Turn Your Higher Certificate Into a Degree: Here’s How

posted on March 5th, 2018 by Kira Gimpel

It’s pretty easy to see how fashion changes lives. From groundbreaking designs which inspire people throughout the world, to fashion aimed at making statements, politically, socially or otherwise. At LISOF, it’s entirely possible you’ve had your life change through the education you’ve received, and the network you’ve built. You’ve also put blood, sweat and tears into designing and creating or studied the various ways that fashion is incorporated into the greater economy. Perhaps you’ve sat up all night thinking of the best way to style an outfit. Alternatively, you may have studied a similar higher certificate at another institution, and now want to attend LISOF. However , you’ve definitely felt that ultimate feeling of reward, as you proudly look at your work and your well-deserved marks.

Now, it’s time to take that hard-earned Higher Certificate even further. Students who complete a Higher Certificate are eligible to articulate into either a Diploma or cognate Bachelor’s degree. This means that your dream of completing a three-year full time qualification in fashion is within your reach.

P.S. We have extended this to include other non-LISOF students who may want to apply as well.


Please contact us for all technicalities, terms, conditions and process

The Higher Education Act, 1997 (101) and the Council on Higher Education (CHE) aim to promote lifelong learning within higher education. To this effect, candidates who have completed a higher certificate qualification and do not have prior access to a bachelor’s degree may apply via recognition of prior learning (RPL) for vertical access into a higher qualification. This articulation, especially when into a cognate qualification, will also enable the candidate to accumulate and transfer credits towards the new qualification.

Contact us at JHB; info@lisof.co.za / 011 326 1698 or PTA: cindy@lisof.co.za / 012 747 6400 to find out more.

Design: limitless innovation

posted on September 4th, 2017 by LISOF

The vast realm of Design allows for endless opportunities to create and innovate.

Focusing on Fashion Design per say, this offers you the perfect pathway to make a name for yourself – like so many others have done for decades.
If this sounds attractive to you, why not consider LISOF to obtain your Degree or Higher Certificate, this is the ideal way to fast track your career and have a platform to launch you into the world of Fashion!

LISOF which is known for its reputation as Africa’s most progressive Fashion Design & Retail Academy offers exciting qualifications with excellent subjects that include garment construction, textiles, pattern design and technical drawings, trend analysis and creative design, to get those juices flowing even more!
The world of fashion must never be underestimated for its business and economic contributions – this is why LISOF’s Fashion Design courses have a strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.
So if Fashion Design is appealing to you, why not contact us for some career guidance.

To start your career in fashion contact us to apply to write the entrance test and received a tour of our fun, creative and talent-filled campus.

Apply Here


posted on July 17th, 2017 by LISOF

The term intrapreneur was first established by Gifford Pinchot who identified a need for “intra-corporate entrepreneurship”, an environment where the principle of free market entrepreneurship is applied within an organisation so that employees are freeIy allowed to innovate.  It is believed that this type of situation creates responsible people who are able to communicate, relate with others, problem-solve and analyse – all the characteristics that a graduate is expected to have in order to be employable.  Here at LISOF, we recreate this exact type of environment to create intrapreneurs by using the educational concept of work-integrated learning and providing a comprehensive work experience component to our LISOF Honours Programme.


The LISOF Honours Programme is a one year full time programme that uses working experience to create intrapreneurs that bridge the gap between the employability of graduates and the employed of the fashion industry.  This bridge is made by understanding the level of skills and personal attributes of each applicant, allocating each applicant to a local South African retailer with whom we have partnered with and then providing each of these applicants with a five month to full year work experience internship at the retailer allocated.  This bridge is fully supported by the theoretical underpinnings of the programme where the learners are educated in the psychology and economic principles behind fashion and the fashion industry.  This bridge is further enhanced by requiring the learners to perform research on a topic that directly impacts the allocated retailer, using the time and experience spent during the work experience internship.


LISOF’s 24 years of success is attributable to it developing and delivering curriculum that is progressive, forward thinking and in line with the needs of the South African fashion industry.  This success is a direct result of employing, consulting and collaborating with leaders at the cutting edge of fashion, retail and education. “The combination of both the educational concept of work-integrated learning and the economic principle of intrapreneurship into the LISOF Honours programme is one such example of this type of collaboration, as our commitment is our driver.” – Shana Rosenthal, CEO


Written by Claudia da Rocha, Head of Honours at LISOF

Edited by Shana Rosenthal, founder and CEO of LISOF


To apply for the LISOF Honours programme, contact us as soon as  can:

Johannesburg: tania@lisof.co.za/ 0113261698

Pretoria: cindy@lisof.co.za / 0123420069

Sunday Times x LISOF Bursary Competition 2017

posted on April 25th, 2017 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

Have you always wanted to study at LISOF, but couldn’t afford it? Let us take a little load off! Here is your chance to WIN* a LISOF Bursary to study at LISOF in 2018. Last year we had over 2000 entries to the My Fashion Career competition and this year we have: My Fashion Career 2.0!

