Learn about trends from the best: WGSN x LISOF Collaboration

LISOF WGSN Collaboration for BA Honours Students 2020

LISOF is delighted to announce that 2020 BA Honours in Fashion students will have the opportunity to specialise in Trend analysis and forecasting with the world-renowned WGSN. To be considered for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, applicants must be pre-approved to access the BA Honours in Fashion and should have achieved at least a 70% average in the subject “Trend” at an undergraduate level. Spaces to participate in this learning experience are limited and only a select few will be accepted.

Participants in this learning process will focus on the following:

· The importance of trend forecasting

· Trend lifecycles

· The evolution of a trend

· Understanding the demographic and the positioning of fashion brands

· The trend curve

· Fashion research tools

· Data and creativity

· Trend tracking and the perception of newness

· The custom trend forecast and WGSN SS20 macro trends

· Trend flow and the application of brand and market filters

Participants will engage in real world case studies and analysis and will be assessed by WGSN for competence. Successful candidates will receive a WGSN Certificate of Completion for their portfolios and will complete a research project focusing on Trend at a national and global level.

Interested? Contact Tania: 0113261698 / tania@lisof.co.za

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