The Foschini Groups wants Lisofians

posted on December 11th, 2015 by LISOF

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Truworths wants Lisofians

posted on December 10th, 2015 by LISOF

The first Network Event was held on the 3 December at LISOF Blairgowrie campus, whereby 3rd years were afforded the opportunity to meet and greet fashion industry HR managers. After the launch of the BCOM in Fashion which will be effective from 2017, students were then quick-interviewed by companies such as Truworths, Cape Union Mart and Edcon group. Top SA retailers and fashion industry companies want LISOF students and alumni, as they know that Lisofians are equipped with the talent, skills and work ethic that will make for successful leaders, team players and innovators.

Click the Job Opportunity images below from TOP SA Retailer: Truworths. 

If you have any queries, please send to: 

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2015 LISOF Fashion Show: Winners

posted on December 7th, 2015 by LISOF

The LISOF annual fashion show took place on Saturday, 28 November at The Tin Factory, Kramerville. This prestigious event has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and is now considered by A-listers as one of the most relevant on South Africa’s fashion calendar.

For any fashion design student it’s a dream come true to showcase on a platform on par with an international fashion show. And indeed, this year’s event had all the flair and fame to make the creative gods quiver. Inspired by Roger Ballen’s ‘Asylum of the Birds’ and themed accordingly, students were challenged to experiment with silhouette, proportion and functional detail.

“The main objective of our annual fashion show is to create opportunity for our students and to nurture and promote their style instincts. Creative design begs for a platform and every year we give our students the most stylish of occasions to showcase their achievements and their passion for fashion”, says Shana Rosenthal, CEO and founder of Lisof.

The show was produced by Jan Malan of Umzingeli Productions and from castings to fittings to the show night, the experience for the students was of how a real working fashion show comes together. Not only were Fashion Design students showcasing their designs, some volunteered to model too. All make-up was done by LISOF Make-up artist students using MAC Cosmetics. Fashion commercial students were dressing the models backstage or ushering guests front of house. The whole affair was a working team of Lisofians.

“What makes every year’s fashion show different is the student’s inspiration to think outside his or her style box; not necessarily to dare to be different, but rather to dare to cross their own creative boundaries. What we saw this year is refreshing. This is also what we at Lisof aim to achieve with our students. There are no boundaries in creative design. Whether you are a writer, an architect, or a fashion designer – the imagination is infinite. Lisof’s challenge is to make this brave philosophy our students’ mantra,” says Rosenthal.

Fashion gurus, top fashion designers and influencers from South Africa’s retail and fashion industry attended the event. The judges were; Rich Mnisi a Lisof graduate who won best Ready-to-Wear Collection at the 2013 fashion show and owner of OATH; Felicity Spies, an entrepreneur and the owner and creative director of Egality; and Colin 0’Mara, editor in chief of the trendy Gaschette Magazine.

Theirs was no easy task. Combinations of urban chic, traditional flamboyance mixed with a hint of the modern and lines and textures that permeate the future of design, were the judges’ challenge.

The winners of the 2015 Lisof’s fashion show are:


  • Best Avant Garde: Emilia Nagel, “Paint by Numbers”

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  • Best Menswear: Muntu Qwelane, “Urban Euphoria”

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  • Best Ready to Wear: Nhlanhla Masemola, “Period pains”

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  • Best 2nd year student: Jolandi van de Merwe

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  • Best 1st year student: Kgahlego Pisti Kewana



While Rosenthal says that for the winners it’s a culmination of a year’s hard design work and for Lisof, it showcases why it’s renowned as South Africa’s premier fashion academy, Emilia Nagel says the Lisof fashion show creates an opportunity for young upcoming designers to be recognised by the retail and fashion industry.

This year’s fashion show highlighted the creativity among our youth. Prospective students who are keen to explore a career in fashion or retail can contact Lisof for career guidance or register now for 2016 courses.

For more information about the courses on offer, CLICK HERE and follow us on Facebook for the latest Lisof news.

LISOF making radio waves

posted on December 4th, 2015 by LISOF

CEO, Shana Rosenthal was recently interviewed by fashionista 5fm DJ, Poppy Ntshongwana.

LISOF has the reputation of being the most progressive forward thinking fashion education institution in South Africa. Studying at LISOF will afford you the opportunity to not only gain the necessary skills to work in the fashion industry, but to also be equipped to handle the pressures that come along with it. From Fashion Design, to Commercial or Make-Up Courses, apply today to get your competitive advantage.


