ELLE Style Reporter 2012

posted on October 15th, 2012 by LISOF

With a near 300 entries this year for the ELLE Style Reporter 2012 in association with Blackberry it’s no surprise that LISOF would be representing in a big way.

On the 18th of September 2012 the 18 semi-finalists were announced and the very talented Phendu Kuta just so happened to be in the mix! J Now Phendu is no stranger to the LISOF blog; a couple of weeks ago we did a feature piece on Phendu and her accessory label called Edged Designs.

fore the finalists were chosen each of the Style Reporters had to submit and  create post entitled ‘South African style’. The requirements were as follows:

They had to demonstrate their fashion knowledge and point of view, expressed both visually and verbally.

They were advised to use elements of pop culture (e.g. music and art) to illustrate their take on how South African society shapes South African style. And the post had to have up to 10 images and up to 350 words.

On the 10th 0f October the 18 semi-finalists were narrowed down to a very talented 7. STILL no surprise Phendu Kuta is still a contender. Check out all the finalists “South African Style’ posts by following this link: http://www.elle.co.za/and-the-finalists-are/

They were given their third brief on Friday the 12th of October, which had to be in 0n Monday the 15th of October by 9am

Go vote for your favourite by commenting on the following link:


Everyone wants a piece of the “South African Consumer”

posted on October 2nd, 2012 by LISOF

Gone are the days when we had to travel in an aeroplane for more than 8 hours to get our hands on some of the sought after brands we’re all obsessed with. Over the past year, it seems as though South Africa has been bombarded with Globalisation. Speaking about fashion in particular, we first saw the arrival of Australian Retail Chain: Cotton On, whom; by the way; is aiming at having 30 stores on our South African soil by Christmas.




Last year, November, we saw the launch of Spanish based Retail Chain in one of their largest retail stores Worldwide located in Sandton: ZARA




However, the latest addition TOPshop, exactly a year after ZARA will be opening its doors near the end of November 2012. The store will be located in Sandton City (If you haven’t already seen all the HUGE posters) and is without a doubt going to be yet another “Ahhhhhhhhh” moment for South African’s in terms of global fashion. TOPshop/Topman is a UK based retail chain and is hopefully not the last International Retailer to enter South Africa. Let’s all hold thumbs for the likes of H&M, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel to mention a few. The opportunities are endless. After all, everyone seems to want a piece of the South African consumer lately.




What Wear When

posted on September 27th, 2012 by LISOF


 What Wear When

Consider how we fashion ourselves everyday in the controlled, creative or random expressions of our identities. Consider the myriad ways in which others may read our fashioned selves. Consider how these fashions may engage with power and place, or culture and class. Consider these ideas and more, and you will realise how fashion impacts every individual in society, and how powerful that is.

 LISOF’s inaugural Honours in Fashion students Maria Balthasar, Aimee Feinberg, Vicki Johnson, Louise McWade, Loren Phillips and Yvette van den Berg, are working closely with Erica de Greef (lecturer, supervisor and mentor @ LISOF) to present new fashion research at the critical, cutting edge of fashion and theory.

 What Wear When is a 1-day Fashion Symposium that will be hosted at LISOF, Rosebank on the 4th October 2012, from 8:00am to 4:30pm. A call for papers resulted in a number of submissions from researchers and professionals looking at fashion production and exchange; the body and notions of identity, gender and materiality; fashion curation and exhibition, display and dissemination; and notions of the modern, post-modern and hyper-modern in relation to fashion.

This symposium aims to address the question of academic criticality in the field of fashion and brings together fashion theorists, thinkers and researchers from various disciplines with interests in the semiotic, structural, symbolic and social analyses of fashion. “Various axes of reflection and intervention will encourage a cross-disciplinary approach in the symposium and will take into account sociological, anthropological, cultural and philosophical approaches to the study of, and understanding of the notion of fashion”, says Erica de Greef.

