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“Staff are engaging with the concept of teaching and learning and sharing methods to enable them to think out the box. The concept of being able to extend ourselves and be constantly up skilled by our academic head and assistant head. Encouraged to share and enjoy in developing ways to improve the experience for the learners is what makes us special.” – CEO, Shana Rosenthal

LISOF lecturers participated in an academic conference during the first week of the June Holiday with the main objective fixated on Teaching and Learning practices that promote student engagement. Lecturers were grouped into teams and developed creative and engaging alternative approaches to lesson presentations and methods of delivery to advance student experiences within a learning environment.


The academic faculty engaged with concepts surrounding teaching millennials, valuable learning experiences, authentic assessment practices and lecture room management.  It was an exciting and interactive day driven by the enthusiastic spirit of the LISOF academic faculty that reminded us of the caliber of lecturers at the heart of LISOF. The willingness to challenge themselves within the academic context further demonstrated that an even greater quality and experiential education is on the horizon.

By Maryne Steenkamp

Assistant Academic Head


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“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes make-up to look natural”
– Calvin Klein

The two-year make-up course at within the LISOF Fashion Degree, enables you to master the art of Fashion Make-up. You may also opt for the 6 Month Short Course which teaches the basics, including bridal and catwalk fashion. With top quality studios, students practice and master different fashion make-up techniques. The expert instructors are highly qualified and skilled to educate students to evolve into professional make-up artists. (more…)

Pursue Your Dream: Complete a BA in Fashion Honours

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pursue your dream

If you already have your undergraduate degree, a BA in Fashion Honours would take your fashion design skills to a whole new level! Innovative, detailed and fulfilling, LISOF’s one-year full time learning program is ideal for those who are looking for something that will challenge them through intensive and focused specialization.

The BA in Fashion Honours is delivered through a combined curriculum of research and coursework that keeps students on their toes, constantly thinking about new ways in which to reinvent their skill and trade. For those who choose to work during their studies, the programme can also be completed on a part-time basis over the period of two academic years. With an intense focus on Merchandising and Fashion Theory, the specialised fashion design course has been developed by leaders in both the fashion and retail industry. These professionals have created a curriculum that will equip the student with the most progressive and relevant education in the business. With this informative background, students that aspire to make their mark in the world of fashion design are encouraged to dream big and to think out of the box!

LISOF’s Honours course is comprised of two major modules, namely Merchandising and Fashion Theory. Although these two modules sound extremely theory based, this advanced fashion design course encourages a hands-on approach to learning. A dynamic combination of theory and practical exercises will ensure that students are not merely equipped with the knowledge but also the skill. The Merchandising module will take students through all of the commercial disciplines that are studied to provide a holistic and strategic view of marketing, business, merchandising, retailing and logistics. This module will give students the ability to think beyond the design studio and prepare them for the challenges, opportunities and processes that govern the competitive world of fashion design.

Modernity, gender roles, globalization, memory, fantasy and identity are themes that comprise the module of Fashion Theory. These themes are responsible for the movements, changes and evolution of fashion and it is important to understand the direct link between the influence and the change. Students will look at a wide range of theorists who have studied and critiqued the above mentioned themes, and will explore the changes applied by past and contemporary designers of a variety of nationalities.

In combination, these two modules will allow students to gain perspective on a variety of important issues that pertain to their industry. Students will understand how the effects of life can be reflected through fashion and the process of engagement that occurs in addressing these issues. By the end of the course, students will be expected to demonstrate their understanding of the covered work through a well-researched, high-quality essay. This document will act as the final examination and those who display their understanding in an informative and comprehensive manner will receive their Honours degree.

Ensure that you are able to pursue your dreams of fashion design by meeting the following criteria:

  • Students who wish to apply for the BA in Fashion Honours must have successfully completed a minimum of 360 credits undergraduate Bachelor’s degree with an average of 65% or higher.
  • The completed undergraduate degree must be completed in a fashion or commercial context and must have been awarded by an accredited institution.

Pursue your dream and turn your daydreams into reality! Take the next step and equip yourself with invaluable knowledge and skill that will allow you to make your mark in the competitive but rewarding world of fashion design.

Begin your journey to greatness and contact LISOF today at


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POINTURE is an exhibition and accompanying colloquium organised by the Research Centre, Visual Identities in Art and Design (VIAD), Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Johannesburg, in association with the curators Ann-Marie Tully (lecturer in Fashion Theory at LISOF) and Jennifer Kopping. The exhibition and colloquium investigates notions of POINTING, PUNCTURING, WEAVING AND LACING IN ART PRACTICE AND TEXTUAL DISCOURSE, and presents the work of a range of established and emerging artists, working in a broad range of media, and drawing together a broad range of thematic and material works that metaphorically express notions relating to pointure (lace, trap and ghost).


