Class of 2015 Graduation

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Student Representative Council student, Samantha Mathews shares her review regarding the Graduation of Class 2015.

On the 12th May 2016 the Class of 2015 from the LISOF Blairgowrie and Pretoria Campus successfully graduated. The ceremony was held at the Dimension Data Office Park in the Wanderers Building. Students and parents were smartly dressed, walking around with smiles of pride.

During the ceremony, the students were given the privilege of Michelle Constant as their honourable guest speaker. Michelle Constant is the former CEO at the Business and Arts South Africa, also known as BASA. Michelle Constant is known for writing her monthly column in Wanted Magazine. As a successful business woman she has achieved various amounts of awards. In 2004 Michelle Constant was awarded Arts and Culture Trust Art journalist of the year. In 2014 Michelle graduated Cum Laude from the University of Pretoria Business School. Last year in 2015 Constant won the CEO Magazine Most Influential Women in Government and Business (Arts and Culture) in the South African Development Region. This year January she was awarded the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres from the Government of France for her work in arts and culture. The students were amazed by their guest speaker’s speech and found her as a wonderful inspiring woman.


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That evening 104 LISOF students graduated. One Higher Certificate, one Diploma, four Honour students and the remaining amount graduated with a successful BA. LISOF is proud to announce that one of their BA graduates was a Summa Cum Laude student. She received a distinction in all 12 of her subjects. After all the graduates received their certificates Shana Rosenthal the CEO of LISOF wrapped up the evening with a motivational speech to help the LISOF graduates work towards their future and know that where they are today is only because they earned it.


See all photos here: Lisof Graduation Class of 2015

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Samantha Matthews

Hi there my name is Samantha Mathews

I am 21 years old and I am currently a student at LISOF Blairgowrie Campus. The curriculum I am studying a BA Degree in Commercial Fashion. This curriculum involves subjects such as Marketing, Fashion Media and Trend Analysis as my Majors. I plan to work in the Magazine industry as a journalist and creative art director. I have a website involving fashion articles and reviews called I am excited to be writing more articles for my website and for the LISOF Blog

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Pave the Way to your Future as A Successful Fashionista

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Fashion design is one of the most sought after design courses in South Africa, producing thousands of graduates every year. Not only is a fashion design course an exciting journey, it is dynamic, upbeat and interesting too. As the world of fashion continues to grow and evolve on local soil, fashion-forward individuals are staking their claim of the blogosphere, each creating a bubble of vibrant style aimed to inspire and encourage.

Swathed in the trendiest garb and donned with the latest accessories, South African fashionistas are taking the world by storm! From glitter pumps to bold totes, these ladies are raising the bar of the local fashion scene. Armed with a variety of degrees, this conglomerate of women is taking over the blogosphere by posting a creative and refreshing balance of content – from style and look books to contemporary issues and travel. Fresh and unique, these blogs can leave you feeling inspired – and so, we ask that question – what is stopping YOU from doing something similar?

If your dreams are wrapped in cotton and silk, and your thoughts wander to a dazzling world of runways, haute couture and beautiful accessories – embark on a new adventure and explore the option of studying a part or full-time fashion design course. If you’re passionate about fashion but can’t quit your day job as yet, why not look into a distance fashion design course? A distance learning course will equip you with the basic knowledge of fashion design while also giving you the freedom to grow your career as you study. Whether you aspire to be a top stylist, write your own vibrant blog or see your designs glide down the runway, chase your passion and turn your daydreams into a reality.

Designed and created to suit the basic needs of an aspiring student, the course covers a broad spectrum of knowledge and skill – from the very basics of silhouette and shape illustration to the more complex process of storytelling which will allow you to create your own brief and signature when developing a collection. Despite the educational benefits of the course, there is a handful more when it comes to distance learning. These are:


  • Increased flexibility. Distance learning courses will give you the freedom to exercise your flexibility. You can study and submit assignments from anywhere, provided there’s an internet connection. This allows students to work at their own pace and when it best suits them.
  • No need to commute. A distance fashion design course will ensure that you don’t need to fight through traffic or wrestle your way onto a train. Students can work from home which cuts costs and saves time!
  • Work and study. You won’t need to quit your day job in order to pursue your studies. You’ll be able to gain experience and earn a salary while working towards your goal of becoming a fashion designer, blogger or fashionista.

Take the first step towards achieving your dream and enrol yourself in a distance fashion design course. It will give you the opportunity to expand your career options, embark on a new adventure or equip you with the knowledge that you will need to write about and discuss the world of fashion. Immerse yourself in a world of punchy colours, bold prints and flashing lights, feed your passion and fulfil your objectives. You might just become the next best South African Fashionista! For more information regarding the distance course in fashion design, contact LISOF on 086 115 4763.

Part Time Fashion Photography Short Course

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If your heart lies in the timeless story of a photograph, perhaps it is an option to look at doing a part time photography short course at an internationally recognised fashion design school.



Etched in black and white, vivid tones or cool shades of colour, moments are forever captured in a photograph. The absence of words encourages the cogs of the imagination to turn; the message left to a myriad of various elucidations.
Passion breeds creativity and when you follow your passion, you follow your happiness. If you find yourself with a love and passion for photography but bear the responsibility of a day job, why not dive into a short course that offers the most comprehensive education with the added convenience of after-hour classes? Comprised of 11 units, the short course will equip you with the appropriate know-how with which to face the competitive world of fashion photography. It will offer you the grounding on which to continue developing your skill set that might lead to a thrilling career change!

