Fashion design graduate spotlight: Shanae Van Loggerenberg

posted on June 26th, 2018 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

We shine the spotlight on fashion design graduate: Shanae Van Loggerenberg. This Human of LISOF graduated in 2017 with a BA Degree Fashion in Design. She knew that fashion was for her literally a month before class started and grew through the years to develop her graduate range: ‘Distressed Perfection’. She chose to study fashion at LISOF because it offered her the best academic theory and practical skills she needed to understand everything about fashion. The LISOF end of year fashion show has become a highlight on the calendar of many fashion buyers, media and bloggers, as it showcases the future of fashion from first year and second year collective ranges to the third year individual ranges.

“My inspiration came from things transitioning from perfect to imperfect and how we strive to be perfect, thinking it is beautiful when the truth is that being imperfect is more so. I thought the best way to show this was by making my designs all white and adding fine detailing to show how perfect imperfection can be” – Shanae about what inspired her 3rd year individual range

Shanae is now working on two fashion labels, one being her own; ‘Conform/Reinvent’. This fashion label will communicate how we choose to be the same as others and conform to rules laid out by society even if we do not agree and also how we can have our own voice within those societal confines. The second label she will be working for is an already established company. Watch the video below of a snippet of the beginning process of her graduate range filmed by another Lisofian, Altia du Toit, who is a BA Fashion in Media

“Background of the video: For a Fashion Media assignment I had to pick one of the fashion design students to feature in my video. And who else than Shanae!? I had to conduct my own interview for the designer that allows a viewer more insight of the designer and shed light on the annual LISOF fashion show.” -Altia

Instagram nae_nae_vl OR svl.designs
Twitter @nays_fashion
Facebook Shanae Van Loggerenberg


LISOF x Tammy Taylor MRS SA COLLABORATION – Engineered Denim

posted on November 18th, 2017 by LISOF

by Caileigh Jayne Davis

LISOF has the reputation of being the most progressive fashion design school and retail education institution in Africa. Our alumni populate fashion and retail environments throughout the world and our degrees in fashion are well sought after in the industry. Being at the educational forefront means that LISOF doesn’t follow the crowd but leads it, whether it is through education or tackling hard topics like sustainability in fashion and shining light on to reengineering fast fashion.

A first of its kind in fashion, LISOF and Tammy Taylor Mrs SA have collaborated to create amazing ball gowns from recycled and pre-loved denim which the Finalist donated themselves. This collaboration brings to light the importance of sustainability, these one of a kind pieces will be worn by woman who showcase that being a pageant finalist is more than what people think, Tammy Taylor Mrs SA is a movement that shines the torch on real women. Real women with real lives, real curves and real problems.

With sustainability being a topic of the zeitgeist this collaboration will bring the importance of re-engineered fashion to the public domain, allowing LISOF to showcase the importance of sustainability in particular to reengineering denim and how we as a community can combat recycling in a fun and fashionable way.

Upcycling is an international trend aimed at decreasing wastage and supporting sustainable lifestyle practices. In the fashion industry, upcycling is being employed to transform old stock inventory into reengineered garments with a ‘slow-fashion’ appeal. Each garment that will be seen at the Tammy Taylor Mrs SA Pageant, has been designed specifically for the finalist wearing it, showcasing how a fast fashion pieces of clothing can be stripped back to is raw fabric and a designer garment created from this.

In the 21st century it is everyone’s responsibility to understand the importance of sustainability and do something about it. This collaboration is a step-in educating the public on the importance of understanding where your clothing is made LISOF CEO, Shana Rosenthal says that LISOF’s Reengineered Denim project wants to place the sustainability of fashion in the limelight. “LISOF has made it its mission to educate consumers on reengineered fashion. Just because you bought a jacket or pair of denim pants last year, doesn’t mean it can’t be this season upcycled denim reengineered designer must have garment.”

The months of hard work by our design team at LISOF Adriaan van Dyk and Balki Yaheda paid off when the finalists took the ramp on the night of the show. The crowd cheered, the ladies strutted and we were so proud of the designs, the hard work that went into this project and the topic of sustainably that was at the for front of the conversation.

Human of LISOF: Drew Henry now working at Celine

posted on September 8th, 2017 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

Drew Henry graduated from LISOF in 2007 and went off to the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London where he completed his BA Honours in Fashion Design and Marketing, First in his Class in 2012. He then went on to achieve his Masters in Womenswear in 2014. He is now a Junior Designer for Celine (RTW: ready-to-wear). Drew is what we affectionately call a “Human of LISOF”. As with all LISOF Alumni who have been on campus throughout the LISOF’s 24 years, we are immensely proud to know that they are working in the industry both locally and as Drew, abroad.

