LISOF 2014 Fashion Show Game-changers win complimentary Opel Adams


2014 was a fantastic year. LISOF turned 20 years old and we celebrated this anniversary with our biggest fashion show to date – a collaboration with Opel to launch their Adam range. The work showcased at the fashion show last year was extraordinary. The immense talent and creativity of our students inspires us to keep making fashion education dynamic and progressive at LISOF, year after year. The stakes were high, as Opel made an incredible offer to our students:

The top 6 LISOFians showing at the 2014 fashion show would receive a complimentary Opel Adam to use at their leisure for 2 weeks. The superb standard of work made it challenging to determine a winner, but 6 students stood out and won awards in the following categories:

• Best 1st year Ensemble 2014: Jade Venter

• Best 2nd year Ensemble 2014: Nhlanhla Masemola

• Best 2nd year Structure 2014: Chioma Okafor

• Best 3rd year range – Avant Garde 2014: Dean Charles Hauptfleisch

• Best 3rd year range – Commercial 2014: Thebe Magugu

• Best 3rd year range – Men’s 2014: Siviwe Siyabulela James

Unfortunately two of our winners, Thebe and Siviwe, don’t have licenses – so Opel allowed us to nominate 2 other game changing LISOFians. We chose Danielle Kushlick and Brendan Sturrock. According to the 2014 fashion show judges, Danielle was a very close runner up in the 3rd year category of the Fashion Show awards, and Brendan (a lecturer at LISOF) is a very strong fit for the Opel Adam brand. He is an accomplished DJ with quite an interesting persona on the stage. He moves in the kind of social and professional circles where the Adam offering would resonate in a very strong way. So on 12 February 2015, General Motors brought their team to LISOF Blairgowrie Campus to deliver the Opel Adams to their drivers for the next few weeks.

The Opel Adam is an impressive car – drivers have the freedom to customize their Adam and its features to suit their personalities AND it has a mind-blowing parking assist feature – where the Adam LITERALLY (no, really) parks itself! We’re hoping to see the winners share their Opel Adam experience on social media. So a huge and very well deserved congratulations to our 6 award winning students and our recipients for an outstanding job.

nhlanhla-masemola-3_1800x1800-385736 chioma-okafor-1_1800x1800-385718 danielle-kushnik-1_1800x1800-385720 brendan-sturrock-2_1800x1800-385717 jade-venter-1_1800x1800-385726 dean-charles-hauptfleisch-2_1800x1800-385723

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