Words and thoughts such as “prick; sting; stitch; suture; tear; rupture; cut; embroider; point; appliqué; graft; weave; emboss; adorn; bedeck; gild; skin; skinned; blister; singed; scorched evoke further associations with the notion of pointure”, according to Tully and include the bodily and symbolic character of textile, paper, metal, and painterly and ceramic media.

 Lecturer in Fashion Theory, Erica de Greef, supervised a group research paper in the Honours in Fashion at LISOF that interrogated the fashion film, a contemporary fashion medium that represents a fragmentation, splicing and multiplying of the fashioned image. The Honours in Fashion students (Maria Baltasar, Aimee Feinberg, Victoria Johnson, Louise Mcwade, Loren Phillips and Yvette van den Berg) will be presenting their paper at the POINTURE colloquium on Wednesday 15th, together with invited guests, fashion designer Suzaan Heyns, fashion film director Jeana Theron, and director of photography Rob Wilson.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for our Honours students to present at an academic conference”, says de Greef. Their paper reflects on the punctum of fashion film, in an attempt to explore a series of questions raised in relation to the filmic, visual and narrative offerings of the medium, and in response to broader questions regarding key signifiers that seem to stitch subjects into signifying chains in these contemporary fashion films.

This student presentation will be followed by events planned for the What Wear When symposium and Fashion Film event to be held in early October 2102.


Textiles and Fashion Up-Cycle project 2012: students create up-cycled blankets and scarves for a winter charity drive project.

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The LISOF Textiles and Fashion students, briefed to construct functional and beautiful scarves or blankets from off-cut, end-of-roll and other textile waste, were challenged to consider ways of constructing fabrics through weaving, knitting, felting, patching, knotting and other creative possibilities. The winter warmer products were created from these limited resources (and at no cost, other than time and attention to detail) and donated to the Mount Olive community centre in Lehae, Soweto, Johannesburg.

“The fashion industry is one of the most polluting and socially challenged industries”, says Wendy Schultz, Textiles and Fashion lecturer. According to global research cotton production alone is the second most polluting crop after corn, and the industry has long outsourced production to low wage countries, exploiting low levels of regulation. The Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical project N. I. C. E. presented the 3rd Fashion Summit 2012 in Copenhagen to launch awareness and share knowledge towards innovative solutions and an improved sustainability footprint for the global fashion industry. There is an untold amount of textile waste created in the production of fashion, and this LISOF project aimed to create a difference by showcasing how these small off-cuts can be transformed into something of much greater value than its parts: up-cycling at its best.

Some students cut the textile off-cuts into long, narrow strips which were turned into knitting or knotting yarns, integrating stripes of different colours and textures into scarves and blankets, while others plaited the strip yarns, or turned them into lacey macramé shawls. Smaller fabric pieces were quilted together, threaded into plush 3-dimensional scarves, or patched into intricate patterns and designs.

Wendy Schultz joined NGO facilitator Jonna Slappendel at the Mount Olive Community centre in Lehae on Tuesday 10 July 2012, to hand over the selected blankets and scarves. Many members of this community care for extended families with single incomes and enormous challenges. An elderly lady Elizabeth Khaba received a large patch-worked blanket, a definite contribution to the comforts of her household of 13 young children. Another blanket was donated to Mama Mfiki who cannot walk and is therefore dependent on the care of others.

“A shy fourteen-year old girl Angelina Dibakwane with stage 4 aids accepted the pretty pink knitted scarf for herself and a striped knitted scarf for her mom, with gratitude beyond my expectations”, said Wendy. The project certainly shows that creativity can make a difference and sometimes with very little, beautifully crafted and innovative products can be accomplished. We will certainly like to continue with this project in the future.


Meet the team behind Protégé Vol. 2

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Last year saw the much-lauded inaugural issue of Protégé magazine come to life. A student publication – run and conceptualized by LISOF students from both Pretoria and Johannesburg campuses, Protégé Vol. 1 broke new ground by becoming the first student-run and institutional fashion publication on the continent. Introducing – the new team behind Africa’s glossiest student mag.

This year, Vol. 2 is set to push the boundaries even further with a new team of creative minds ready to push the envelope and set new standards in the way we consume fashion media.

The Protégé Team consists of approximately 60 LISOF Fashion Media 3rd year students based in both Johannesburg and Pretoria. The team is built around the basic ‘Niche Fashion Magazine Framework’, with roles such as Managing Editor, Online Editor, Features, Marketing, Advertising, Online, Copy Editors and more. The magazine is there to provide a real world scenario for the 3rd year Fashion Media students to produce something professional and creative with a strong foundation in the theoretical constraints of a niche fashion magazine/book.

Overseeing the project in the capacity of Managing Director alongside fellow lecturer, Colin O’Mara Davis and with guidance from Erica de Greef (Head of Department & Managing Director) , Nicola Cooper has tremendous trust and praise for the newly appointed team behind Protégé –

“This year we have an extremely strong team that are not only ready to deliver 200%, but who have a profound respect for the Protégé Vol 1. students who created the very first issue. Protégé Vol 2. students are ready to live up to the challenge set by the previous team and to push the publication further as a result.”

