Careers in Fashion: Trends Analyst

Trend Analysis is a vital component for the workplace today. Knowing and being able to observe, understand and translate what your customers’ needs and wants, means that you can cater to them. Your customers world changes daily and being able to translate their need and wants into tangible solutions can give your brand/label the edge. Trends are about observing and understanding these changing consumer worlds and being able to create solutions from that. Trends is about understanding how one thing influences the next and about making sense of the chaos that is our world. – Elizebeth Croeser, Lecturer at LISOF

When you study a BA Degree or Diploma in fashion, you will study how to research trends, how to use them in design, commercial and fashion media and be able to present trends boards to clients in the fashion industry. This module opens doors into an array of careers such as:

Trend Analyst and Forecaster, Fashion Buying, Fashion Designer, Social Media Marketing, Fashion Writing, Fashion Marketing, Advertising, Styling, etc.

Herewith a Trends project created by LISOF students:

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