When headlines become fashion

On Monday morning we were greeted at the LISOF Johannesburg campus by just over 130 first year BA Fashion and Diploma students – wide eyed and more than a few butterflies fluttering around.

We had two days to get them oriented in the world of fashion, introduce them to a few of our friends, and teach them a whole bunch of new words and concepts – and then we kind of threw them in the deep end. Let’s start with what happened in the deep end.

Swimming in the deep end

On Wednesday and Thursday, first years had to construct an entire garment out of paper. The bulk of the garment had to be constructed from newspaper or magazine with only minimal use of items like string, tape and cardboard. For a change, headlines became the fashion instead of fashion making the headlines. There were four mentors who fielded thousands of questions from these budding fashionistas and introduced them to a number of garment construction techniques (we’re not giving away too much in case 2016 first years are reading this).

Finally on Friday there was a fashion show (if you’re thinking this sounds kind of ominous, you’re quite right). Each student put their best foot forward, strutted their stuff down the runway, and showed off their hard work to a panel of judges. 24 semi finalists were chosen and then whittled down to 11. We’re leaving the rest of the voting to our fans who are welcome to visit our Facebook page and vote for their favourite creation.

We introduced them to a few of our friends

On Monday and Tuesday we introduced them to a few of our friends. LISOF CEO, Shana Rosenthal, opened the proceedings with a few valuable lessons. Consistency, integrity, hard work, hard work, and hard work.

Pop culture, Lifestyle and Fashion Analyst at Flux Trends, Nicola Cooper, opened their eyes to the importance of trends and being able to describe what you see. Nicola’s unique background and comprehensive knowledge of trend analysis offers new light on trends, products, complexities and problem solving.

LISOF Alumni, Roman Handt, challenged us to support local designers by wearing local fashion and showed off some of his unique menswear creations. Another LISOF Alumni, Suzaan Heyns, talked about her and business partner Moira Jensen’s life in the world where design and business compliment each other in a very real way.

On Tuesday we had more of a business slant with Stuart Marsh, Brand Director of Guess South Africa, and Tsepo Monaledi from De Beers Zimele talking about the practicalities of business in the creative sphere.

Then, and only then, they were LISOFians

On Monday they started off as “sort-of-into-fashion”, by Friday they were fully fledged LISOFians, who love love love fashion – and if you ask them, they have the badge to prove it too.

LISOF Johannesburg 1st year - Andiswa Xaba LISOF Johannesburg 1st year - Claudia Guerra LISOF Johannesburg 1st year - Danica Figeuira LISOF Johannesburg 1st year - Gadi LISOF Johannesburg 1st year - Jason LISOF Johannesburg 1st year - Kai Tsolo LISOF Johannesburg 1st year - Kevin Pop LISOF Johannesburg 1st year - Melissa Maritz LISOF Johannesburg 1st year - Ona M LISOF Johannesburg 1st year - Siyabonga T LISOF Johannesburg 1st year - Tshukudu Phasha

We’re asking our fans to help us choose the final winner by voting for their favourite creation from our 11 finalists on our Facebook page. The winner will be featured in Grazia daily – just think… One week at LISOF and already famous.

We’re excited to see what this promising and enthusiastic group will be doing in the next few years and wish them all a warm welcome to LISOF, where they are going to learn to <3 Fashion.

LISOF is the School of Fashion, who specialises in both fashion design and commercial disciplines. The school has been graduating South Africa’s top fashion talent for over 20 years and has campuses in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

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