Fashion Show 2016: Winner Best Menswear Range by Mikhile du Plessis

3rd year BA Fashion Design student, gives us her insights into her graduate menswear collection; “AWAKEN” by Mikhile du Plessis for the LISOF Fashion Show 2016.


“A garment must work for the wearer, not the other way around – that is what design is about” quote by Mikhile


What is your inspiration for your menswear range?

AWAKEN – a collection that expresses the transformation of a man who comes across as classy, but yet sporty and finishing it off with comfort minimalistic, tailored wear. A “Westernization” feel is brought through the fit and styling of the garments with loose tailored cuts mixed with the cultural influence of Maboneng in ” Africa ” such as a sporty street wear look and styling that has created the collection which adds to the wearers personality. The reason I say that the clothing works for the wearer, is that I created a bag that can be used in the day and turned into a jacket and a coat that is formal and becomes a rain jacket in this way the clothing works for the wearer and each indivisible item can be mixed up with any other item depending on the wearer, this is what creates AWAKEN aware of its surrounding and the wearers personality and style.


What was the name of your menswear collection and why? 

AWAKEN – . It expresses a man who is aware of his surroundings and is the alpha of the pack.

Lisof_2016_Mikhile-003 Lisof_2016_Mikhile-005 Lisof_2016_Mikhile-006 Lisof_2016_Mikhile-007   Lisof_2016_Mikhile-009   Lisof_2016_Mikhile-011   Lisof_2016_Mikhile-012   Lisof_2016_Mikhile-013

Why menswear?

I chose menswear as I believe there is a lack of classic, sporty and good quality clothing for men and I know that my collection is for any type of man whom can mix and match the clothing with any other item he has.


Lisof_2016_Mikhile-014                 Lisof_2016_Mikhile-015                 Lisof_2016_Mikhile-016

Why did you select the fabrics you did?

I used winter fabric such as wool and Melton, with bull denim creating weight to the collection with the layering and mixture of the light-weight fabric such as Egyptian cotton, track suiting and good quality t- shirting material. I personalized my lining of the clothing with a minimalistic design which ties into the simplicity. The use of the fabric with different weights, textures and adding the pure white brings in depth with the different layers, adding crispness.


What finishes made your collection different?

The use of the contract fabrics and the raw finished edges makes the collection different and unique. When I say raw finished edges, I have created top stitching and black tap to the edge, giving it a simple but yet exclusive finish. My personalized badges, tabs and barcodes make the product a finished piece, attaching the viewer to the item and personalizing it, done with a silkscreen on a different textured fabric either with a raw or clean edge top stitched on with thick tread, creating depth.

Lisof_2016_Mikhile-018                    Lisof_2016_Mikhile-022


What do you plan to do next year? 

My goal is to extend my collection and take-up any opportunity I can get, I intend to further with my studies with a BA Honours in Fashion at LISOF and will be obtaining some work experience. I believe that I’m passionate in what I do and therefore I will keep pushing, designing and delving my work in this industry.


Thank you to LISOF, parents, family and friends.






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