This year there will a strong online component and interactive elements, in which other students from other nstitutions will have the opportunity to be a part of something great.

Want to see what the team behind Vol.2 have been up to so far?


If a Roller Derby Girl got a Lecturers name it would be Loren Phillips.

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Loren Phillips began her career by traveling Asia and teaching English after completing her BA in Film and Media at UCT. After 2 years she returned home to complete her diploma in Fashion Design at LISOF. During her third year, Loren interned with the highly esteemed and influential Dion Chang in the formative years of Flux Trends. After a successful internship, Loren took up a full time position as Dion Chang’s right hand as Chief Researcher and Head of Online Division. Loren was deeply involved in the development of the trend analysis company through its early years.

Her fashion articles have been published online on iFashion, SA’s most comprehensive independent fashion website, a platform from which she was nominated for the SAFW Journalist of the Year award in 2008. Loren has also been published in print in both the first and second Flux Trend Reviews under Pan Macmillan.

Loren is now involved in various entrepreneurial ventures exploring a range of industries from food to fashion. Loren likes getting physical, she is a trained martial artist and also teaches vinyasa yoga. In her spare time, Loren loves playing dress-up, baking, singing karaoke and rollerskating.

Be Careful, that DJ May Know More Than You Think.

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Brendan Sturrock

All the way from the East coast to LISOF Lecturer is fashion designer, Brendan Sturrock. With a couple awards under his belt (Durban Fashion Experience Winner 2006, Canon Gold Cup Winner 2006, Durban July Finalist 2006, 2008 & 2009) during and after completing his B-Tech degree in 2008.

Being somewhat of a styler himself, Brendan’s dissertation focused on mens street fashion, its influence on runway trends and how it filters through to the mainstream market. At the age of 23 he had the pleasure of showcasing twice at SA Fashion week while completing his degree. He has since run his own business dealing in “made to order” clothing while working for three of South Africa’s top designers: Terrence Bray, Francois Vedemme and Ruff Tung

On a “behind the scenes” note, He is a huge fan of music with a taste for the off beat. He DJs in his spare time with genre choices varying from electro to indie and retro to dreamwave. He is a secret fan of “East Enders“, His favourite meal is a cheese burger and his pet peeve is a long queue. Some blogs he recommends are:

Wendy Schultz. Designing with a Green Thumb.

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New LISOF Lecturer, Wendy Schultz is a fashion designer specialising in environmentally-aware fashion & textiles with a focus on evening wear and bridal attire. Having graduated cum laude from the Durban University of technology’s fashion & textiles department, with a Dean’s merit award for academic excellence, and two awards for her 2005 graduate collection, Wendy has worked with many top designers, including Terrence Bray, Amanda-Laird Cherry and bridal designer Christa White. The EcoBride collection is the culmination of her master’s degree in fashion & textiles.

Tenure at the Natal Playhouse’s Wardrobe Department managing the creation of period costumes has helped in increasing Wendy’s attention to detail in design and textile applications.

In 2010 Wendy was nominated as one of the 18 finalists in the annual SABS Design Achievers Awards, and was also selected by the SA Clothing, Textiles, Footwear and leather SETA to spend 6 weeks at the Technical University of Liberec in the Czech Republic gaining invaluable specialised textiles knowledge.

Wendy has also spent the past five years lecturing creative fashion design and CAD design at the DUT’s fashion department, knitting, baking, and finding new ways to create lace fabrics. She is currently listening to Parov Stelar and waiting patiently for Baz Luhrmann’s new film The Great Gatsby. 

Wendy is looking forward to sharing her experiences of the fashion world with the 2012 LISOF class!

Wendy Schultz

If You Think you Have Seen This Face Before, You Have.

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Over the next couple of days TheLisofBlog will be introducing you to some of the talented Lecturer’s joining us for 2012.

Meet Colin O’Mara Davis.

Colin O’Mara Davis is an interior and graphic designer, well known as a television personality, former magazine features editor and brand manager. Working primarily in the fields of contemporary design, architecture,decor and fashion; Colin advocates critical discourse within these sectors and promotes engagement with the potential consumer.

As an editor and art director, he is adept at transcribing creative concepts into tangible campaigns that feature in print and digital media as well as televised broadcast campaigns, most notably in SABC 3’s Top Billing, repositioning strategies and endorsements for Wetherly’s, Nouwens Carpets, Cavendish Square, Canal Walk, the Homemakers Expo and Grand Designs Live.

Focussing on fashion, Colin art directs editorial photo shoots and is actively involved in retouching and picture editing as well as fashion writing. He likes pork belly sandwiches, ice-cream and his favourite colour isn’t a colour at all. It’s black. He is currently listening to Broken Social Scene and he can’t wait to meet you. See his Hash-tag smiley face at LISOF soon.

New Design Lecturer Colin O’Mara Davis


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