Press Play to listen – LISOF x House of Poppy:

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Careers in Fashion: Trends Analyst

posted on November 20th, 2015 by LISOF

Trend Analysis is a vital component for the workplace today. Knowing and being able to observe, understand and translate what your customers’ needs and wants, means that you can cater to them. Your customers world changes daily and being able to translate their need and wants into tangible solutions can give your brand/label the edge. Trends are about observing and understanding these changing consumer worlds and being able to create solutions from that. Trends is about understanding how one thing influences the next and about making sense of the chaos that is our world. – Elizebeth Croeser, Lecturer at LISOF

When you study a BA Degree or Diploma in fashion, you will study how to research trends, how to use them in design, commercial and fashion media and be able to present trends boards to clients in the fashion industry. This module opens doors into an array of careers such as:

Trend Analyst and Forecaster, Fashion Buying, Fashion Designer, Social Media Marketing, Fashion Writing, Fashion Marketing, Advertising, Styling, etc.

Herewith a Trends project created by LISOF students:

Black to the Future_Page_1

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Fashion Job Opportunity

posted on November 19th, 2015 by LISOF

Werner Dey, renowned and acclaimed fashion designer has the following vacancies and invite applications for these positions. Only applications of suitable qualified and skilled persons will be considered. A passion and knowledge of the fashion industry is essential.

NOTE: All positions are based in Parys.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 9.17.48 AM


A qualified and trained Pattern-maker is required for the drafting of patterns. Practical experience of drafting patterns in a high fashion environment is essential and the applicant must be able to construct and adapt high volume patterns and oversee the construction thereof. An ability to work under pressure in meeting deadlines and harnessing team work is of critical importance.



The services of a production supervisor is required that will be responsible for daily production planning, co-ordination and efficient flow of garments throughout the production processes. Experience of stock control, supervision of staff and disciplinary procedures is essential and the applicant needs to have practical experience of needle and machine work. Ability to work under pressure, good people skills and achieving deadlines a necessary attribute.


A fashion conscious person with an impeccable appearance is required to take responsibility for the reception of clients and visitors. A good administrator with strong coordinating and secretarial skills is required to manage the company systems and procedures, control of stock and accessories and maintain the front-of-house display areas.



A person that has experience and knowledge of cutting materials in accordance to a pattern is required with good skills relating to accuracy and precision. Knowledge and understanding of fabrics and material grains as well as experience of using a fusing press and steam iron is essential.

(Pic courtesy:

Apply today by sending your CV to: Reference: Werner Day

Ticket Information: Annual Fashion Show

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To stand out in your chosen fashion career, the Technical Drawing module will help you!

posted on November 9th, 2015 by LISOF

Ready to make your mark in the fashion industry?

LISOF’s Technical Drawing module in the BA DEGREE and DIPLOMA course offering which can prepare you for the following careers:

  • Fashion Designer: Creates new designs and ideas for the fashion consumer with a close eye on trends, consumer patterns and market opportunities
  • Technical Designer: The creative problem-solvers who determine the most effective method of construction and manufacture of fashion Works closely with designers, pattern-makers, retailers and the fashion industry’s most valued technicians.
  • Pattern-maker: Creates patterns for designers and for the fashion industry, or sets up entrepreneurial opportunities in the world of
  • Fashion Manufacturer: Creates fashion products for retailers, works closely with designers, buyers, and Does product development, which is simultaneously creative and commercial.

To stand out in your chosen career, the Technical Drawing module will help you develop the following:

  • The ability to identify specific fashion categories and related terminologies
  • The skills to produce clear and accurate technical drawings for fashion by hand
  • The capacity to analyse garment specifications whether in design sketches, photographs or samples
  • The ability to interpret design information into drawings that accurately show silhouette, proportion, fit and detail
  • Portfolio and best practice


Successful completion of the BA DEGREE or DIPLOMA Technical Drawing modules is compulsory and must be taken concurrently with Creative Design 01. The module focuses on equipping learners with the skills to analyse and interpret a wide range of design information into reliable technical drawings for the pattern and garment production processes. Specific garment terminology and a basic fashion vocabulary are further developed through the portfolio project.

This TD module develops the recognition and interpretation of fashion details of a wide range of garment information; into precise, visual information that is rendered by hand following a grid system. Components such as proportions, silhouettes, garment details, finishes and balance are vital in the production of quality technical drawings.

 Technical Drawing serves as an effective bridging language between creative, technical and commercial fashion clusters. It is an integral part of the fashion design and apparel industry, used in conjunction with design sketches to communicate design information to product developers, clients, buyers or pattern-makers regarding silhouette, proportion and construction specifications of a design.


The fashion industry is becoming more digital and mastering Adobe Illustrator in Computer Literacy & Design, will allow students to further apply their technical drawing skills in a digital format.

Larissa Eliot Fas Des 3 Larissa Elliot Fashion Des 1


Mac make-up used on the latest 007 movie

posted on November 4th, 2015 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

How the dead came to life in Spectre’s epic opening scene, with a little help from makeup designer Naomi Donne

The dead are alive. Dancing to the heartbeat of a steady drum, spectres twirl through the dusty streets of Mexico City in a march for the Day of the Dead. On this day, spirits of the departed are welcomed to pay their respects to the living, a colourful celebration of a time when the veil between the two worlds is at its thinnest.

