Can you Sandal it?

Whenever exams are in the air (like a virus), students wonder around between coffee stations and lecture rooms like zombies looking dazed. The library gets busier than ever before with panicked faces staring into books, beads of sweat building up on foreheads as volumes of information are being understood and memorised. Lecturers put their game faces on along with a predatorial stride that makes some of us feel like Bambi staring into Mufasa’s eyes and we can almost certainly smell our own fear in the air.

Well there’s all that and then there’s the obvious excitement for the first term break which is much needed at this stage.

Perhaps due to the shoeless individuals mentioned in the previous post, LISOF has decided to add to this excitement by joining forces with London College of Fashion to bring the students an exciting 2 Day Sandal Making Workshop on the 4th and 5th of April 2013 held at the Blairgowrie Campus. The workshop is split between a day of Skills Development and a day of Sandal Construction where participants will actually create their own pair of sandals.

Conducting the workshop, will be Kim van Dooren, whose wealth of experience from working in factories in Europe and Asia have equipped her with a solid technical knowledge of footwear manufacturing. This together with her travel interests has exposed her to a diverse array of cultural influences which allows her to fine tune trends and create innovative and groundbreaking footwear designs.

So for those taking part in the workshop, it seems they are in Kim’s talented hands so that she may put their feet in good sandals.

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