‘Global fashion, Local Tradition’

Manther, courtesy of afashionfriend

Globalisation has seen the influx of Western brands and ideals infiltrating South African culture and mannerisms. A stern contrast exists between life as we knew it 5 years ago and the lifestyle we lead today. Some argue that the youth of today have lost track of their African footprint in favour of the ‘music video living’ which is seen on all media platforms, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at the press of a button of course.

Yes it is true, we heart it. A trip to our local malls cannot end without a quick ‘walk-through’ our favourite retailers which more often than not may include an international retailer. Our daily outfits may be plagued by an international garment made somewhere in the East and if we are part of the lucky few, somewhere in Europe.

However if there is something we do well as South African youth is wear the international brands with that good old South African flavour passed down from generation to generation, heightened by Jurgen Schadeburg’s portraits of the eclectic vibes of Sophiatown. Yes we do look up to international brands and designers but it is important to note that in the hands of South Africa’s leading designers such as Suzaan Heyns, Avant, Thula Sindi,  Kluk and add the cool kids who roam the fashion neighbourhoods of South Africa, we are indeed in good hands.

Suzaan Heyns  MBFW Joburg AW13: Courtesy of ramp.sdr.co.z

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