Unit 1 will introduce you to the fundamentals of digital photography, from mastering the controls and functions of your camera to basic theory.  You will also enjoy a concise breakdown of the history of photography from its inception in 1839, paired with the history of fashion photography and its exciting evolution. From theory to practical application, the second unit will discuss shutter speed and movement through the work of fashion photographers and how they put this knowledge to test. Build up your knowledge on freeze motion or how to create blur while aperture and the concept of depth of field comprises the third unit. Expect a practical project where you will be able to experiment with focal length and aperture. This unit also encourages you to pay attention to light and composition while introducing image manipulation and layout in Adobe Photoshop®.

The fourth unit presents visual literacy through observation and analysis of celebrated contemporary and historical photographs, as well as various categories of photography practised by a fashion photographer. As the course evolves, unit five will introduce you to the themes of working with natural light while learning how to set the correct exposure. This unit will also teach you how to work creatively with sunlight. Digital correction, tutorials on how to use Adobe Photoshop® and lectures on post-processing techniques comprise unit six.

Unit 7 will focus on the use of indoor ambient lighting and shooting in the daylight studio, allowing you to put your skills to test with practical application and experimentation, while the eighth unit will lead you through the technical aspects of your camera flash and how to get creative with it.  From here, you will be introduced to studio photography and explore the use of strobe lighting for portraiture and studio fashion photography in unit nine. Units ten and eleven discuss the use of indoor and outdoor strobe lighting while the course is brought to completion with a practical unit in which students collate all they have learnt in the production of a fashion editorial from concept to presentation.

Throughout the course, you will be taught how to plan and prepare for a shoot, and gain exposure to the work, methods and techniques of renowned fashion photographers. Detailed and technique orientated, this part time course prepares students for the competitive and fast-paced world of fashion photography.

If you are interested in pursuing your dreams of becoming a fashion photographer, look for internationally recognised fashion design courses in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban and take a look at the available short courses.

Email LISOF at for more information.

Pursue Your Dream: Complete a BA in Fashion Honours

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pursue your dream

If you already have your undergraduate degree, a BA in Fashion Honours would take your fashion design skills to a whole new level! Innovative, detailed and fulfilling, LISOF’s one-year full time learning program is ideal for those who are looking for something that will challenge them through intensive and focused specialization.

The BA in Fashion Honours is delivered through a combined curriculum of research and coursework that keeps students on their toes, constantly thinking about new ways in which to reinvent their skill and trade. For those who choose to work during their studies, the programme can also be completed on a part-time basis over the period of two academic years. With an intense focus on Merchandising and Fashion Theory, the specialised fashion design course has been developed by leaders in both the fashion and retail industry. These professionals have created a curriculum that will equip the student with the most progressive and relevant education in the business. With this informative background, students that aspire to make their mark in the world of fashion design are encouraged to dream big and to think out of the box!

LISOF’s Honours course is comprised of two major modules, namely Merchandising and Fashion Theory. Although these two modules sound extremely theory based, this advanced fashion design course encourages a hands-on approach to learning. A dynamic combination of theory and practical exercises will ensure that students are not merely equipped with the knowledge but also the skill. The Merchandising module will take students through all of the commercial disciplines that are studied to provide a holistic and strategic view of marketing, business, merchandising, retailing and logistics. This module will give students the ability to think beyond the design studio and prepare them for the challenges, opportunities and processes that govern the competitive world of fashion design.

Modernity, gender roles, globalization, memory, fantasy and identity are themes that comprise the module of Fashion Theory. These themes are responsible for the movements, changes and evolution of fashion and it is important to understand the direct link between the influence and the change. Students will look at a wide range of theorists who have studied and critiqued the above mentioned themes, and will explore the changes applied by past and contemporary designers of a variety of nationalities.

In combination, these two modules will allow students to gain perspective on a variety of important issues that pertain to their industry. Students will understand how the effects of life can be reflected through fashion and the process of engagement that occurs in addressing these issues. By the end of the course, students will be expected to demonstrate their understanding of the covered work through a well-researched, high-quality essay. This document will act as the final examination and those who display their understanding in an informative and comprehensive manner will receive their Honours degree.

Ensure that you are able to pursue your dreams of fashion design by meeting the following criteria:

  • Students who wish to apply for the BA in Fashion Honours must have successfully completed a minimum of 360 credits undergraduate Bachelor’s degree with an average of 65% or higher.
  • The completed undergraduate degree must be completed in a fashion or commercial context and must have been awarded by an accredited institution.

Pursue your dream and turn your daydreams into reality! Take the next step and equip yourself with invaluable knowledge and skill that will allow you to make your mark in the competitive but rewarding world of fashion design.

Begin your journey to greatness and contact LISOF today at

LISOF 2013 Graduation Ceremony

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Lisof graduation

The Future of Fashion: LISOF 2013 Graduates

On the 15th of May 2014, the much-anticipated annual LISOF graduation ceremony for the 2013 graduates was held. Students brought along their family and friends to witness the culmination of all their hard work.



The ceremony was held at The Campus in Bryanston, with Kim Berman, Associate Professor of Visual Arts at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), as the Key Note speaker.