We have partnered with The Sunday Times again to give 6 lucky future fashionistas the chance to make their dream in the world of fashion and retail a reality.

Stay tuned to the Lifestyle Supplement every Sunday for the My Fashion Career LISOF Bursary fashion briefs and the chance to vote for the best submissions depending on the briefs. This week is all about Design and if you want to study a Diploma or Degree in Fashion: Design, then hurry and submit your work. If your entry is short-listed, it will then be published in The Sunday Times for public vote (via SMS). The candidate with the most votes will win. For this first brief there are 2 (yes TWO) winners:

1 x Diploma in Fashion: Design winner and 1 x Degree in Fashion: Design winner. Therefore you need to read, understand and accept the Terms and Conditions, of the LISOF Bursary competition, as there are certain qualifying criteria. Plus if you have received the most votes, you still need to write the LISOF assessment test and only after then will the prize be given or not given depending on results thereof.

During these next 10 – 12 weeks, you’ll have a chance to enter for a Diploma Fashion in Media, Degree Fashion in Media and Buying as well as the newly launched, LISOF BCom Degree in Fashion. Start your career in fashion and retail with a LISOF Bursary.

CLICK HERE TO ENTER WEEK 1 – Terms and conditions apply.

Good Luck fashionistas! Follow @LISOF on Twitter and Facebook AND @lisof_fashion on Instagram for updated information

Want a career in Fashion Retail?

posted on March 1st, 2017 by LISOF

Want a career in Fashion Retail? The LISOF BCOM Fashion Degree will provide you with an in depth understanding of Fashion Retail which is adaptable to all areas of the Fashion Retail market. Our highly regarded full time, on campus courses, are only a part of the learning experience we offer. At LISOF we expose you to the industry at large and make sure that you engage in real-life job situations.

South Africa’s retail environment is unique. We are a nation of shopping malls whereby the public spend their time and money on consumption of goods, including fashion and accessories. This is an ever-growing phenomenon providing many retail jobs to qualified people. From retail positions such as; sales person, stylist and store manager to head office positions such as; trend researcher, retail buyer, planner and more – while studying in the first year BCom at LISOF, you will be exposed to many retail job opportunities.

We arrange internships with top South African Brands and Retailers and involve students in events, where you can meet and be inspired by successful industry leaders, as well as gain the practical, on-the-job training that upon graduation, you will be equipped with skills and academic knowledge to impact the market place successfully.


  • Are you strong at math and have a flair for fashion?
  • Do you have the minimum admission requirement which is a National Senior Certificate (NSC) WITH exemption
  • Do you have the BCOM specific subject pre-requisite: Pure maths minimum result of 50% and maths literacy with a minimum result of 80% ?

If you answered YES to all of the above, then the BCom Degree is for your! If you answered no, don’t worry – we offer a Diploma and Degree in Fashion that can suit your needs to become a Fashion Buyer, Trend Forecaster, Visual Merchandiser and so much more!

Start your career in Fashion Retail at LISOF today! Book your assessment test (includes a Numeracy test, which you need to receive a minimum of 50% for)

APPLY HERE or Comment below and we’ll call you or call us directly at: 0113261698 / 0123420069

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LISOF’s very own power couple

posted on February 14th, 2017 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day with the love story of two fashion students. This power couple met when they were very young and fell in love at school, but they are not your ordinary student lovers. Meet power couple; Phindi and Tshepo Kgaudi.


Phindi and Tshepo are married with two sons. They are both in their 1st year at LISOF, studying the BA Fashion Design Degree, full time for 3 years. I sat down with them to chat about their journey to LISOF, as well as how they imagine coping studying full time, with a family and business. When you meet these two love birds, one thing is undeniable; their old school charm, bright genuine smiles and strong sense of commitment and love for one another. They have a love for fashion and chose LISOF, as their educational institution of choice because of the curriculum and networking collaborations on offer, but this is not their first rodeo.


This power couple studied interior design together, from there, Phindi wanted to branch into her dream of designing shoes and with the help of her supportive husband, the duo became strong, successful entrepreneurs and the founders of luxury shoe brand “Phindi K”, South Africa’s very own red sole shoes that heeled celebrity A-listers, SA politicians and the who’s who. They were absorbed into providing their customers with quality, excellent fit and exclusiveness without compromise. Their namesake brand grew everyday, affording them the opportunities to travel and venture into other businesses.

