D’english at LISOF Orientation week

Dion ChangSo that’s that… The first week of classes are already done and although we’re all still making sure we’re in the right class, (*knock knock* “Is this <insert embarrassed voice here>?), double checking that our student card is attached to us at the hip (Confession:

I’ve had to turn my car around twice already), I think we’re all slowly starting to make the new LISOF our HOME. After all, we do spend the majority of our time there which is why it’s so convenient to have everything at our fingertips; for those EARLY morning classes, bet your bottom dollar Lavender will be at TRENDe to make you that Cappuccino, Latté or Chai tea (my favorite-try it, it WILL change your life) first thing to get your day started, and lunch can even be pre-ordered so you don’t have to stand in a queue!

It really doesn’t get more convenient than that, oh wait, shucks, your highlighters have run out, you’re out of Calico and you completely forgot to pick up some fusing on the weekend. Yep, you guessed it, Fashion District is INSIDE, yes I said INSIDE LISOF, no need to travel to Pritchard Street anymore, all our needs, right at our fingertips… Thanks LISOF!!!

Now, I have to admit, I’m still quite blown away by the amazing orientation week we had, day after day I tried my best to sponge up as much information as I could. Two of the most profound speakers had to be Dion Chang and Stuart Marsh. For those who don’t know, Dion Chang is a corporate trend analyst, design consultant, freelance journalist, columnist and social commentator.

He runs his own company called Flux Trends. Dion works both locally and internationally, and is regarded as one of South Africa’s top trend analysts and social commentators. Dion came to share a presentation entitled, “Does my bum look big in cyberspace?” which featured amazing enhancements in technology. Such improvements included Adidas stores that require customers to walk on a treadmill for a few minutes so that your shoes insoles are custom made for your specific instep and, window shopping taken to the next level whereby you can actually make purchases from a virtual window space. Truly revolutionary.

Stuart Marsh is the group marketing director at Busby; Brand director for GUESS SA and Marion and Lindie. I think that what Stuart instilled in all of minds was that if we want something, we are the only ones who can make it happen. After listening to Stuart’s life story, I think we’re all THAT much more determined and by a show of hands in the audience eager to ask questions we all received a mini motivational session of the greatest value.

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Again, thank you LISOF!

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