Here is a look at Drew Henry’s 2012 collection:


“Geometric patches of brightly dyed African springbok skins on crisp white suits and pleated white cotton dresses. “It’s a mix of workwear, menswear, and traditional beadwork and patchwork inspired by the work of photographer David Goldblatt,” says Henry.

On his springbok-skin drama:

“When we were working on this collection, the menswear shows were going on and Raf Simons had used the same color springbok skin as I wanted to use! I thought it was going to ruin everything but it ended up being fine.” – Drew Henry

To start your career in fashion and retails at LISOF >>> CLICK HERE!

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Blac Chyna wears LISOF graduate Emelia Nagel Design

posted on March 28th, 2017 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

LISOF Alumna, Emelia Nagel created a once-off outfit for American Reality Star, Blac Chyna. Emelia graduated in 2015, BA Fashion Degree and was awarded; Best Avant-Garde Range in her final year and was featured on the Espresso Show for her amazing collection. The Lisofian was approached by Cosmopolitan to create an outfit tailor-made for the curvaceous “video vixen”. Blac Chyna, aka Angela Renee White was recently chosen as a MAC Cosmetics ambassador for the #MACShadescents campaign:



“I received the measurements from the Cosmopolitan fashion team, which allowed me to customise the outfit. Fittings were not an option prior to the photo shoot, but I kept track of Blac Chyna’s social media to guesstimate her size for a closer fit. Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet her as I currently work in the Seychelles as a Costume Stylist. I wanted her to feel like the outfit complimented and celebrated her unique shape and show off her flamboyant personality”




Want your own designer outfit? Contact Emelia: 0722111092









Orientation Best Accessory Winners

posted on February 10th, 2017 by LISOF

Congrats to the Orientation Best Accessory Winners! 1st Year Fashion students are a buzzing energy that adds new life and enthusiasm on campus and this year, the first year BA Degree, BCom Degree and Diploma Orientation Fashion Show was creative, bold and interesting. The brief was to create wearable garments from recycled materials. No conventional fabrications or trims could be used. This Orientation challenge in itself, inspired the students to think out the box and explore their designer options. The Team that Won Best Accessory Johannesburg Campus also won Most Liked Instagram Post with over 800 likes #LisofOrientation . Thanks to Lorna Jane South Africa and ELLE Magazine for sponsoring awesome prizes for the student winners! And thank-you to Miss Earth SA Director, Ella Bella and Ambassador, Ilze Saunders for their insightful talk on sustainable fashion and offering inspiration to the students.

Learn more about these students and why they chose LISOF:

O blog 3


What inspired the whole orientation look?

We were selected for the Visual category. We were inspired by shapes and colour, to create a look which would be eye catching and aesthetically  pleasing.

Why the armband?

At first we decided on a coat which eventually and organically morphed into a key piece which was the armband.

How did you make it and what materials did you use?

We used paint, newspaper and staples. Once painting the news paper sheets maroon and teal, we cut them up into strips and gradually weaved the armband / sleeve.

How was it like working in a team?

We worked well as a team, didn’t have any altercations and we really focused on everyone’s input to develop the look.

Did the Information talks before the orientation fashion show help you?

Yes, the topic of how recycled materials could be utilized in different ways to create a garment helped to draw inspiration.

With regards to the sleeve, it was very time consuming to engineer, but in the end it was worth it, because it looked good and made the entire outfit come alive.

We also had a lot of materials to work with so we where not limited in our options.

O blog 1 O blog 2

TEAM MEMBER: Sabrina Letnik, BA Design

I’ve always had an interest in fashion since I was little and it is always been apart of my life, so it just felt right to embrace it. LISOF has built a brilliant name for itself and offers the learning experience that many would want. I would like to build an empire and leave a legacy in the future. My favorite Local designer/fashion person is Tamara Cherie Dyson and my favorite international design/fashion person is Paola Sebastian.

TEAM MEMBER: Rishona Louw, BA Media

Ever since I was young I had an interest in fashion ,it always intrigued me. When I reached high school I knew that I have to pursue a career in the fashion industry because I have never felt as passionate about any other field as I do about fashion. I chose LISOF because the institution specialises in fashion and I want to know as much about the industry as possible so that one day I can achieve my goals and be a part of the fashion industry and I think that LISOF is the perfect place to learn this. I would like to become a fashion journalist and work my way up to become a fashion magazine editor, I would also like to have my own blog and own a brand one day that represents my style. I would like to travel and work for an international fashion brand. My favourite local fashion designer is David Tlale because he always pulls off breathtaking fashion shows and always has refreshing and unexpected designs to offer the fashion industry. My favourite international designer brand would have to be Versace because I love the edgy vibe that the brand is able to execute while still remaining classy, timeless and sophisticated.