After this meteoric rise, came a hard fall. After transferring their manufacturing model from “Made in Brazil” to “Made in South Africa”, (they wanted to support local job creation initiatives as well as make the product a solely, excuse the pun, South African designed and manufactured brand) came along with major theft whereby majority of their merchandise was stolen. They had to close stores and stop supplying clients. You would think their world came crumbling down. Yes, they had to sell the luxury cars, yes they had to take their eldest son out of a top notch overseas school, but Thsepo’s energy and daring vision along with Phindi’s support and organisational skills turned a negative into a positive opportunity.


They enrolled at LISOF and intend on coming into the market with “Phindi K” stronger than ever before, not only with shoes, but with fashion too. They want to dress the South African women again, but this time, from head to toe. Phindi and Tshepo are determined entrepreneurs and have other businesses which they need to manage while they study, not to mention that they have a household with two sons to run as well. They are truly the definition of team work, for the betterment of each others growth and their family’s well-being. By furthering their own skill set to eventually help others at grass roots level by creating jobs, this dynamic duo want to spread their passion for growth and development around the country.



Their advice regarding their journey in LISOF is to always communicate, support each other and time management. They like to work hard, but they don’t forget to play hard too!

Good Luck Phindi and Tshepo K.

-Written By Lissa Mendes

Social Media Manager















Tips to guide you through the first year of fashion school

posted on January 13th, 2017 by LISOF

We searched the internet for the some helpful tips to guide you through  the first year of fashion school. Starting the new year at a tertiary institution can be daunting. New building, new people and nerves abound. At LISOF, most first years want to make a stylish first impression especially because you are attending one of Africa’s top fashion school, but believe us when we say, by second semester, you’ll be rocking the #athleisure look quite effortlessly.

We found these 5 insightful articles that will help prepare yourself for a successful 2017…and beyond!


1. 5 Ways to Prepare for Fashion Design School

2. 10 Things You Learn During Your First Semester as a Fashion Design Major

3. What No One Tells You About Going to Fashion School

4. 10 Tips for Surviving Your First Year of College

5. Prepare for the First Day of Class

The BA in Fashion is a registered and accredited qualification which exits with a minimum or 360 credits at NQF level 7. Within this qualification there are three elective streams: Media; Buying and Design from which the student can choose.

LISOF was established 23 years ago and, more than being registered with the Council on Higher Education, we are extremely well regarded within the South African fashion industry. Our CEO, Shana Rosenthal, has, over the years, built deep and meaningful relationships with South African fashion retailers who all fully support our commitment to Work Integrated Learning. LISOF students are exposed to the world of work from the first year and engage in an in-depth and meaningful experiential learning process in their 3rd year of study. These same South African retailers are also often willing to make offers of employment to our students as they believe that they are of a superior quality. Students that are successful in their studies are able to continue with the LISOF BA Honours in Fashion (also registered and accredited) where over and above the theoretical and research components of the studies, they are given the opportunity to engage again in a long term experiential learning process in the industry where they are payed a monthly stipend for their efforts.

Life on campus is bustling and filled with creative energy. The canteen is a great fueling station to relax and discuss the latest fashion week. The hallways are filled with budding fashion photographers instagramming and blogging their point of view. The students connect and network and often later in life, they collaborate and work together in the fashion industry.

Become a LISOFIAN!

Call us directly to register for 2017 and 2018:

Johannesburg Campus: 0113261698

Pretoria Campus: 0123420069


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See you in the new year! Study FASHION at LISOF in 2017.

posted on December 14th, 2016 by LISOF

Hey fashionistas, thank-you for another amazing year in fashion. Twenty sixteen has been an interesting one for everyone. Study fashion at LISOF in 2017!

Please note that LISOF campuses are closed from 15 December 2016 until 3rd January 2017.

Any inquiries will only be answered next year.

