5 Reasons to study a BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration

Want to pursue a career in business? The BBA in Retail Management is a the key to unlock your potential and learn the skills you need to work in a variety of management and administrative roles within a company. Employers may seek business administration graduates for the following positions: Retail Management · Operations Management · Supervisors in the retail industry · Human Resource Officers · Project managers · Shop Manager

That might be reason enough, but here are more!

ONE: The retail industry in South Africa is of considerable economic importance, given that it contributes to around two-thirds of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). This qualification will fill the need for educated and skilled managers in the retail industry. Having this BBA reflect on your CV will show companies that you have been prepared with the skill and knowledge to contribute to the success of a company at an entry level point.

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TWO: Graduates will add value to a business by applying their knowledge to all aspects of the retail business in a manner that will help the business to gain a competitive market advantage, against a very informed understanding of the support services and functions, such as the logistics, finance, human resources and stock management all of which are required to support growth and sustainability.

THREE: Just imagine creating a strategy with a team and following the process from brainstorming and planning to final execution and evaluation? Not only will you be able to put your academic learnings into practise, you will also be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour in a real world project. After years of working on strategies, marketing, branding, finances, project management and more, your experience along with your BBA qualification will boost your employment opportunities.

FOUR: With a BBA, you can move on to study further into a BA Honours Degree (at NQ level 8) and then progress onto a MBA. This further education will offer a solid advantage in the workplace when pursuing growth and development.

FIVE: The LISOF, proudly part of STADIO Multiversity, BBA in Retail Management is launching* at only R45 000 for the first year of study! This registered and accredited programme is a 3 year, full time in-contact learning programme that will be offered at LISOF campuses, where you will be able to network with a variety of creatives and business minded individuals. *Terms and conditions apply

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