LISOF is becoming STADIO’s School of Fashion within the Faculty of Arts & Design

LISOF, was originally established in 1993 by Shana Rosenthal and was the first to elevate fashion education from dressmaker status to a recognised BA Degree level as well as develop the first BCom Degree in Fashion in South Africa. The team at LISOF shaped the “Earn and Learn” model for the BA Honours programme which immerses students into the working world, while gaining top class academic teachings. All these undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are created in partnership with industry. For this reason, LISOF graduates are up-to-date on relevant national and international fashion practices. LISOF Alumni are sought after by fashion retailers, media houses and manufacturing factories. “Lisofians”, as students have become affectionately known, populate the global fashion industry and will continue to do so under the STADIO name as the “cuSTADIOans” of a legacy that will continue to grow.

We are proud to announce that LISOF is becoming STADIO’s School of Fashion in the Faculty of Arts and Design

Embury Institute for Higher Education was the first of four institutions owned by STADIO to undergo the name change earlier this year, now known as the School of Education – while LISOF, Prestige Academy and Southern Business School will officially be STADIO during the course of this year.

The institution name changes are part of STADIO’s plan to become one STADIO – a large and diverse institution of higher learning, with several campuses, created to educate for life and for a profession, and to confer degrees.

The STADIO model of learning will access the pooled resources of each prestigious institution,  offering a nationwide footprint. It will also ensure consistency of quality and standards, and bind the wider student body into one family, in which effective collaboration can happen.

What’s in it for me, the current and prospective student?

  • You will become part of a larger, richer and more diverse student community of approx. 20,000 students across 10 campuses
  • You will have access to improved systems and support
  • You will have wider choices in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes
  • You will be able to move between faculties, schools and campuses
  • You will have access to multiple modes of delivery – contact/on-campus learning and distance learning
  • There will be enhanced library facilities (SABINET, EBSCOHOST and other renowned online resources)
  • You will be part of a top class higher education institution

What’s in it for me, a LISOF Alum?

  • LISOF will continue to be referenced and leveraged for at least two years
  • Fashion industry partners will be made aware that LISOF is STADIO’s School of Fashion and understand that even though the name is different, the quality of education remains unchanged and unparalleled
  • Graduates who hold a LISOF certificate previous to this consolidation have received the best academic education in fashion which is recognised by industry.
  • Graduates from STADIO’s School of Fashion will receive the same top quality education and industry recognition.
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Applications for 2021 are open. Contact us HERE to start your career in fashion.

Have questions? Click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions regarding LISOF becoming STADIO’s School of Fashion within the Faculty of Arts and Design.

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