TEAM MEMBER: , Kgomotso Molate, BA MEDIA

I decided that fashion was the right career in primary school, I think I was about 11 years old when I was turning my clothes into ball gowns and I turned my night gown into a cute wrap dress. My mom dressing me up is also what I think contributed to me wanting to take fashion as a career. I chose LISOF because it has a good reputation and curriculum. I know a lot of people that I am inspired by that graduated from LISOF. I’ve also seen a lot of the work that the students have done during their time here and I think the school gets you real-world ready for the fashion industry. I want to start a fashion blog that will influence people and attract A-list celebrities for me to style them. I want to start a styling company that specialises in collaborating with fashion designers in South Africa.. I also want to start a quality street wear brand that is affordable for people from different backgrounds. Fashion is not the only thing I want to do.. I would love to be successful so that I can start enriching projects in previously disadvantaged areas. My favourite local fashion designer is David Tlale for couture and LISOF Alum, Rich Mnisi for modern innovative wear. My favourite international fashion designer is Diane Von Furstenberg.

See all the Orientation Fashion Show photos HERE!













Fashion Show 2016 Winner: Best Ready-To-Wear Range by Faida Chikwatu

posted on December 13th, 2016 by LISOF

Q&A with Faida Chikwatu, Winner of the Best Graduate Ready-to-Wear collection at this years Fashion Show.

  • What was your inspiration?

Even though I’m Muslim, I was still curious and intrigued by the culture and ethnicity of the Arab lifestyle. Through my research I had gathered a look and feel for my range at the 2016 Fashion Show that was of riches, elegance, modesty and purity Arabia has, in which I was willing to translate this look and feel towards the collection. I didn’t want to the garments to look like “just another modest collection” I wanted these garments to execute the look and feel as soon as they are dressed it would emphasize it even more.

  • What is the name of your Fashion Show collection and why?

Awraah, the term in Arabic simply means body parts which must be covered from others.

  • Why did you select the fabrics you used?

While I was sourcing for these fabrics I was looking for fabrics that represented so much elegance and riches not only that but also gave away the ethnicity of it. When I had found these fabrics I was lucky enough to reasonably priced fabrics and made sure I used the fabrics to the best of my ability to make it look a lot more exquisite.

  • What finishes made your collection different?

I went for finishes that were more feminine like adding in touches of lace and added some binding, I tried to find new ways of finishing of the garments.

  • What do you plan to do next year and what is ultimate fashion dream for you?

I’m currently looking for a job at this point and I plan on working and building on my brand. My ultimate fashion dream to have the most exquisite and beautiful modest wear worldwide and to also collaborate with one of the top designers.


Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-269 Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-271 Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-272 Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-273 Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-277Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-279Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-282Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-283Lisof_2016_3rd year 1-284

Lisof_2016_3rd yr wide033



Fashion Show 2016: Winner Best Menswear Range by Mikhile du Plessis

posted on December 6th, 2016 by LISOF

3rd year BA Fashion Design student, gives us her insights into her graduate menswear collection; “AWAKEN” by Mikhile du Plessis for the LISOF Fashion Show 2016.


“A garment must work for the wearer, not the other way around – that is what design is about” quote by Mikhile


What is your inspiration for your menswear range?

AWAKEN – a collection that expresses the transformation of a man who comes across as classy, but yet sporty and finishing it off with comfort minimalistic, tailored wear. A “Westernization” feel is brought through the fit and styling of the garments with loose tailored cuts mixed with the cultural influence of Maboneng in ” Africa ” such as a sporty street wear look and styling that has created the collection which adds to the wearers personality. The reason I say that the clothing works for the wearer, is that I created a bag that can be used in the day and turned into a jacket and a coat that is formal and becomes a rain jacket in this way the clothing works for the wearer and each indivisible item can be mixed up with any other item depending on the wearer, this is what creates AWAKEN aware of its surrounding and the wearers personality and style.


What was the name of your menswear collection and why? 

AWAKEN – . It expresses a man who is aware of his surroundings and is the alpha of the pack.

Lisof_2016_Mikhile-003 Lisof_2016_Mikhile-005 Lisof_2016_Mikhile-006 Lisof_2016_Mikhile-007   Lisof_2016_Mikhile-009   Lisof_2016_Mikhile-011   Lisof_2016_Mikhile-012   Lisof_2016_Mikhile-013

Why menswear?

I chose menswear as I believe there is a lack of classic, sporty and good quality clothing for men and I know that my collection is for any type of man whom can mix and match the clothing with any other item he has.


Lisof_2016_Mikhile-014                 Lisof_2016_Mikhile-015                 Lisof_2016_Mikhile-016

Why did you select the fabrics you did?

