Hello LISOF Lasses and Lads

As the new academic year commences, the JHB Lisofians are thoroughly excited about the new campus in Blairgowrie. It’s left many students open-mouthed with wonder and excitement during the registration process.

After all the hard work put into constructing a brand new campus for the JHB students, we can honestly say that our academic environment has been upgraded substantially.

The new campus now features 2 computer labs, a substantially larger library, the trendē food studio canteen, several spacious classrooms, fingerprint ID access, easy access parking and best of all…a functional elevator #insidejoke.

The aesthetic of the new building not only provides us with fresh, wide spaces and a calming learning atmosphere but also reflects the LISOF image with regard to fashion forward trend setting, feature details and a fine contrast between the sophisticated and raw. Where clean lines meet, feature porthole windows, spiral staircases, glossy concrete, exposed roof beams and white wash walls not only makes this the ideal learning space for future profashionals but also allowed for a campaign shoot at took place in November 2012, which embodies the essence of the new building and the several facets of our talented design and commercial students.

So before, we get to the shoot…a warm welcome back as we start off 2013 with tantalising trends, exceptional educators that empower us with valuable knowledge at every opportunity, enthusiasm and dedication to our peshin for feshin’!

Ciao for now…

Ingenue 1

Tamika Miller 01

Model wears: AC/DC t-shirt (Rayne by Jess Rayne), Lace Leggings (rayne by Jess Rayne), Necklaces (Egality), Rings (Stylist’s Own), Shoes (Europa Art)


Photographer: Tamika Miller and Thalia Bruinders

Stylist: Nicola Cooper


Assistant Stylist: Filipe de Carvalho


Make-up:  Danica Ellis and Angela van Deelan


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