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As you finish up with your studies in fashion design, you begin the next journey of looking for employment. Not only is this daunting, it is also a necessary and imperative step.Employment will ensure a regular income while also guaranteeing that you are able to utilise your skills and fulfil your passion.

It is the dream of every fashion graduate to see their work in magazines, on runways and worn by celebrities. Some graduates may dream of working side-by-side with a renowned designer while others dream of an upbeat and trendy storefront display. Whatever your dream might be, it is important to realise that every dream is the culmination of hard work and experience. Get off to the right start by exploring possible career options that will catapult you forward.

With a myriad of career options available for fashion graduates, it pays to know in which direction you will be heading. If your beat is to design men’s wear or wedding couture, ensure that you look for jobs, internships or apprenticeships in your specialisation. Avoid jobs that are not in your field as this will hamper your progress. As a graduate that is looking for a job, you also need to be prepared for long hours, hard work and a salary that might not be able to buy that Louis Vuitton purse. However, patience, commitment and ambition will ensure that you are boosted to the top as quickly as you deserve. Never forget that your fashion design course equipped you with more than just pattern making and sewing skills – as a graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in Fashion, you would have also learnt the following:


  • How to meet and adhere to tight deadlines,
  • How to think creatively and individually,
  • How to work collaboratively and on your own,
  • You would have developed good presentational and interpersonal skills,  and
  • You would have fine-tuned analytical skills.


These skills are extremely important when looking for a job. Not only do they improve your CV, they also give potential employers the idea that you are capable of a diverse and varied skillset. During your fashion design course, you would have covered the history of fashion, merchandising, brand management and marketing. Although these skills equip graduates for a career in fashion design, they also give them the skills to pursue other career paths. These include:


  • Graphic Artists,
  • Textile Designers,
  • Clothing Advisors,
  • Fashion Entrepreneurs, or
  • Exhibition Designers.


For graduates who are looking for something different, a career in theatre, film or television costume design is also an option. However, it is important to remember that a certain amount of experience is expected from those who pursue these paths. When searching for employment, you will see that many institutions are looking for three to five years’ experience within a specific field. Do not let this discourage you – industries across the board expect this from potential employees.


It is always a good idea to start looking for a job two to three months before you graduate to ensure that you can start the New Year on a new page. Keep your eyes and ears open for any opportunities that will improve or help you build onto your skills. Apply for as many positions as you can and show up for the interviews with your portfolio – the chances are that your passion and skill will be noticed and you will have a job before you even finish your academic career!

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