I used winter fabric such as wool and Melton, with bull denim creating weight to the collection with the layering and mixture of the light-weight fabric such as Egyptian cotton, track suiting and good quality t- shirting material. I personalized my lining of the clothing with a minimalistic design which ties into the simplicity. The use of the fabric with different weights, textures and adding the pure white brings in depth with the different layers, adding crispness.


What finishes made your collection different?

The use of the contract fabrics and the raw finished edges makes the collection different and unique. When I say raw finished edges, I have created top stitching and black tap to the edge, giving it a simple but yet exclusive finish. My personalized badges, tabs and barcodes make the product a finished piece, attaching the viewer to the item and personalizing it, done with a silkscreen on a different textured fabric either with a raw or clean edge top stitched on with thick tread, creating depth.

Lisof_2016_Mikhile-018                    Lisof_2016_Mikhile-022


What do you plan to do next year? 

My goal is to extend my collection and take-up any opportunity I can get, I intend to further with my studies with a BA Honours in Fashion at LISOF and will be obtaining some work experience. I believe that I’m passionate in what I do and therefore I will keep pushing, designing and delving my work in this industry.


Thank you to LISOF, parents, family and friends.






Fashion Show 2016: Winner Best Couture Range by Charlene van Rooyen

posted on November 28th, 2016 by LISOF

Last week Thursday, 24 November, LISOF showcased their 22nd annual fashion show at The Tin Factory to fashion media, retailers, bloggers and friends and family. From first year to third year, each design student showcased their own design according to a theme.

During the fashion show dress rehearsals, the judges watched each outfit down the runway then went backstage for closer inspection. The Judges were; LISOF Alumni Thebe Magugu and Rich Mnisi as well as ELLE Magazine’s, Ayanda Molefe.

Best Graduate Couture Range 2016 was awarded to: Charlene van Rooyen, BA Fashion in Design. Learn more about her winning collection; “Kallah” which means bride in Hebrew.



My Inspiration for the Fashion Show was to design and make a wedding range that is non-traditional and has a bohemian look to it. Being a free spirit and loving the bohemian look, I wanted to create something for the unconventional bride.


I wanted fabric that speaks for itself and a lace that was unique. I traveled to Parys in the Free State to an interior fabrics store called “Merci-French Interior” and I discovered the most amazing cotton lace. For the finishes, I used lace trims and created material bindings for each dress and underwear.


I would like to focus on weddings. I have always had a passion for “the big day”. I want to create wedding dresses and my signature non-traditional evening gowns as well.


Lisof_2016_Charlene-002 Lisof_2016_Charlene-004 Lisof_2016_Charlene-006 Lisof_2016_Charlene-008 Lisof_2016_Charlene-009 Lisof_2016_Charlene-010 Lisof_2016_Charlene-011 Lisof_2016_Charlene-012 Lisof_2016_Charlene-014










Fashion Photography: Student Work

posted on August 11th, 2016 by LISOF

Third year fashion students were tasked to shoot a LISOF advertising campaign. They needed to organise their model, clothing, lighting, mood and take the actual photographs themselves. After the shoot, students are required to retouch their images and add effects to express their version of the LISOF ad campaign brief. Herewith are several successful images from the class of 2015.

Lizel Opperman

Lizel Opperman


Nanette Arensten

Nanette Arensten


Nomkhosi Mabuza

Nomkhosi Mabuza


Robin Hotz

Robin Hotz


Elicia Pitzer

Elicia Pitzer


Ezekiel Kgoadigoadi

Ezekiel Kgoadigoadi


Lize van Wyk

Lize Van Wyk



Asnath Nchabeleng

Asnath Nchabeleng



Ruth Smith

Ruth Smit




LISOF Grad shows at South African Menswear SS16

posted on July 8th, 2016 by LISOF

LISOF graduate, Nao Serati, featured his collection at South African Menswear Week SS16/17  in Cape Town this week.

Nao Serati

Image from:

On the collection: “The collection actually doesn’t have a name. It’s inspired by girl groups – SWV, Destiny’s Child – and the unity that they have even though the groups were made up by individuals. I feel like girl groups really know how to show vulnerability and show a range of different emotions that guys don’t avail themselves to.

On the design process: “I mixed a lot of fabrics this season. There’s a lot of hard backing on a soft fabric. Some were printed and some pleated. A lot of the fabric is also vulnerable, soft and delicate which I think shows the vulnerability men need to open themselves up to. Every season we try to make ourselves better.


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.47.51 AM Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.47.36 AM Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.47.18 AM

Photo credit: Nao’s Instagram : Simon Deiner

See his full collection HERE.

To start your career in fashion, apply today HERE.

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