able to employ a few ladies. Ten months of learning about working with stretch materials and the best machinery that works best with stretch materials, procurement of suppliers for fabrics and trims; plus recruiting and training staff. He was the pattern maker and driver and juggling many roles to make Liquid Salt work.

Philosophy of the brand?

With the motto “Just add exercise”, Liquid Salt is sweat! And with all his blood, liquid salt and love for the brand, he wants it to be thee active wear brand of choice. Liquid Salt is all about dedication, passion, health, wellness and the inspiration to transform oneself. The designs are bold, unique, vibrant and energetic and inspire confidence in the wearer. There is no compromising on fit and quality. The brand is about innovation and self-expression. He designs with a love of asymmetry and recycles materials creating one of a kind exclusive pieces!


Cricket legend @graemesmith49 on Instagram wearing Liquid Salt

Liquid Salt in Fitness Magazine

Liquid Salt features in Fitness Magazine

Percy Montgomery

Rugby Legend, Percy Montgomery wearing a Liquid Salt hoodie

Family Liquid Salt

Kyle Henderson’s nephew twins rocking Liquid Salt


The business of fashion?

Kyle explained that the best marketing tool is word-of-mouth. He never gave up on his dream and always persisted to create the best styles and quality. He explained that consignment was not a viable solution for him and that he needed to go straight to his customer. As an unknown brand starting out, he had on-line sales challenges as people did not know how the garments fit. His never quit attitude and entrepreneurial spirit pushed him to approach Cross Fit and he started Co-branding. He sponsors athletes so that the brand can get exposure to the market.

Brand Ambassador

Hanneke Dannhauser is the Brand Ambassador wearing Liquid Salt to all her sporting events

Kyle with Hanneke

Kyle with Hanneke

The Future of Liquid Salt?

Liquid Salt is available on-line HERE Plus in a brick and mortar store of its own in Lonehill! Kyle himself used his talent to create the visual merchandising display units, using gym equipment. The store is small, but unique and perfectly located near the gym. Kyle is hands on seven days a week. His goal is to be a sustainable business and eventually to sell overseas too.


Instagram: @liquidsaltwear          ////          Facebook:

Liquid Salt store in Lonehill

Liquid Salt stand alone store in Lonehill!

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