Congratulations LISOF Fashion Show 2017 Winners

posted on December 5th, 2017 by LISOF

Pitsi Kewana: Best Commercial 3rd year Range

What was the name of your collection and why?

The collection was called “Dr Jekyll & Ms Bloom”, and it was based on the idea of two personalities living in one person, but unlike Dr Jekyll & Mr Hide who were at odds with each, Dr Jekyll & Ms Bloom work in synergy & bring out the best in each.

Why did you select the fabrics you did?

I really wanted to draw on the historic tailoring elements that are inspired by Dr Jekyll. I wanted to use modernized tailoring & play with pattern-making principles to create new shapes & silhouettes. Using fabrics like Melton & suiting helped create shape & structure, and that was balanced with softer fabrics, like satin & cotton voile, to bring in elements of the Ms Bloom personality.

What finishes made your collection different?

There are certain elements that I really loved. From the accordion-type pleating in the sleeve of my 3rd look, to the deep pleats in the jacket of my last look. I think the application of tailoring principles really brought the collection together & made it look clean & luxurious.

What do you plan to do next year?

I’m hoping to get a job in fashion, possibly doing buying, and also working on my own range. I’m looking to enter either AFI Fasttrack or SAFW and see what happens from there. Mainly I just want to continue doing what I love – & that is making beautiful clothes for beautiful people.



Michola Sahlertz- Best Artisan 3rd year Range

What was the name of your collection and why?

The name of my Collection is ‘Nature Reclaimed’ -Manmade Structures that are abandoned and nature takes over them. And my sub-theme is ‘Origami’. The idea behind my range is that we as humans cannot exist without nature, even when we tear nature apart, it will still take over and in the end, we can only value the part nature plays in our lives. Bringing colour and joy to our everyday life.

Why did you select the fabrics you did?

I used suiting to bring in the structure and stability of ‘man-made’ objects and used cotton voile as well as mesh to showcase the softer, more inorganic side to how nature takes over. I used these fabrics in a neutral colour palette of navy, grey and white to also emphasise structure and the rigidness of man-made ideals.

What finishes made your collection different?

The finishes I used were the 1400 handmade felt flowers-all in different colours- progressing more and more in the pieces as the range develops. With the last piece being made up of only felt flowers and mesh.

What do you plan to do next year?

I am looking into starting my own business next year, but will be working part-time at local designers to gain more experience and to learn from those wiser than me.



Juanie Ferreira – Overall Winner

What was the name of your collection and why?

Unfolding structure. Rules are usually put in place as a way and means of providing structure. However, this collection is a metaphor for my design process, where experimentation with bending the rules unfolded into new possibilities of innovation. In terms of aesthetics, the collection is strong and structural, in combination with folds and drapes.

Why did you select the fabrics you did?

The fabrics that I selected were certainly unconventional. I revel in exploring the unknown and the unconventional and in so doing, ensuring that I do not limit my creativity, keeping it innovative. The combination of the various textures of the curtaining voiles, waffle weave toweling, ramie linen and stretch cotton viscose made my designs come to life. The voiles were also selected for its transparent property.

What finishes made your collection different?

I played around with design elements by, for example, exposing pocket bags and making them subtle features in stead of hiding them, such as tailored jet pockets that were constructed into and becoming part of soft folds. Some details were exaggerated, shifting it from functional to decorative, such as trouser pockets extending to the hemline. I payed close attention to construction details and quality, by finishing off exposed seams and hems with binding. There was also a LOT of hidden handwork involved in the finishing off of the final garment.

What do you plan to do next year?

I will continue to pursuing a career in design and position myself in a place where I am doing what I love every day.



A runway report of ‘Woman is a Word’

posted on November 26th, 2017 by LISOF

by Reneilwe Masekoameng

original article:

images by Lebogang Ditibane and Taku Dlamini

illustration by Taku Dlamini


“The collection is about women empowerment,” says Dlamini. Describing her collection as a labour of love, third year LISOF design student, Taku Dlamini, showcased her first ever collection “Woman Is A Word”, and the crowd was enthralled!

Confidently bringing the feminine and masculine energies together through the skillful use of needle and thread, Dlamini’s collection reminded the audience present that the force (and future) are – without a doubt – female!





