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Fashion is not all about drawing sketches and  being famous for mingling with models. Being in the fashion industry has more depth than merely what is featured on fashion TV and magazines. Careers in fashion vary from retail to design to production and styling. The world of fashion is a multi-million dollar industry; just look at what you are wearing right now as you read this. Where were your clothes manufactured? What textiles and trims have been used? Why do you think the items you are wearing are those specific colours? Who sold it to you?  Was it from a mall or on-line store? Why did you buy them? What does it say about you?


We can ask so many questions about the clothing that we find in our closets. There is a whole world of people creating, manufacturing, choosing and buying fashion on a daily basis. Studying fashion therefore has many avenues and career pathways.

The BA Degree: Fashion at LISOF offers three electives:


Fashion buyers select stock for stores. They manage assortment and quantities. Buyers work closely with the trends and planning departments to ensure that the stock on the floor of the store will sell and make the company a profit. It is important to be able to translate a design in mind into a technical drawing and edit the design for the chosen target market. Buyers travel locally and globally to identify fashion trends, street styles and visual merchandising. It is important for buyers to know what is selling locally and globally so that they can make appropriate buying decisions for their own store


Fashion designers need to have a variety of skills. Whether a designer is working for their own brand or designing for a company, they need to translate their design to people who can manufacture it. Therefore having the tools to draw, create computer aided designs, make patterns and confidently sew up samples is the key to a successful start. Not all designers can afford to hold their own fashion show or offer stock on consignment to stores, therefore fashion design for one’s own label is expensive and requires start-up capital. Upon graduation, it is recommended that the new designer works under a mentor to gain more experience of the industry.


Fashion media is an integral and influential aspect of our lives. Fashion and lifestyle feature frequently on our social media feeds from Facebook to Instagram. These articles and images do not appear from the ether, they are a calculated form of marketing and communication. Media students will therefore need to develop writing and photography skills and will need to have developed a wide variety of communication mechanisms to reach a diverse audience


Still in school and see yourself studying fashion upon Matriculation?

Consider learning some new skills in the meantime. This way you can determine where your strengths and weaknesses are and develop yourself accordingly. How about learning to draw, sew or maybe get familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator?. Do your research about fashion history, trends and the future of textiles. Search for paid or unpaid internships. This is an ideal way to decide what aspects of the fashion industry appeal to you and  how you would like to develop your skills. Job shadowing for a week during your school holidays can offer you the opportunity to observe and absorb the daily happenings of the job. You could also enroll for a short course at LISOF which takes place on Saturdays and runs for 3 months. You can choose from: Creative Design/Styling; Pattern Making; Garment Construction (sewing) and Make-Up 01.

LISOF will soon be launching two Higher Certificates in: Fashion Retail and Sustainable Fashion. These accredited qualifications answer the questions about consumer trends, fashion business and how to make fashion sustainable and environmentally friendly. Stay tuned for details on enrollment dates!

Remember fashion might be considered a creative industry, but its big business.

If you find you are stronger at accounts and math than drawing and creative concepts then studying a BCom Degree Fashion is the best of both worlds. Upon graduation you will have the skills to draw up supply chain logistics, marketing plans and financial formulas to make products profitable. Business skills are essential in any arena of life.

Choose the branch of fashion that you are instinctively attracted to and learn more about it from an experiential action. Most fashion retailers and brands are happy to take on an intern during holidays to help out with making tea and coffee or doing admin work and research. Take notes everyday and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

A great start would be to join us for the LISOF Open Days at our campuses. (Click HERE to book your spot) At the Open Days you will listen to talks from industry leaders in a variety of fashion careers as well as be able to take the Free Entrance Test which is a good indicator where your strengths lie.

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