Careers in Fashion and design: Where to next?

Ever wondered about careers in fashion and design? The world of fashion and design is a beautiful place- from street wear to haut couture; there is a style to suit everyone. However, there are those who do not particularly aspire to create these garments yet still love the glamour of working within the fashion industry. There are ample opportunities in this field; from fashion media to retail and merchandising.

Here are our top 10 career opportunities to consider when studying fashion:

10.Garment Technologist

Have you ever wondered about the construction as well as production of material? A garment technologist knows all about these processes and working on the design and development of material. Garment technologists are responsible for testing different fibers, textiles and yarn in order to produce quality materials.

 9.Textile designer

Patterns and prints on material can truly be a focal feature; whether it may be on a carpet or on a pair of pants. Textile designers create these patterns which are knitted, printed or woven into the desired fabric.

8. Retail Buyer

Retail buyers play an important part in the creation of a new collection. They will often source the correct fabric, garments or accessories for the season to come. This can be done either for a retail store or for a designer. It is an important role to play in the world of fashion and design


7. Merchandiser

The profitability of a store as well as the sale and promotions of stock are dependent on the merchandizer. This fashion career is one which demands patience, tenacity and commitment. The merchandiser ensures that the store is well stocked with the correct quantity of garments and accessories that will appeal to consumers. Further key responsibilities include precise micromanagement of sales performance to ensure that the store has the correct products at the right time

6. Fashion Public Relations

Not your everyday job, is it?

Public relations is the backbone to a successful label and a strong brand image. These people often work closely with the media team; managing the public image of the brand, as well as assisting with media coverage during launches and promotions.

5. Fashion Writer/ Social Media

The fashion media industry is more than simply blogging.

This sector plays an important part in the world of fashion. Fashion writers often work with public relations to create and produce editorial content which can be displayed on social media, magazines, newspapers or television. They are partially responsible for media coverage and exposure during launches, promotions and even runway fashion shows.

4. Fashion Illustrator

These are people who work closely with the designers, in order to create concept sketches of the designer’s ideas- whether it be for clothing, furniture, accessories or shoes.

Fashion illustrators often produce artwork for promotional advertising – both print and online.

3. Fashion Stylist

In the world of fashion and design, these people are the ‘breath of fresh air’ that brings an artist’s work to life.

Photographers or artists will hire a fashion stylist, to bring their idea for a particular piece to life. The fashion stylist will have to create fashionable looks, that will link with the artist’s vision.

2. Personal Stylist

Are you a die-hard fashionista? Do you love fashion and design?Then this is definitely a career to consider! Personal stylists work closely with individuals; providing advice on personal appeal and style.

1. Fashion Designer

Without a doubt, this one of the industry’s highest profile roles. These the creators who develop the design for fashion collections. From haut couture to sportswear, handbags and accessories, fashion designers create it all.

So, before you give up on fashion completely, because you may not be able to work a needle and thread, consider these career choices and tap into your inner creator!

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