Inspired by a group of feminist artists reclaiming the female body through music, photography and art in the 1970s, the “Woman Is A Word” collection not only celebrates the female form, but also challenges the concept of the idealised female body.  “The collection is about women empowerment,” says Dlamini. “It’s basically saying that women can wear whatever the f*ck they want, and not be defined by the limitations of what society says a woman should look like.”

Parading down the runway to a an upbeat techno soundtrack, her models moved effortlessly down the ramp in skilfully stitched garments of asymmetrical cuts with well thought out embroidered details by illustration artist, Karolina Koryl, and handmade accessories by Darius Dirker.

The collection further emphasized the energy and qualities of the feminine and masculine – and their fusion – through the clever use of fabrics and textiles; with soft textiles such as poplin, ribbed jacquard, pointe knit and poly cotton voile representing the feminine and stiff textiles such as sateen and bengaline suiting to represent the masculine.

With immense talent, an extraordinary eye for detail and design, and the passion of 10 humans combined, Taku Dlamini is definitely a force to be reckoned with! Be sure to give her wonderfully curated Instagram account a peek to keep up with the adventures of this marvelous little human as she navigates the big bad world that is the fashion industry.

Love and light,



Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair: Creative Mornings, Johannesburg

posted on October 18th, 2017 by LISOF

“The way of a pioneer is…” – “to invent” and “to create”

I left my crisp white sticker blank… I didn’t want to define the word for what it is, that only limits its meaning.

I wanted to explore the word and see what it means to me. I mean it’s 2017, it is rare to discover something utterly new. We tend to take what is already known and manipulate it into what we need from it.

We suck up inspiration like Dementors. Though they (dementors) fear the light we create our own patronus-

And that is what a pioneer means to me, to be an inspiration-sucking dementor that creates patronuses in all shapes and sizes deriving on the positive force. 

We sat down for the  THE TALK, not the awkward birds and bees one. On the contrary, this talk was far more enlightening.

 Tapiwa Matsinde whom I now adore, spoke about shining light on Africa as a continent and showing how different our cultures and traditions are. Though we are all Africans we are not one massive tribe with one history. She also spoke about how challenging it is to write about designers who don’t want to identify as ‘African designers’ because of the limitations and how the rest of the world will automatically place them in a box to what they stereo-typically expect to come from Africa. I related to this because as a future designer I have to ask myself; HOW DO YOU WANT THE WORLD TO PERCEIVE YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT TO GENERATE IN THEM WHEN YOUR LIGHTS ARE ON?

Katherine-Mary Pichulik sparked a new credo onto me, her productivity method. She spoke about how she would find something and with that she will research any and every possible history of that something (from mythical beliefs to all types of connotations) and from that she will interpret a new tangible modish art. Her process consists of deconstructing and reconstructing in all forms until she has the best design. That is when the thought dawned on me, sometimes you have to do something a million times over (cough cough CRD) before you get it right.

The third guest speaker,  Moran Carl Munyuthe said that art and what you create is literature, that “your work becomes poetic”. That is something I’d love everyone to aspire towards. To create something that will live in the yonder of our existence. As Shakespeare wonderfully concluded in his Sonnet 18 “So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, So long lives this and this gives life to thee”.


At the end of THE TALK, we enjoyed the rest of the market with amazing designers which ranged from shoes to clothes to bags to jewelry to unicorns and the most cutest stuffed animals ever! AND THE FOOD WAS AMAZING!


written by: Monaisha Le Fleur

South African Fashion Week from students’ perspective

posted on May 15th, 2017 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

SA Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017

We think it’s safe to say that SA fashion week was not at all what we expected… Honestly, the experience exceeded our expectations by far! What started off as a project we took on to furthermore promote LISOF and learn more about the South African fashion industry; turned into three unforgettable days of fun, laughter and admiration. Something that we both hope we will get the privilege to do again after socialising, networking, learning and most importantly watching in awe the creative prodigies that walked down the runway night after night.


