6 Tips for managing the year end stresses of 2016 – By student Tasarnia Dhuloo

6 Tips for managing the year end stresses of 2016.


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Its not a secret that as the year end draws eminently closer and the promise of a long awaited holiday is finally in sight we find ourselves stressing about all the work we need to finish so we can take that well deserved rest.

For many of us this time of the year means crunch time. All the knowledge absorbed through out this year is being put to the ultimate test, and we find ourselves working all through the night and stocking up on the caffeine, which I might add isn’t the best way to stay stress free and calm during this time of the year.

Some best ways to face this monster of a final stretch is with a few simple yet effective tips:

  1. Chill Out – ME time is an absolute necessity, just take time to chill in a space that doesn’t involve deadlines.
  2. Eat well – Brain food is vital, natural and healthy energy boosting snacks are perfect for when you hit a brain slump.
  3. Stop with the shots – Be it coffee or alcohol try limit your intake to avoid any added anxiety.
  4. Stay Positive
  5. Keep Hydrated – WATER! WATER! WATER!
  6. Get enough sleep – your brain can’t function if its tired, try your best to give yourself enough time for a good night’s rest.

With these tips in your back pocket these final weeks will be just a bit more manageable. Being stress free isn’t always achievable but it sure does help when exams are around the corner. So here’s to an epic 2016, Good luck for you Final Exams and I’m looking forward to seeing you in 2017!!!

Go check out Tasarnia Dhuloo’s blog, The Gilded Hanger.



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