Among them, a man with a licence to kill. His face concealed by a grinning skeleton mask, he is jolted along by the flow of the crowd, another ghoulish groom with his “Catrina,” icon of the afterlife, by his side. But this assassin has eyes only for his target, the elaborate ritual swirling around him a mere backdrop to his deadly mission.


According to makeup designer Naomi Donne, this epic cinematic spectacle “is the most visually exciting opening to a Bond ever.” And, as the woman responsible for overseeing makeup for the 1500 extras who bring the scene to life, she should know.

Working with a team of 100 local makeup artists in Mexico City, Donne and her crew collected thousands of Day of the Dead references from across South America while conceptualizing the shoot. From traditional texts and as interpreted by high-fashion visionaries, “these are the looks we then executed,” she explains. “But the artists pushed it even further, using airbrushing and other techniques, to beyond my wildest dreams.”


To ensure smooth sailing on the day, “every single face had to be made up, charted and photographed weeks before we shot the sequence.” Working with the team on the ground via WhatsApp from her base in the US, “they would send images for me to add my notes.” It’s no wonder Donne describes the scene as presenting “the biggest challenge of my career.”

Luckily, she had director Sam Mendes on her side: “Sam liked it and went for it – because he has very good taste and a strong sense for the aesthetics of a piece. He often wants to push things to create a visual impact, and he told us, ‘you can go as far as you want. I love this look’.”


In the event, special palettes of M·A·C Chromacake were created for each “character” –waltzing Catrina, skeleton bride or groom. “We also had to ensure that the products would last all day on the shoot – 12 hours in the heat of the city,” adds Donne. But also, “we wanted it to fall apart a little. If it was dripping a little and slightly smudged, there was an authenticity to the look.”

Of course it’s Bond himself, emerging from behind his mask, who brings the authentic scent of the macabre to this Day of the Dead.


Words by Ruby Warrington (
SPECTRE ©2015 Danjaq, MGM,

CPII.SPECTRE, and related James Bond Trademarks,

TMDanjaq. All Rights Reserved. Photos by Stephen Vaughan and Jonathan


At Lisof, we are in partnership with MAC Cosmetics for all make-up students to use this premium product. To learn more about how you can get your career as a Make-Up artists started contact:

Telephone: 086 11 54763


First Year Photography Showcase

posted on November 2nd, 2015 by LISOF

i-D magazine was one of the first arenas where the barriers between art and fashion photography were tackled. It is a British magazine that was created by Terry Jones, in punk-era London in 1980. His mission was to explore London’s exciting street culture, which was being largely ignored by mainstream fashion.

i-D documented contemporary street style, youth, culture, and focused on encouraging creativity. It soon became essential reading for the fashion-aware. i-D is now a glossy magazine also incorporating contemporary media. It has had an incredible impact at the cutting edge of high fashion, art and street culture shaping the way a generation looked at itself.

Many of the big names in photography today started out working for i-D, like Nick Knight, Juergen Teller, Craig McDean and Wolfgang Tillmans. The cover always features a winking model, or one eye hidden. This is a representation of the magazine’s logo. More than 300 of the world’s fashion elite have given the cheeky i-D wink, from the likes of Madonna, Tom Ford, Björk, Tilda Swinton, Drew Barrymore, to Kate Moss, Lily Cole and Scarlett Johansson.

A cover shot sells a magazine and as such all the elements contained in that image need to communicate a clear and cohesive look and feel that is both current and engaging – something that the consumer will instantly respond to.
Finding inspiration and developing a creative concept for a cover shot requires understanding of the brand as well as an awareness of current fashion, styling and youth culture trends.

The First Years studying their BA in Fashion, were given this information above to recreate their own i-D cover for the Photography Module. They had to comprehensive research about the i-D brand to produce a successful cover that would most likely sell. They had to source a model that would suit their look and feel. They also needed to style the shoot cohesively as so fit in with the image of i-D. Herewith are some of the most successful covers created:

Alexa Bennun

Alexa Bennun

Alexia Roussas

Alexia Roussas

Danita Pilley

Danita Pilley

Kirsten Reis

Kirsten Reis

Mikhile du Plessis

Mikhile du Plessis

Tanya Bezuidenhout

Tanya Bezuidenhout

Caela van Rensburg

Carla van Rensburg

Raquel Macedo

Raquel Macedo

Chelsi Scoltz

Chelsi Scoltz

Chesney Bruce

Chesney Bruce

Dharmisha Makan

Dharmisha Makan

Melissa Nel ID

Melissa Nel

Lesedi Leketi

Lesedi Leketi

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