Wednesday, 29th March:

Our first day of preparations for fashion week felt like a scene pulled out of a movie. As LISOFIANS, it isn’t surprising to hear that one of us had a class that ended at 5pm (sigh) and conveniently the first show started at 6pm. Giving us a total of 1 hour to leave campus, glam up and arrive early enough to take photos (mind you, none of this happened the way we had hoped). We ended up getting ready in a total of 15 minutes including the car ride because that’s where we did our makeup. After rushing to Hyde Park, every image anticipated about fashion week had disappeared and we just went with the flow. Dressed by Aya Velase and Glitter Betty we fit right in with the crowd and successfully blew LISOFs Instagram  and Snapchat by storm; our question for the night was “What inspired your style for the night?” and the answers were as interesting as the people. The shows for the night were truly moving. We really enjoyed the Lufthansa 1st Class Collections; designers such as AYA VELASE and STITCH AND STEEL showcased impressive collections. Other collections that caught our eyes were RISE OF THE OXX and HEART & HERITAGE which really depicted the essence of contemporary South African fashion.


Thursday, 30th March:

Our second day was much easier to prepare for as we had an idea of what to expect. It was a big night for us as not only were we representing LISOF but we were  also representing SUN GODDESS , so we ensured that we had more than enough time to get ready after lectures. That being said it is a lot easier to get ready when your classes don’t end so late lol. We spent our afternoon playing dress up at the SUN GODDESS store in Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City which was definitely one of our peek moments from this experience, trying on their exquisite “Quintessential African Luxury” designs isn’t something we get to do often. After setting out an equivalent amount of time to get ready, we once again made our way to Hyde Park, however this time our group of good friends and fellow students were also attending, turning it into a treasured night. Walking around in a big group drew a lot of attention on us so many people asked us for pictures and essentially we featured on Marie Claire and Spree’s instagram pages (yay!!). The shows on this night were long but enjoyable. We especially loved the collections by VINTAGE ZIONEST and of course SUN GODDESS. Our question for the night was “Do you think fashion shows are still relevant and why?” and the answers were documented on Lisofs Instagram and Snapchat respectively. We ended off our night with a “mini photo shoot” with SUN GODDESS’s head designer Vanya Mangaliso backstage, the pictures came out so editorial lol.


Friday, 31st April:

We were especially excited for Friday night; it was the beginning of menswear night but most importantly Nondy’s 19th Birthday! Essentially our looks for the night were street wear inspired (mixed with a little glam of course). The night was eventful and ended off our experience with a BANG! The shows were inspiring; it was really nice to see how artistic South African menswear designers are and how fresh and exciting menswear has become. We particularly enjoyed a collection by Bayanda Khathini who showcased under SAFW Scouting Menswear in Association with GQ Magazine – his collection was clearly inspired by an authentic South African lifestyle, so much so that his show might as well have been in the middle of the KZN midlands. The only thing that outshined the clothes were the people wearing them, yes, we mean the models. They were truly a sight for sore eyes and we made sure to take photos with the guys that were too hot not to (hehe). We also enjoyed interacting with the crowd during the intervals. Our question for the night was “Would you consider SAFW as a way of analysing trends?” Because this was our last night we made sure that we wanted as much fun as possible and to communicate with everyone we came across. This night’s crowd was definitely the most diverse and we certainly saw the link between fashion shows and trend analysis. After the shows we decided to take a moment and let the event sink in, definitely very 1990s sitting in the parking lot chatting up a storm with our friends haha! This then encouraged us to grab a quick bite to eat at McDs to end off our night and commemorate Nondy’s 19th.


Overall, we can say that this experience was a lot of fun. We learned important things, met a lot of relevant people and hopefully made good connections that could help us in the near future. It was also nice to see several LISOF students every night, especially since we surely stressed on how important we felt it was for fashion students to attend such events. It was also great meeting all the LISOF Alumni sitting front row proving their relevance in the industry; it was truly inspiring as that is something that we both hope we could achieve soon. Of course our experience could have never happened if it wasn’t for LISOF; we are really grateful and hope we get to do this again.

See all the images here.


Mich & Nondy












Student Naledi Kau x Levi’s Orange Tab

posted on May 10th, 2017 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

Naledi Kau is a second year BA Media Lisofian and she had recently entered a Levi’s Orange Tab competition. All she had to do was comment on their competition post and explain ‘What past era influences their current era’ .