What is really exciting about this event, is that it brings together researchers with a passion for fashion, and further, provides both Honours and 3rd year students from LISOF to engage with, and present original local fashion and dress research. “This is a fantastic opportunity, and I am very excited and honoured to present my research paper, titled Fetishism and Fame within the Izikhotane fashion culture”, says 3rd year student Kelly Fraser. Key presentations by academics de Greef, Leora Faber and Ann-Marie Tully, Mary Corrigall, Suzanne Erasmus, Frances Andrews and Roman Handt, will cover topics such as Isikothane, Dandy-ism & the pathology of excess, Sutured animal bodies, Guerilla couture, Post-colonial fashion identities and Critical fashion curation. This promises to provide delegates, colleagues and fellow students with engaging debates around fashion.

 To register for this event, please contact Vicki@lisof.co.za. Student registrations are R50 for the day, and professional registrations are R100.

For programme details please visit: http://whatwearwhensymposium.wordpress.com/




LISOF Bursary Winner 2012

posted on September 19th, 2012 by LISOF

LISOF’s stand at the SAFW Pop Up Shop held recently at Sandton City Fountain Court (31 August – 2 September) proved to be a hit with fahionistahs, aspiring and established.

Entrants were required to style a full scale female form using only what was made available to them on the stand. Entrants were photographed with their design and posted to LISOF’s Facebook page, where public votes determined the five finalists. The finalists were required to complete a task prior to the final adjudication of the winner.

Bridget Modjadji proved to be a cut above the other finalists distinguishing herself through strong conceptual and creative skills coupled with a clearly articulated point of view. Rosenthal says: ‘Bridget understands very clearly that success comes with commitment and hard work. Her determination to complete her first undergraduate journey speaks volumes about the character of the person. We are delighted to extend the offer of a one-year bursary to study at LISOF to Bridget in this exciting and challenging career pathway.’

Bridget will receive the award at LISOF’s annual fashion show to be held at the Atlas Studios on the 2nd of December.

Phendu Kuta… …

posted on August 28th, 2012 by LISOF

Phendu Kuta… someone who needs no introduction simply because she’s already proven she’s here to stay. Now for those who don’t already know exactly what Phendu is about, she is LISOF’s very own 2012 3rd year commercial student and is also the founder and creator of Edged Designs; a contemporary accessory line that is growing in leaps and bounds. Some of Phendu’s prior experience includes working as a marketing intern for Musa Kalenga, she has also performed free-lance writing for Africa Fashion International and 54 on 6th, she spent a brief time PR assisting for Jana Koppel and had an exciting internship with Milli Bongela of Miss Milli B. We contacted Phendu to find out more about her brand and here is what she had to say:


“Edged was a spontaneous idea that came about last year when a friend and I were visiting craft stores around Jozi’s creative hubs. We thought ‘hey, we can do that’, and we did it.

However, we stopped our creative sessions due to my trip to Europe with Lisof.

When I came back I felt like I was the only one who was intent on continuing the accessories. So I continued on my own.”


Alisha wearing a leather peter-pan collar


“By the time I was confident enough to distribute the accessories, I had decided to start a blog. So owner of Two replied, saying I should come by her store and show her the accessories. She loved them. She and Caren Waldman (her sister) gave me my first break. I will never forget that.”


Richie wearing the gold shoe collar and bow-tie brooch


“Edged is going through an exciting rebirth in the next month. The hand-craft element is set to fall away due to my personal time constraints, the accessories will be machine-manufactured and therefore I’m going to use a really cool material (that I can’t discuss as of now but you’ll find out what it is soon enough).”



Nikki wearing a button-collar neck-piece and bow-tie neck-piece


“I’ve also decided to change the name slightly. The name will go back to its dictionary form: Edged. The reason for this change is simple: ‘simplicity’.

People often get confused about how to pronounce and spell it. Getting it back to its simple form is more advantageous for the brand than otherwise.”



Kyle wearing computer chip neck-piece


“The name Edged came about from a friend’s description of my style.  She thinks that I have an eclectic sense of style but I often add an edgy element to it. The ‘e’ from edged fell away then (to form Edg’d) because we were trying to keep it fresh and that is what Edged really is about, freshness. The name also rings true to the way it is made, it is edged by hand.”



