Introduction to the LISOF Bachelor of Arts in Fashion

BA in FashionIf you’re serious about fashion and the idea of a thrilling career in the fast-paced world of street fashion is something that delights you, then our Bachelor of Arts in Fashion degree has been designed for you!  Due to the curriculum, workshops and internships, you will need to throw yourself into studying full-time for three years, immersed in the exciting world of fashion studies as you work towards your degree.

Our fully accredited, full-time three-year Bachelor of Arts in Fashion has been developed and formed by leaders in the fashion industry, ensuring that our students receive the best qualification with the most progressive and relevant syllabus in the industry. This means that when you walk away with your Bachelor of Arts in Fashion from LISOF, you will be walking away with a wealth of knowledge imparted on you by the industry’s leaders. In addition to this, our school provides many learning opportunities to help you succeed in Fashion Design. Because our BA in Fashion Design is full-time, you will be on campus almost daily, meeting like-minded students with whom you can exchange knowledge and information. You will also be able to form study groups with students studying the same subject clusters as you, and seek advice and tips from our lecturers.

The course consists of various subject choices, clustered into groups that are relevant to your desired career path in fashion. Dependent upon whether you are going into fashion design, styling, retail or fashion buying, you can choose a cluster of subjects that will prepare you for your desired future position. For example, if you are interested in the Design and Technical subject clusters you will cover a range of subjects from creative design to technical drawing to make up and styling. There are also subject choices and clusters in the commercial, contextual and retail elective sectors, to give you a refined and thorough understanding of the Fashion Design field of your choice. Should you be uncertain about which clusters to choose and which direction to follow, you will be able to consult with us to help in your decision and you can rest assured that your chosen subjects will be suited to your talents and dreams.

There is also exposure to real-life job situations which will allow you to gain practical experience and learn invaluable skills that will enhance and further your theoretical education.

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