POINTURE is an exhibition and accompanying colloquium organised by the Research Centre, Visual Identities in Art and Design (VIAD), Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Johannesburg, in association with the curators Ann-Marie Tully (lecturer in Fashion Theory at LISOF) and Jennifer Kopping. The exhibition and colloquium investigates notions of POINTING, PUNCTURING, WEAVING AND LACING IN ART PRACTICE AND TEXTUAL DISCOURSE, and presents the work of a range of established and emerging artists, working in a broad range of media, and drawing together a broad range of thematic and material works that metaphorically express notions relating to pointure (lace, trap and ghost).


Words and thoughts such as “prick; sting; stitch; suture; tear; rupture; cut; embroider; point; appliqué; graft; weave; emboss; adorn; bedeck; gild; skin; skinned; blister; singed; scorched evoke further associations with the notion of pointure”, according to Tully and include the bodily and symbolic character of textile, paper, metal, and painterly and ceramic media.

 Lecturer in Fashion Theory, Erica de Greef, supervised a group research paper in the Honours in Fashion at LISOF that interrogated the fashion film, a contemporary fashion medium that represents a fragmentation, splicing and multiplying of the fashioned image. The Honours in Fashion students (Maria Baltasar, Aimee Feinberg, Victoria Johnson, Louise Mcwade, Loren Phillips and Yvette van den Berg) will be presenting their paper at the POINTURE colloquium on Wednesday 15th, together with invited guests, fashion designer Suzaan Heyns, fashion film director Jeana Theron, and director of photography Rob Wilson.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for our Honours students to present at an academic conference”, says de Greef. Their paper reflects on the punctum of fashion film, in an attempt to explore a series of questions raised in relation to the filmic, visual and narrative offerings of the medium, and in response to broader questions regarding key signifiers that seem to stitch subjects into signifying chains in these contemporary fashion films.

This student presentation will be followed by events planned for the What Wear When symposium and Fashion Film event to be held in early October 2102.


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