5 Questions to ask when selecting a Certified Tertiary Institution

The 5 A’s to choosing the right tertiary institution.

Questions to ask the institution you wish to study at. Are they:


Academically sound






Accordant requirements




Academically sound:

Is the institution registered and accredited by the South African education regulators? This is vital when selecting an institution, as after years of student commitment to the learning programme, will the qualification be valid and recognised in the workplace? Students are protected by the regulators, who protect their rights and provide a path of recourse if and when necessary. The institution must be one which applies for and maintains accreditation for all its learning programmes, with the Higher Education Committee (HEQC) and the Council on Higher Education (CHE). The institution must ensure it abides by the directives of both these regulators. The institution must also be registered with the South African Department of Higher Education as a private provider of higher education and training, leading to accredited qualifications, registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). LISOF has been in operation for 23 years and is registered with the South African Department on Higher Education and accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE).


Will the institution take accountability and responsibility for your child to ensure that he or she receives a world-class education? Will the institution commit to employing specialist lecturers with excellent academic grounding and does the course content provide students with skills and knowledge that will enhance their employment opportunities upon graduation? At LISOF, we are accountable. We have industry expert lecturers with a strong academic foundation and top-notch quality programme content.


The nature of the fashion industry is that of an ever-changing and ever-growing dynamic environment. It is important for the institution to be in touch with trends and forecasting on a global level and to be able to select the dominant trends for use in the education processes to keep the content and experience relevant, current and up-to-date. Education institutions must provide experiential learning opportunities during the course of their studies.

Accordant requirements:

The fashion industry employs thousands of people and it is imperative that your child has an edge with a qualification that is structured around the needs of the industry and academic requirements. Therefore the graduate will be equipped with a broad range of skills and academic knowledge that will fulfil the needs of the market place, by bringing an employee who can impact organisational development and sustainability.


LISOF is an accredited and registered tertiary education institution.

LISOF brings diverse qualifications with all academic needs and skills required. Therefore balancing practical focus with academic foundation.

LISOF offers work-integrated-learning that will offer your child the opportunity to work in the industry upon graduation.

LISOF Pty Ltd – Company Registration number: 1997/021048/07

Directors: S Rosenthal & S Rosenthal

Registered with the Department of Education as a Private Higher Education Institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997

Registration Certificate No. 2002/HE07/02


We invite you to ask the questions to us: 086 11 54763 /// info@www.lisof.co.za


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