Design Indaba Simulcast 2019

By Anel van Vuuren

Lisof hosted the Design Indaba Simulcast 2019 at Joburg Campus. Students and staff created an artistic atmosphere which is united with the Design Indaba themes of sustainability and creativity. With five classrooms used to showcase the live broadcasts directly from Cape Town each one decorated using sustainable, upcycled and recycled items such as; egg boxes, waste paper and scrap fabric.

Li Edelkoort Trend Forecast spoke about her vision of 2020 and beyond. Her talk took place in The Gallery which showcased denim ballgown dresses made from old jeans heading for the landfill.

Delegates sat on cushions made from off-cut fabrics generously donated by Hertex Fabrics, SkinnyLaMinx and The Mill Fabrics. (Thank you all so much for helping make this happen!) Each cushion was patchworked using every last piece of scrap material and then embellished by 1st-year students during Orientation week.

The Craft of Origami.

The first room on the Ground Floor was decorated with Origami birds flying on the walls, each hand folded by Lisof Students and Lisof staff using recycled printing paper. The Origami birds connote the feeling of being free and that creativity is unlimited. The Origami bird which is considered paper art has a symbolic meaning of healing, which is what the ~Design Indaba Simulcast hosts, speakers allow attendees to gain knowledge, to grow and to heal or improve business practices, ideas and the future. Origami as art was developed in China, where they were originally used to make children toys, to avoid useful materials going to waste, which resulted into parents folding toys for their children made from paper to give old materials new life. The theme of sustainability and recycling is seen throughout this room, which is also an underlined concept during the Design Indaba Event.

Man-made Nature.

Room 2 was based on the concept of the future of nature.  Paper leaves were individually cut by students and the hanging flowers were created by cutting recycled egg boxes and stringing them up to create a wall filled with art. The eggboxes petals were dyed using food colouring, as the underlying theme is based on sustainability and natural elements. Over the last three weeks, the rooms have been prepped and eggboxes were recycled from various restaurants, stores and staff. The ultimate truth about nature is that we can’t live without leaves, trees or flowers and this room is a constant reminder to live sustainably, with regards to the fashion industry, by implementing creative approaches to create a better future.

Water waste.

The following room is filled with “jellyfish” made from scraps and off-cuts of materials from the fashion industry. The jellyfish were hung up using fish gut (Ironically – fish gut is used to kill millions of fish every day for the benefits of human consumption)…. food for thought. The backdrop of the jellyfish is decorated with blue plastic bags, which clearly reads: PicknPay bags are 100% recyclable. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. This art installation symbolizes how we as humans and industries are polluting our environment, but at the same time, we now do have the option to change and recycle to save the future.

The messages throughout the rooms are based on taking a creative approach towards life, nature and sustainability with a view to the future of our planet and future generations.

String Art

The last room was decorated by the principle of string art, which is based on the elements of using multiple threads strung from different points in the room to create an illusion or a perspective. String art has its origins in mathematics. The room expressed the symbolism of string art to communicate the aspect of patterns and trends which are all around us, and that one person can’t make a difference (one thread), we need a community (many threads) to make an impact and to ultimately change the world for the better by using creative ideas, thoughts and processes.

During break time between DI talks, guests made their way to the roof where they were given lunch and Original Iced Cocktails. With the Sandon skyline behind them and blue skies overhead for three days, the delegates were relaxed and inspired.

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