Fashion Show 2016 Winner: Best Ready-To-Wear Range by Faida Chikwatu

Q&A with Faida Chikwatu, Winner of the Best Graduate Ready-to-Wear collection at this years Fashion Show.

  • What was your inspiration?

Even though I’m Muslim, I was still curious and intrigued by the culture and ethnicity of the Arab lifestyle. Through my research I had gathered a look and feel for my range at the 2016 Fashion Show that was of riches, elegance, modesty and purity Arabia has, in which I was willing to translate this look and feel towards the collection. I didn’t want to the garments to look like “just another modest collection” I wanted these garments to execute the look and feel as soon as they are dressed it would emphasize it even more.

  • What is the name of your Fashion Show collection and why?

Awraah, the term in Arabic simply means body parts which must be covered from others.

  • Why did you select the fabrics you used?

While I was sourcing for these fabrics I was looking for fabrics that represented so much elegance and riches not only that but also gave away the ethnicity of it. When I had found these fabrics I was lucky enough to reasonably priced fabrics and made sure I used the fabrics to the best of my ability to make it look a lot more exquisite.

  • What finishes made your collection different?

I went for finishes that were more feminine like adding in touches of lace and added some binding, I tried to find new ways of finishing of the garments.

  • What do you plan to do next year and what is ultimate fashion dream for you?

I’m currently looking for a job at this point and I plan on working and building on my brand. My ultimate fashion dream to have the most exquisite and beautiful modest wear worldwide and to also collaborate with one of the top designers.


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