The competition was a prize of which included R10 000 worth of clothing from Levis’ new Orange Tab collection and a vinyl record player. As a way of congratulating her, we’ve decided to have a photoshoot with Naledi just to get an insight on what she’s picked out from the new collection and more information on what influences her style as she gives us direction on how to ‘ #liveinlevis with the new Orange Tab collection.



The following looks represent how Naledi manages to keep style the Levi’s Orange Tab range in a manner that’s original, classic and effortless.



Naledi’s flaunts the #jean2jean look which was inspired by the industrial 80’s. She accessorised it with a circular framed pair of glasses, “ozzies” as she would say, and this was done to enhance that industrial 80’s retro feel.




Naledi always emphasises how ‘simplicity is key’ when it comes to picking out any of her outfits. We were able to capture how she is able to turn heads with a simple #schoolboy inspired look.




This last ensemble is a combo of what Naledi calls an “occasional pop of sass”. She justifies the sassiness by adding a red pair of heels which really complimented the orange Levis top exceptionally well.

Student Collaboration:

Photographer: Reabetswe Letsoalo

Model: Naledi Kau

Written by: Nondumiso Fatyela

Introducing the LISOF app

posted on by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

LISOF Communicator

The LISOF Communicator is a simple app that is downloaded free from the app/play store onto your smart phone or computer device. This app will enable LISOF to communicate with student and parent student on an ongoing and timeous basis. All of the important information that the students require to make their studies at LISOF as valuable as possible will be available through this app. This includes news items, articles, general communication, and documentation for both academic and general use. The app has also been loaded onto all of the computers in the library. Having access to this app ensures that you are able to receive the same information that is sent to the students.

To download this app, please do as follows:
1. Access the App Store or Play Store
2. Search for LISOF and download
3. Open the app and register by requesting a password under the Registration option
4. Follow the external link, fill in the required fields and submit your information
5. Activate your account
6. Fill in your email address and password to log in
7. Personalize your feed
As of 1 June 2017, all communication to both parents and students will be conducted via the app.


Rich Mnisi and Thebe Magugu Collaborate with Woolworths: Style by SA

posted on April 3rd, 2017 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

Style by SA. The name says it all, South African style offering to a South African stylish public. We are super proud of Rich Mnisi and Thebe Magugu, two LISOF 2014 graduates that are constantly making waves and progressing their businesses in the fashion industry.

Woolworths’ new initiative is collaborating with South Africa design talent to bring their designs on-line and at major retails stores. This is your chance to grab a designer item and support local.

Thebe posted this heartfelt message on his Facebook page:

“This is going to be a very mushy post so please bare with me. Last year was a difficult year, not only for me but it seems for a lot of people [although I suspect it had something to do with shifting planets]. Anyway, my collection last night – titled Geology – was inspired by the idea of escaping into the wild. I was just fed up with all the pressures of day to day urban life and imagined a woman having to take to the great outdoors and surviving [hence the fishing motifs, hiking gear, etc]. It was very therapeutic and I am so happy with how it came out but it wasn’t done without the help of some incredible people. I’d firstly like to thank David West and WOOLWORTHS SA for the amazing opportunity to show, and for selecting me to stock select Woolworths stores in SA. Thank you Annette Pringle-Kölsch from the The Fashion Agent who had had to answer distress calls at unholy hours of the night – you have completely shifted my way of thinking – business and fashion – and you have given me an excuse to tell people “talk to my agent”, something I’ve always wanted to say after seeing Paris Hilton do it to basically everyone in 2007. Lucilla Booyzen and South African Fashion Week, thank you for giving me such an incredible platform to showcase my work and the many bits of helpful advice along the way. Thank you to everyone who came out and I would especially like to thank my mom – Tiego Magugu – who is literally the reason why I live. Anyway, post done, Ill go back to automated and super generic updates now.”

Rich posted this heartfelt message on his Facebook page:

“Last night I cried twice. First when I realised that I had actually collaborated with WOOLWORTHS SA and I was amongst such great company! Selfi, Thebe Magugu, Sol-Sol menswear, Young and Lazy, Pichulik, AKJP and Maria Mccloy Accessories are phucken amazing. Then Thebe Magugu and Anees Petersen had their solo shows and I couldn’t hold it in, I was weeping, I couldn’t take it, such brilliance! I’m so proud of this moment. Thank you WOOLWORTHS SA & The Fashion Agent, for everything.”

