Heita Daar Chris Saunders.

Catch Chris Saunders’ first solo exhibition upon his return from his wild and tremendous travels and achievements around the globe.

TheLisofBlog was supremely lucky to catch up with Chris, fresh from a trip to LA, to get a preview this morning and all we can say is, Wow! (We also managed to get him to commit working with some of our students on a very exciting top secret project, exciting!) 

Chris’ first ever solo exhibition will open on the 20th August at the Resolution Gallery.

The body of work which was shot over the past year with Chris documenting the Pantsula dance culture in Orange Farm Johannesburg, specifically spending time with the ‘Real Actions Pantsula Dance Crew‘. He originally connected with them last year while on residency at Fabrica (Italy) while shooting for Colors magazine’s dance issue and decided that further documentation was required to show the full story of this colorful and relevant contemporary dance lifestyle in South Africa.

The show will launch at 12pm on Saturday and have drinks and snacks. There will be two video installations privy to the guest and  one which was recently shown at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

The show will be opened by the proclaimed and legendary photographer Alf Khumalo

Here is what to expect from the show. 

See you there! Love, Always TheLisofBlog

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