LISOF becoming STADIO: Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name change?

LISOF wholly owned by STADIO Holdings, is becoming STADIO. LISOF will become: The School of Fashion within the Faculty of Arts and Design.

This is the first step in STADIO’s journey to becoming one STADIO – a large and diverse institution of higher learning.

Embury Institute for Higher Education have lead the way becoming the first wholly owned subsidiary to officially be named STADIO. Southern Business School and Prestige Academy will be joining LISOF in the name change to STADIO during the course of 2020.

Who is STADIO?

STADIO Holdings is an investment company in private higher education. Its combined institutions o­ffer over 50 accredited and registered programmes, from Higher Certificates to Masters Degrees and Doctorates, to approximately 20 000 students via contact, distance and online learning.

STADIO aims to widen access to post-school learning opportunities for Southern African school-leavers and adults, to leverage the power of education to transform South Africa.

STADIO is consolidating the institutions to form one large higher education institution to offer a comprehensive range of faculties across the existing 10 campuses in the next two years as well as to build new multi-faculty campuses in the Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal in the future.

STADIO’s vision is to develop an institution by accommodating 100 000 students over time.

What are the benefits for me as a student?

STADIO will be a Multi-Campus, Multi-Faculty and Multi-Mode institution.

With a large and diverse student community and multiple campuses, created to offer more learning opportunities for the school leaver and adult learner. At its core, STADIO is able to offer courses and curricula through multiple modes of learning (contact, distance, online and blended learning), and students will be able to switch between the various modes according to their needs. Digitalisation is central to this, and STADIO has invested heavily in best-in-class technology platforms.

A further key defining characteristic that STADIO and LISOF share – is the focus on ensuring that graduates are appropriately and adequately prepared for the world of work, by aligning curricula with industry requirements.

How does the name change impact my qualification?

Students who graduate in 2020 will receive a LISOF certificate with a “Proudly part of STADIO” logo, whilst students graduating in 2021 will receive a STADIO certificate with  the “Formerly LISOF” logo, as that will be the name of the institution registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training. Although the name of the institution will change, the academic quality, curriculum design and outstanding student experience that form part of the LISOF DNA will not change. In fact, the trusted LISOF offering will be enriched through becoming one of the five faculties of STADIO.

All our full time qualifications are registered and accredited as well as validated by a SAQA ID number. Therefore when a graduate is seeking employment, they may state the relevant SAQA ID of their qualification and modules on their CV to inform potential employers that LISOF is STADIO School of Fashion, Faculty of Arts and Design.

Will the name change affect the operations and management of the institution and its campuses?

The current operations and management of the institutions will not be affected.  It is a prerequisite of the Council on Higher Education and the Department of Higher Education and Training that the current operations and management be maintained until a reasonable point in the future to be discussed and clearly communicated to all stakeholders.

STADIO will deliver a high-quality learning and teaching environment, based on its brands’ current methodologies. Being one entity will allow every faculty and campus to access the pooled resources of the group, and economies of scale that its nationwide footprint will deliver. It will also ensure consistency of quality and standards, and bind the wider student body into one family, with students enjoying increased flexibility of their study programmes and being part of a larger network of students and alumni.

Is the name change going to affect my fees?

No, your fees will not be affected.

The idea of creating one institution is to centralise many of its functions and improve the value delivered. STADIO is committed to deliver accredited and top class qualifications as affordably as possible.

Fees do increase year on year due to inflation and market related increases, but in no way is this consolidation influencing the fees.

Will the LISOF website still be in use?

Yes, will be used for a period of time until the STADIO website is fully operational. Though the current website will exist, it will reflect the new name – STADIO Faculty of Arts and Design School of Fashion (formerly LISOF).

How can we contact you?

Our contact details remain the same and we are always available to answer any questions arising from this process.

Call us:  Johannesburg Campus: 0113621698 | Pretoria Campus: 0123420069 | Email us:

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