Ashley Willows: Lisof student & Miss SA TEEN


Lisof students come from all walks of life. They bring with them their experiences, perceptions and world views. From first year they open themselves to expression of the self and bring their twist to their work. When one thinks beauty queen, many stereotypes fly up into the air. Crowns, glitter dresses and bling bling heels. Here we introduce you to Lisof first year student: Ashley Willows.

Ashley Willows

“Beauty and Brains are very important” -Ashley Willows

Ashley is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion, majoring in Buying and Merchandising. She is a top achiever in both her studies and personal life and was crowned Miss South-Africa Teen 2014. She went on to compete in Houston, Texas at the Miss TEEN International Pageant where she featured in the Top 10.

She is not your ordinary beauty queen; Ashley is a top achieving student, humble and down to earth. Her modelling career started at the age of 16, she was crowned Miss SA TEEN on her second time entering which is really impressive considering the fact that she had only been modelling for 2 years.

Ashley is on the road to become a Fashion Buyer; she is creative and has a great sense of style. LISOF is a great benchmark for the young beauty queen, the creative environment will nurture her to progress and have a prosperous career in Fashion.

Ashley has worked with up and coming designers, and identifies the likes of Mick Owen and David Tlale as “Inspiring” not just because they are Lisofians, but also because they are internationally recognized. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, better know as, Coco Chanel, is a designer in which Ashley looks up to, Chanel was credited with liberating women from the constraints of the “corseted silhouette” and Ashley Willows embodies the image.


Mick Owen
Mick Owen
David Tlale

“Well a common question that I’m often asked is if i’m going to enter Miss South-Africa, and what I believe is that its better to have a degree behind your name before you go on and compete for Miss South-Africa. maybe that’s in my future. I do know that I’ll rather get my degree in something I’m Passionate about Buying, Merchandising and Trends Analysis is something that really interests me”.

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