A runway report of ‘Woman is a Word’

by Reneilwe Masekoameng

original article: https://fiveheadfashion.wordpress.com/2017/11/26/woman-is-a-word-by-taku-dlamini/

images by Lebogang Ditibane and Taku Dlamini

illustration by Taku Dlamini


“The collection is about women empowerment,” says Dlamini. Describing her collection as a labour of love, third year LISOF design student, Taku Dlamini, showcased her first ever collection “Woman Is A Word”, and the crowd was enthralled!

Confidently bringing the feminine and masculine energies together through the skillful use of needle and thread, Dlamini’s collection reminded the audience present that the force (and future) are – without a doubt – female!





Inspired by a group of feminist artists reclaiming the female body through music, photography and art in the 1970s, the “Woman Is A Word” collection not only celebrates the female form, but also challenges the concept of the idealised female body.  “The collection is about women empowerment,” says Dlamini. “It’s basically saying that women can wear whatever the f*ck they want, and not be defined by the limitations of what society says a woman should look like.”

Parading down the runway to a an upbeat techno soundtrack, her models moved effortlessly down the ramp in skilfully stitched garments of asymmetrical cuts with well thought out embroidered details by illustration artist, Karolina Koryl, and handmade accessories by Darius Dirker.

The collection further emphasized the energy and qualities of the feminine and masculine – and their fusion – through the clever use of fabrics and textiles; with soft textiles such as poplin, ribbed jacquard, pointe knit and poly cotton voile representing the feminine and stiff textiles such as sateen and bengaline suiting to represent the masculine.

With immense talent, an extraordinary eye for detail and design, and the passion of 10 humans combined, Taku Dlamini is definitely a force to be reckoned with! Be sure to give her wonderfully curated Instagram account a peek to keep up with the adventures of this marvelous little human as she navigates the big bad world that is the fashion industry.

Love and light,



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