The Style By SA capsule collection will be available at the following Woolworths stores on the 12th April 2017.

Canal Walk in Cape Town, Sandton City and Mall of Africa in Johannesburg, Menlyn Park in Pretoria, and Gateway in Durban. Why wait when you can shop selected items now – online at

Photos courtesy SA Fashion Week

Designers of the Style by SA Woolworths Collaboration






Blac Chyna wears LISOF graduate Emelia Nagel Design

posted on March 28th, 2017 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

LISOF Alumna, Emelia Nagel created a once-off outfit for American Reality Star, Blac Chyna. Emelia graduated in 2015, BA Fashion Degree and was awarded; Best Avant-Garde Range in her final year and was featured on the Espresso Show for her amazing collection. The Lisofian was approached by Cosmopolitan to create an outfit tailor-made for the curvaceous “video vixen”. Blac Chyna, aka Angela Renee White was recently chosen as a MAC Cosmetics ambassador for the #MACShadescents campaign:



“I received the measurements from the Cosmopolitan fashion team, which allowed me to customise the outfit. Fittings were not an option prior to the photo shoot, but I kept track of Blac Chyna’s social media to guesstimate her size for a closer fit. Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet her as I currently work in the Seychelles as a Costume Stylist. I wanted her to feel like the outfit complimented and celebrated her unique shape and show off her flamboyant personality”




Want your own designer outfit? Contact Emelia: 0722111092









LISOF’s very own power couple

posted on February 14th, 2017 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day with the love story of two fashion students. This power couple met when they were very young and fell in love at school, but they are not your ordinary student lovers. Meet power couple; Phindi and Tshepo Kgaudi.


Phindi and Tshepo are married with two sons. They are both in their 1st year at LISOF, studying the BA Fashion Design Degree, full time for 3 years. I sat down with them to chat about their journey to LISOF, as well as how they imagine coping studying full time, with a family and business. When you meet these two love birds, one thing is undeniable; their old school charm, bright genuine smiles and strong sense of commitment and love for one another. They have a love for fashion and chose LISOF, as their educational institution of choice because of the curriculum and networking collaborations on offer, but this is not their first rodeo.


This power couple studied interior design together, from there, Phindi wanted to branch into her dream of designing shoes and with the help of her supportive husband, the duo became strong, successful entrepreneurs and the founders of luxury shoe brand “Phindi K”, South Africa’s very own red sole shoes that heeled celebrity A-listers, SA politicians and the who’s who. They were absorbed into providing their customers with quality, excellent fit and exclusiveness without compromise. Their namesake brand grew everyday, affording them the opportunities to travel and venture into other businesses.

After this meteoric rise, came a hard fall. After transferring their manufacturing model from “Made in Brazil” to “Made in South Africa”, (they wanted to support local job creation initiatives as well as make the product a solely, excuse the pun, South African designed and manufactured brand) came along with major theft whereby majority of their merchandise was stolen. They had to close stores and stop supplying clients. You would think their world came crumbling down. Yes, they had to sell the luxury cars, yes they had to take their eldest son out of a top notch overseas school, but Thsepo’s energy and daring vision along with Phindi’s support and organisational skills turned a negative into a positive opportunity.


They enrolled at LISOF and intend on coming into the market with “Phindi K” stronger than ever before, not only with shoes, but with fashion too. They want to dress the South African women again, but this time, from head to toe. Phindi and Tshepo are determined entrepreneurs and have other businesses which they need to manage while they study, not to mention that they have a household with two sons to run as well. They are truly the definition of team work, for the betterment of each others growth and their family’s well-being. By furthering their own skill set to eventually help others at grass roots level by creating jobs, this dynamic duo want to spread their passion for growth and development around the country.



Their advice regarding their journey in LISOF is to always communicate, support each other and time management. They like to work hard, but they don’t forget to play hard too!

Good Luck Phindi and Tshepo K.

