Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tuition fees?

The tuition fees for our programmes are dependent on the chosen programme, and exclude equipment and academic material costs. Our Sales Consultants will provide you with the relevant tuition fees during a consultation.

Does LISOF offer bursaries?

A handful of partial bursaries are available to top academic students in second and third year who undergo a stringent approval process.

Do you offer instalment options / what are they?

We have 2 payment options: A once off Payment and 10 monthly instalments that run from February to November. Both options require a deposit on registration to secure a space and is dependent on the qualification chosen.

Will we get our deposit back if we cancel?

Unfortunately, the deposit is non-refundable.

Why must we pay a deposit so early in the year? Does it come off the fees?

As limited seats are available per year the deposit is required to secure the student’s placement.  This will provide surety that the student definitely has a place for the upcoming academic year, depending on their academic results. The deposit is then taken off the year’s fee total.

Why must we pay a levy?

The levy covers incidental consumables costs which are supplied to the students mainly during the practical modules. It also covers handouts to students and readers. A detailed breakdown is available on request.

How much are the kits and textbooks?

Kits, equipment and textbook fees vary due to the specific requirements per programme. These fees can be requested from our Sales Consultants.

What subjects will be studied?

Subjects are programme dependent, please have a look at the programme-specific pages on our website.

What happens if my child fails?

Supplementary assessments are offered to students who fail certain tests / exams / assignments, should they meet certain requirements. Please note that there is a charge for supplementary events.

How long are the qualifications?

Higher certificate and BA Honours Programmes are completed over 1 year (full time). Diplomas, BA and BCOM degrees take 3 years to complete (full time).

Can you study a degree online?

Due to the practical nature of our programmes contact learning remains the best mode of delivery to fully develop the required skills.  LISOF will be introducing unaccredited Online Short Learning Programmes in the near future.

Do you offer accommodation / Can I share accommodation with other students?

A range of student accommodation options are available in close proximity of our campuses. GO TO: FOR OPTIONS **Please note that we are not affiliated with Digs Connect and we do not endorse their accommodation option. LISOF will not be held liable for any damages, loss, injury or inconvenience caused when using Digs Connect

Will design students need a sewing machine?

A sewing machine is a requirement for the design elective curriculum (BA, Diploma and Higher Certificate) and will need to be acquired by the student.

How many terms are there per year?

We use a 4 term (2 semester) calendar which is released in January.

What are the start and end times from Monday to Friday?

Timetables are programme dependent and will be issued to students per semester. There may be changes that students will be notified of on the LISOF app. Classes can be scheduled between 7:30 to 17:30 Monday to Friday.  Both campuses are available to students up to 18:00 on weekdays and Saturday mornings until 15:00, should they require the facilities to complete projects after hours.

When will they commence next year?

Orientation will commence by the last week of January, with the academic classes starting in the first week of February.

Are your programmes internationally recognized?

Past LISOFIANS who have continued their careers abroad have confirmed that our programmes meet international standards. The concepts and skills developed through our programmes not only focuses on South Africa but the global fashion and retail industry.

Which course has the highest chance of getting a job?

There is a high demand for fashion industry professionals in South Africa and abroad.  As a prospective student, you should focus on your personal abilities and interests to select a programme which will contribute to your overall future success. All three year and post-graduate courses include experiential learning where the student is placed with a host – an opportunity to put their best foot forward and shine.

What job will they find with their qualification?

Please have a look at the course pages to see the prospective careers for each programme. We believe that graduates develop the required skills and critical thinking to enter start their careers in their desired field.  At Lisof we offer experiential learning which not only prepares students for current workplace demands but equips them with the entrepreneurial mindset, that experts agree, will be a requirement for the future world of work.

Can LISOF find work for my child?

Over the past 24 years LISOF has created a strong network with industry partners who recognise the quality of our graduates. Although we can’t guarantee employment on graduation, we do provide multiple opportunities for our students to engage with the industry during their studies which serves as a gateway to employment.

Does LISOF offer commercial photography and modelling?

Unfortunately not. Although photography and modelling are not on offer as stand-alone programmes, we run photography and modelling courses at our Winter School.

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