How to succeed in Fashion Design

Fashion DesignThe love for fashion has led to the creation and sustenance of a multi-billion rand enterprise dedicated to producing and selling unique clothes. For this reason many people around the world are eager to be part of this thriving industry to showcase their creativity and skills. Because great fashion is always a subject for debate, you need a thick skin and agile creative skills to survive and succeed in the industry.


If it’s your dream to be a fashion designer, here are a few essential qualities you need to help you succeed:


1.  Business acumen

Many people don’t realise how important it is for fashion designers to have good business skills. Remember, as a designer you are your own business and you need to be managed effectively. From setting budgets to marketing your work and spotting good business opportunities, you need to know how to manage it all.

2.  Great communicator

Are you a fashion designer or a tailor? If you’re a tailor all you do is create the garments, but if you are the fashion designer you are a trend setter. You need to be able to explain the concept and vision behind each piece and convince businesses to purchase and sell your clothing.

3.  Creativity

The fashion industry is led by trends. Are you creative enough to see trends before they hit the stores or runways? To be noticed in this industry you need to be a fashion risk taker, think out of the box to create masterpieces. Of course this also goes with understanding your audience. Establish whether you want to do high fashion or street wear fashion.

4.  Team Player

You can’t do all the work yourself. It may start like that in the beginning, but once there is a demand for your clothing you’ll need a trusted team to help you create these garments in bulk. This is why it’s important that you’re a great team player and a leader. You need to be able to share your vision effectively and keep the team motivated. Also give your team the platform to share their ideas.

Of course, in addition to good qualities you need the skills to create fabulous fashion. The top three skills you’ll need include:

Creative Fashion Design

1.  Drawing Skills

Sketching is what fashion designer’s do most. You must be able to sketch your ideas on paper with ease, paying attention to the little details that make your outfits unique.

2.  Garment Construction

Understanding how outfits are constructed is the foundation of creating new fashions. As a fashion designer you must be able to sew the garments you sketch with expertise.

3.  An Eye for Fabric

No matter how great the design, it’s the fabric that makes or breaks an outfit. You need to be able to choose the correct fabric for each design, consider colour, texture, fabric combinations etc.


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