Lisof Alumnus Kyle Henderson, Liquid Salt Active Wear Designer, opens stand alone store

Who is Kyle Henderson?

Kyle is an entrepreneur and he has a passion for living an active life. These two …. came together to form Liquid Salt. A range of unique active wear designed and manufactured in South Africa.

Kyle Henderson

Lisof and Liquid Salt?

Kyle studied at Lisof choosing to complete the Design, Garment and Pattern Construction short courses. He learned the foundations of design and patterns and describes pattern making as “architecture that makes my designs come to life” He had no tertiary education. He calls himself “Jack of all trades”. He had never drawn before, had no fashion experience whatsoever and was actually not specifically interested in fashion as such. For him it was a new language.

The early days?

On completion of the Short Courses at Lisof, Kyle went through the small business trials and errors which is path of the course when starting a new business. In the beginning he would design, construct all the patterns and sew until early hours of the morning until he was able to employ a few ladies. Ten months of learning about working with stretch materials and the best machinery that works best with stretch materials, procurement of suppliers for fabrics and trims; plus recruiting and training staff. He was the pattern maker and driver and juggling many roles to make Liquid Salt work.

Philosophy of the brand?

With the motto “Just add exercise”, Liquid Salt is sweat! And with all his blood, liquid salt and love for the brand, he wants it to be thee active wear brand of choice. Liquid Salt is all about dedication, passion, health, wellness and the inspiration to transform oneself. The designs are bold, unique, vibrant and energetic and inspire confidence in the wearer. There is no compromising on fit and quality. The brand is about innovation and self-expression. He designs with a love of asymmetry and recycles materials creating one of a kind exclusive pieces!

Cricket legend @graemesmith49 on Instagram wearing Liquid Salt
Liquid Salt in Fitness Magazine
Liquid Salt features in Fitness Magazine
Percy Montgomery
Rugby Legend, Percy Montgomery wearing a Liquid Salt hoodie
Family Liquid Salt
Kyle Henderson’s nephew twins rocking Liquid Salt


The business of fashion?

Kyle explained that the best marketing tool is word-of-mouth. He never gave up on his dream and always persisted to create the best styles and quality. He explained that consignment was not a viable solution for him and that he needed to go straight to his customer. As an unknown brand starting out, he had on-line sales challenges as people did not know how the garments fit. His never quit attitude and entrepreneurial spirit pushed him to approach Cross Fit and he started Co-branding. He sponsors athletes so that the brand can get exposure to the market.

Brand Ambassador
Hanneke Dannhauser is the Brand Ambassador wearing Liquid Salt to all her sporting events
Kyle with Hanneke
Kyle with Hanneke

The Future of Liquid Salt?

Liquid Salt is available on-line HERE Plus in a brick and mortar store of its own in Lonehill! Kyle himself used his talent to create the visual merchandising display units, using gym equipment. The store is small, but unique and perfectly located near the gym. Kyle is hands on seven days a week. His goal is to be a sustainable business and eventually to sell overseas too.


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Liquid Salt store in Lonehill
Liquid Salt stand alone store in Lonehill!

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