Abiah is wearing the game-inspired neck-pieces and a bow-tie brooch


“Although the accessories are going to be machine manufactured, I would like to keep up Edged’s former standard of customisation by maintaining up to a maximum of 10 of the same styles.  It is very important to me that Edged customers always feel like they are gaining something unique.”


You can get your hands on one of Phendu’s unique Edged designs at:

Guillotine: 44 Stanley

Rozanne & Pushkin: The Zone, Rosebank and Gateway mall, Durban

MSC Boutique: 7th street, Melville

Two: 6th street, Parkhurst


For more information you can find Edged on:

Twitter: @Edged_Designs

On Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Edged-Designs/253768388062632?ref=ts)

On tumblr (http://edgd-designs.tumblr.com)


You can also check Phendu’s blog out called Style Convo; (http://styleconvo.blogspot.com)

And you can start following her on twitter: @Phendu_Kuta


posted on August 16th, 2012 by LISOF

POINTURE is an exhibition and accompanying colloquium organised by the Research Centre, Visual Identities in Art and Design (VIAD), Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Johannesburg, in association with the curators Ann-Marie Tully (lecturer in Fashion Theory at LISOF) and Jennifer Kopping. The exhibition and colloquium investigates notions of POINTING, PUNCTURING, WEAVING AND LACING IN ART PRACTICE AND TEXTUAL DISCOURSE, and presents the work of a range of established and emerging artists, working in a broad range of media, and drawing together a broad range of thematic and material works that metaphorically express notions relating to pointure (lace, trap and ghost).


Words and thoughts such as “prick; sting; stitch; suture; tear; rupture; cut; embroider; point; appliqué; graft; weave; emboss; adorn; bedeck; gild; skin; skinned; blister; singed; scorched evoke further associations with the notion of pointure”, according to Tully and include the bodily and symbolic character of textile, paper, metal, and painterly and ceramic media.

 Lecturer in Fashion Theory, Erica de Greef, supervised a group research paper in the Honours in Fashion at LISOF that interrogated the fashion film, a contemporary fashion medium that represents a fragmentation, splicing and multiplying of the fashioned image. The Honours in Fashion students (Maria Baltasar, Aimee Feinberg, Victoria Johnson, Louise Mcwade, Loren Phillips and Yvette van den Berg) will be presenting their paper at the POINTURE colloquium on Wednesday 15th, together with invited guests, fashion designer Suzaan Heyns, fashion film director Jeana Theron, and director of photography Rob Wilson.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for our Honours students to present at an academic conference”, says de Greef. Their paper reflects on the punctum of fashion film, in an attempt to explore a series of questions raised in relation to the filmic, visual and narrative offerings of the medium, and in response to broader questions regarding key signifiers that seem to stitch subjects into signifying chains in these contemporary fashion films.

This student presentation will be followed by events planned for the What Wear When symposium and Fashion Film event to be held in early October 2102.



posted on August 15th, 2012 by LISOF

It’s that time again, on the 25th of June 2012 we launched LISOF’s very own lookbook; a platform for those who are confident enough to show others what they wear to campus. Now it’s time to put the images in your hands. We have thus created an e-mail address where all the students can submit their looks and keep the lookbook going. Fortunately our very own Thebe Magugu, a current design and photography first year student took the following images of various students around campus. If you want to see yourself on the blog, and we all know nobody at LISOF is shy, start taking images of yourselves or your friends and email them to lisoflookbook@gmail.com.

Enjoy the second insert:







The last two images of Rowena and Rohab, happen to be very significant to this month. Ramadhaan is the blessed month of Islam, where muslims around the world are obligated to fast from dawn to dusk. Many believe that it’s simply staying away from food during the daylight, but it’s much more than that. It’s an emotional journey too,where one benefits from two hour prayers every evening, staying away from negativity such as anger and hatred. Within this month, many Muslim women attempt to dress more modestly. Some wear loose-fitting cloaks, whilst others opt to wear lengthened tops and cover their hair.