-Written By Lissa Mendes

Social Media Manager















Orientation Best Accessory Winners

posted on February 10th, 2017 by LISOF

Congrats to the Orientation Best Accessory Winners! 1st Year Fashion students are a buzzing energy that adds new life and enthusiasm on campus and this year, the first year BA Degree, BCom Degree and Diploma Orientation Fashion Show was creative, bold and interesting. The brief was to create wearable garments from recycled materials. No conventional fabrications or trims could be used. This Orientation challenge in itself, inspired the students to think out the box and explore their designer options. The Team that Won Best Accessory Johannesburg Campus also won Most Liked Instagram Post with over 800 likes #LisofOrientation . Thanks to Lorna Jane South Africa and ELLE Magazine for sponsoring awesome prizes for the student winners! And thank-you to Miss Earth SA Director, Ella Bella and Ambassador, Ilze Saunders for their insightful talk on sustainable fashion and offering inspiration to the students.

Learn more about these students and why they chose LISOF:

O blog 3


What inspired the whole orientation look?

We were selected for the Visual category. We were inspired by shapes and colour, to create a look which would be eye catching and aesthetically  pleasing.

Why the armband?

At first we decided on a coat which eventually and organically morphed into a key piece which was the armband.

How did you make it and what materials did you use?

We used paint, newspaper and staples. Once painting the news paper sheets maroon and teal, we cut them up into strips and gradually weaved the armband / sleeve.

How was it like working in a team?

We worked well as a team, didn’t have any altercations and we really focused on everyone’s input to develop the look.

Did the Information talks before the orientation fashion show help you?

Yes, the topic of how recycled materials could be utilized in different ways to create a garment helped to draw inspiration.

With regards to the sleeve, it was very time consuming to engineer, but in the end it was worth it, because it looked good and made the entire outfit come alive.

We also had a lot of materials to work with so we where not limited in our options.

O blog 1 O blog 2

TEAM MEMBER: Sabrina Letnik, BA Design

I’ve always had an interest in fashion since I was little and it is always been apart of my life, so it just felt right to embrace it. LISOF has built a brilliant name for itself and offers the learning experience that many would want. I would like to build an empire and leave a legacy in the future. My favorite Local designer/fashion person is Tamara Cherie Dyson and my favorite international design/fashion person is Paola Sebastian.

TEAM MEMBER: Rishona Louw, BA Media

Ever since I was young I had an interest in fashion ,it always intrigued me. When I reached high school I knew that I have to pursue a career in the fashion industry because I have never felt as passionate about any other field as I do about fashion. I chose LISOF because the institution specialises in fashion and I want to know as much about the industry as possible so that one day I can achieve my goals and be a part of the fashion industry and I think that LISOF is the perfect place to learn this. I would like to become a fashion journalist and work my way up to become a fashion magazine editor, I would also like to have my own blog and own a brand one day that represents my style. I would like to travel and work for an international fashion brand. My favourite local fashion designer is David Tlale because he always pulls off breathtaking fashion shows and always has refreshing and unexpected designs to offer the fashion industry. My favourite international designer brand would have to be Versace because I love the edgy vibe that the brand is able to execute while still remaining classy, timeless and sophisticated.

TEAM MEMBER: , Kgomotso Molate, BA MEDIA

I decided that fashion was the right career in primary school, I think I was about 11 years old when I was turning my clothes into ball gowns and I turned my night gown into a cute wrap dress. My mom dressing me up is also what I think contributed to me wanting to take fashion as a career. I chose LISOF because it has a good reputation and curriculum. I know a lot of people that I am inspired by that graduated from LISOF. I’ve also seen a lot of the work that the students have done during their time here and I think the school gets you real-world ready for the fashion industry. I want to start a fashion blog that will influence people and attract A-list celebrities for me to style them. I want to start a styling company that specialises in collaborating with fashion designers in South Africa.. I also want to start a quality street wear brand that is affordable for people from different backgrounds. Fashion is not the only thing I want to do.. I would love to be successful so that I can start enriching projects in previously disadvantaged areas. My favourite local fashion designer is David Tlale for couture and LISOF Alum, Rich Mnisi for modern innovative wear. My favourite international fashion designer is Diane Von Furstenberg.

See all the Orientation Fashion Show photos HERE!













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