Diploma in Fashion from LISOF – The Path to Your Dream Career

Diploma in FashionHere at LISOF, we’re passionate about fashion, which is why the curriculum for our courses has been developed by leaders in the fashion and retail industry to provide you with the most relevant and progressive education in the business of fashion design.

Our three-year full-time Diploma in Fashion offers a wide range of subject choices that cover a broad spectrum of fashion and retail subjects. As a full-time diploma it is multi-dimensional, offering students valuable learning experience through workshops, internships and involvement in events such as Fashion Week. These real-life job situations help to boost, inspire and educate learners on the fashion industry.

The subject choices are focused on the individual’s inherent talents and career objectives, with subject clusters tailored to the student’s aspiring career. Upon application to the Diploma in Fashion learners take an admissions test which helps LISOF to determine their entry-level competence and career orientation. This also helps us assist with advising students on which subject clusters are most aptly suited to their career objectives and skills set. Our Diploma is internationally benchmarked on the SAQA website and is acknowledged internationally, opening the door of opportunity for graduates to work or study further overseas, particularly in Europe, Australia and the United States of America.

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, or perhaps a makeup artist or fashion photographer, then doing a Diploma in Fashion will open the doors to these future careers. There are a wide range of career opportunities that can be explored once you have completed your Diploma in Fashion with LISOF. Fortunately, you can tailor your curriculum in this diploma to the fields you would like to explore.


Download our full course brochure and find out why you should apply for our Diploma in Fashion or contact us to book your assessment and find out more about our fees.


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