During the break consider which Fashion Course you want to study at LISOF:

  • A Short Course in fashion design, sewing, patterns or make-up 01 powered by MAC Cosmetics, is a great option to learn the fashion fundamentals and an opportunity to become a professional make-up artist. We offer classes on Saturdays at both Pretoria and Johannesburg Campus, which is convenient if you are working.
  • A Higher Certificate is a 1 year Full Time Course and is more intensive than a short course, offering a variety of subjects that can give you the skills you need to get started in the fashion industry.
  • BA Degrees and Diplomas are 3 year full time (only) courses that are registered and accredited. These include Work-Integrated-Learning with partners of LISOF. (Internships) Upon graduation, the retailer, design house, media house may decide to offer the candidate a job depending on suitability (at their own discretion)
  • BCom Fashion Degree is our newly registered and accredited Degree offering the student who has a flair for fashion and strong in numbers an opportunity to move seamlessly into the fashion retail landscape as a Planner, Supply Chain, Business, etc.
  • BA Honours is a one year course with 3-5 months PAID work-integrated-learning and an option to study in London with FRA

Happy Holidays and see you in the new year!

Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-229

We hope there are presents under there!


Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-249

Santa’s handsome helper?


Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-050

Totally a summer holiday chillaxed look


Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-016

Christmas in SA is usually poolside or seaside!


Lisof_2016_3rd year 2-138

New Years look. Just need a cocktail in hand!


Lisof_2016_3rd year 2-39

Don’t let the blood spill at family Christmas dinner!


Lisof_2016_3rd yr wide017

Santa’s little elves for sure!!


Lisof_2016_2nd year 2-50

Welcome in the New Year!



Walking into 2017 like.


Fashion Show 2016 Winner: Best Ready-To-Wear Range by Faida Chikwatu

posted on December 13th, 2016 by LISOF

Q&A with Faida Chikwatu, Winner of the Best Graduate Ready-to-Wear collection at this years Fashion Show.

  • What was your inspiration?

Even though I’m Muslim, I was still curious and intrigued by the culture and ethnicity of the Arab lifestyle. Through my research I had gathered a look and feel for my range at the 2016 Fashion Show that was of riches, elegance, modesty and purity Arabia has, in which I was willing to translate this look and feel towards the collection. I didn’t want to the garments to look like “just another modest collection” I wanted these garments to execute the look and feel as soon as they are dressed it would emphasize it even more.

  • What is the name of your Fashion Show collection and why?

Awraah, the term in Arabic simply means body parts which must be covered from others.

  • Why did you select the fabrics you used?

While I was sourcing for these fabrics I was looking for fabrics that represented so much elegance and riches not only that but also gave away the ethnicity of it. When I had found these fabrics I was lucky enough to reasonably priced fabrics and made sure I used the fabrics to the best of my ability to make it look a lot more exquisite.

  • What finishes made your collection different?

I went for finishes that were more feminine like adding in touches of lace and added some binding, I tried to find new ways of finishing of the garments.

  • What do you plan to do next year and what is ultimate fashion dream for you?

I’m currently looking for a job at this point and I plan on working and building on my brand. My ultimate fashion dream to have the most exquisite and beautiful modest wear worldwide and to also collaborate with one of the top designers.


Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-269 Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-271 Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-272 Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-273 Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-277Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-279Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-282Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-283Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-284

Lisof_2016_3rd yr wide033



Study fashion and intern at London Top Retailers

posted on October 4th, 2016 by LISOF

The LISOF BA Honours course is a one year, full time course. The exciting option to study fashion and intern in London at Top Retailers, is a new addition to the LISOF BA Honous course.

The London experiential learning is a six-week course; four weeks are spent studying and two weeks are spent working in retail. Students may attend this course in August 2017* (optional) at own cost.

LISOF partnered with FRA – Fashion REtail Academy to afford this unique experience to selected BA Honours Students. Who is FRA?

The Fashion Retail Academy is a unique, industry led college (In London). Founded by retail giants, we offer a range of exclusive Fashion courses with unparalleled industry involvement to ensure you gain the skills and contacts needed to successfully progress to employment.

LISOF Honours Fashion

The work experience may take place at any of the following FRA (Fashion Retail Academy) retail partners, to only name a few (FRA, S.A.):
All Saints
Banana Republic
Calvin Klein
Estee Lauder
French Connection
Hugo Boss
Michael Kors
River Island
Tommy Hilfiger
Victoria Secret
Vivienne Westwood

The studying content includes (FRA, S.A.):

• Analysis of retail organisations and business models;
• Brands and image;
• Buying and range planning;
• Technology and the future of retail;
• Merchandising;
• Retail management;
• Head office, retail store and factory visits;
• Targeted CV preparation and career planning; and
• Core skills: interview, negotiation, presentation, team building and networking.

Other areas covered include (FRA, S.A.): Retail mathematics; Excel for retail; PR (public relations) and marketing; Visual merchandising; and Garment technology.

For fees and more information send your details to us and a consultant will contact you: CLICK HERE. Alternatively email Tania directly: tania@lisof.co.za or call 0113261698

*Subject to change





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