Journey of ‘The Future Consumer’

by Artho Eksteen


Fashion and trends are two totally intertwined concepts that are impossible to function without the integral link between them. Trends are repeatedly influencing the fashion industry, while the fashion industry is simultaneously creating and amplifying new trends. This is not just applicable for the fashion industry but also other creative fields or companies wishing to establish a brand with impact, resonance and relevance.

WGSN is one of the leading trend establishments in the world. They combine cutting edge technology with the creativeness of the human mind to capture and make available deep insights into the passionate creative world. The WGSN conference “The Future Consumer” held in Cape Town on 9 November 2017,  continued to build on this reputation and provided a great opportunity to listen, learn, reflect and engage.

The WGSN speakers provided a global insight on how to adapt your brand to attract the future consumer. The conference featured a mix of international and local speakers, each with their unique perspective. Andrea Bell and Lisa White from WGSN discussed ideas such as emotions, how to implement this into your brand and how this is taking effect on a global scale.


The local guest speakers included Duncan McLennan and Michael Leslie from the Cape Town based creative agency ANDPEOPLE, and Brain Mtongana from Woolworths provided insight on the future of the South African brand and consumer. Other guest included multimedia and visual artist Trevor Stuurman and head of collaboration from Adidas, Luceny Fofana.

Ample networking opportunities were created, taking place on the rooftop venue overlooking the trendy Cape Town city center. With attendees from across South Africa working in a variety of creative industries provided excellent networking opportunities and insight into the fashion and other creative industries within South Africa.

The WGSN conference created the opportunity to experience WGSN from a fresh perspective, other than the already excellent interaction from behind a computer screen that many in the fashion business cherish already. More importantly, meeting the people behind the research and platform exposed the human side of the agency and provided a more enriching and personal interaction. This conference was an outstanding learning platform for any individual wishing to be a part of the fashion and other creative industries today, but, more importantly, tomorrow.



Key takeaway: “We live in an everchanging world. Making sense of this all and understanding trends shaping the future are necessities to make an impact now and in the future.


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