Remember to send your LOOKBOOK images to lisoflookbook@gmail.com

Textiles and Fashion Up-Cycle project 2012: students create up-cycled blankets and scarves for a winter charity drive project.

posted on August 7th, 2012 by LISOF

The LISOF Textiles and Fashion students, briefed to construct functional and beautiful scarves or blankets from off-cut, end-of-roll and other textile waste, were challenged to consider ways of constructing fabrics through weaving, knitting, felting, patching, knotting and other creative possibilities. The winter warmer products were created from these limited resources (and at no cost, other than time and attention to detail) and donated to the Mount Olive community centre in Lehae, Soweto, Johannesburg.

“The fashion industry is one of the most polluting and socially challenged industries”, says Wendy Schultz, Textiles and Fashion lecturer. According to global research cotton production alone is the second most polluting crop after corn, and the industry has long outsourced production to low wage countries, exploiting low levels of regulation. The Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical project N. I. C. E. presented the 3rd Fashion Summit 2012 in Copenhagen to launch awareness and share knowledge towards innovative solutions and an improved sustainability footprint for the global fashion industry. There is an untold amount of textile waste created in the production of fashion, and this LISOF project aimed to create a difference by showcasing how these small off-cuts can be transformed into something of much greater value than its parts: up-cycling at its best.

Some students cut the textile off-cuts into long, narrow strips which were turned into knitting or knotting yarns, integrating stripes of different colours and textures into scarves and blankets, while others plaited the strip yarns, or turned them into lacey macramé shawls. Smaller fabric pieces were quilted together, threaded into plush 3-dimensional scarves, or patched into intricate patterns and designs.

Wendy Schultz joined NGO facilitator Jonna Slappendel at the Mount Olive Community centre in Lehae on Tuesday 10 July 2012, to hand over the selected blankets and scarves. Many members of this community care for extended families with single incomes and enormous challenges. An elderly lady Elizabeth Khaba received a large patch-worked blanket, a definite contribution to the comforts of her household of 13 young children. Another blanket was donated to Mama Mfiki who cannot walk and is therefore dependent on the care of others.

“A shy fourteen-year old girl Angelina Dibakwane with stage 4 aids accepted the pretty pink knitted scarf for herself and a striped knitted scarf for her mom, with gratitude beyond my expectations”, said Wendy. The project certainly shows that creativity can make a difference and sometimes with very little, beautifully crafted and innovative products can be accomplished. We will certainly like to continue with this project in the future.


Fashion Olympics – Suzaan Heyns representing in London

posted on August 6th, 2012 by LISOF

Last week LISOF alumni and ex-lecturer, Suzaan Heyns, jetted off to London to showcase during the 2012 Olympic Games.

An initiative of the Department of Arts and Culture, 9 South African designers were invited to showcase collections based on different era’s in South African history, on London’s South Bank at the Queen Elizabeth Hall as part of an exhibition highlighting the best of local design.

Three of our design students were lucky enough to spend some time with her in the studio in the run-up to the show and got a chance to sharpen their skills and show off their creativity in helping to put the collection together.


Here’s a look at what they’ve been helping create over the past two weeks…


Suzaan’s collection drew inspiration from the Voortrekker monument in Pretoria, representing the period of 1920 – 1940. Shapes and silhouettes from every part of the monument – from the floor to the ceiling – are evident in every design.




Make up                       





YDE and LISOF… Do it again

posted on August 1st, 2012 by LISOF

We all know the saying, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!”

What fitting words to describe the repetition of the valuable collaboration between LISOF and YDE.   This past Saturday, the 28th of July 2012, YDE Cresta asked for assistance from LISOF to launch their new Summer Collection. Think PINK FLAMINGO’S!!! In celebration of this new range of clothing they held a competition. A R2 500 YDE Fashion Voucher was up for grabs and of course LISOF was there to help the public win but most importantly keep everyone in the loop on the latest fashion trends by styling the public.


Dressed in all black – professional yet stylish, our LISOF students were there to ensure all the contestants had what they needed to stand a chance to win. They walked customers around the store and picked out shoes, accessories and an outfit for them. All the window mannequins were removed and a professional photographer shot images of the new mannequins/models in the fun Flamingo themed window space.


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