LISOF Plan of Action regarding COVID-19

Dear Students

We are currently embroiled in a time of unprecedented uncertainty and, as a result, we are all feeling extremely vulnerable and anxious, not only about ourselves, but about our friends, peers, and family members. Not all of us live at home and have the support of a family structure on a day to day basis. We understand that this means that you are worried about your studies, your social lives, your health and your futures. The LISOF management team would like to assure you that we have your best interests at heart – not only from the perspective of learning but your wellbeing.

After much deliberation and debate (as well as consultation with external stakeholders, including STADIO) we have made the decision (and it is an exciting one) to go online. As you are aware we are a contact institution and online studies is new to us. We are doing our utmost best to try and ensure that your teaching and learning activities will continue regardless. To this end, we are using the remainder of this week to prepare online lectures for delivery commencing next week 23 March 2020. Please note the following important points:

Moodle/online access:

·        By Friday 20 March 2020, each student will have received log-in details for Moodle. This will allow you to access your ‘classes’ as per the scheduled timetable. Lecturers will either present a live lecture, a pre-recorded lecture, or uploaded collateral and activities for the purpose of learning. We strongly recommend that you log in to these lectures at the prescribed time so that you do not fall being with your studies. (Please be patient at this time, we might have delays but endeavor to reach this deadline)

·        By Friday 20 March 2020, you will receive a tutorial, via email, that will assist you with the process of using Moodle and logging in to your lectures. (Please be patient at this time, we might have delays but endeavor to reach this deadline)

Data/Wi-Fi access:

·        In order to access Moodle (either via a PC or a smartphone or a tablet), you will require to have Wi-Fi access or data loaded on your device. We strongly recommend that you allocate the transport budget that you use on a daily basis for the purchase of data. Should this not be accessible to you, you are able to access the campus Wi-Fi from the perimeters of both campuses. Kindly note that you will not be able to access the buildings at all.

Student Support:

·        The LISOF Registrar (Leigh Wainer) will be the student support representative for the Johannesburg Campus (

·        The LISOF Pretoria Branch Manager (Pierre Le Roux Du Pisani) will be the student support representative for the Pretoria Campus (

·        These staff members will communicate with you daily regarding the status of the institution, the on-line lectures and any other identified points of concern

·        Should you have any concerns (with the exception of technical issues/challenges), please make email contact with either Leigh or Pierre (depending on your campus)

Technical Support:

·        Should you have any technical challenges with the Moodle process (online lectures), please make email contact with Marius Burger for assistance (


·        Both LISOF campuses will be closed to students from Tuesday 17 March 2020 until Monday 30 March 2020. EDIT: Until 14 April 2020. However, if we determine that it is not safe for you to return on that date, we will communicate with you via email by Friday 27 March 2020

·        There will be a follow up email sent to you regarding the process of re-entry onto campus. This process is currently being investigated by the LISOF management team

Again, we understand that this is an extremely stressful and difficult period for all in our country. We would, however, like you all to view this new mode of learning as an exciting adventure. We will get it wrong and we will make mistakes, but together we will learn from our errors and come out on the other side with new skills and knowledge that we never had before.

Best regards,

LISOF Management

3rd Year Range by Jonette Lessing (2019)
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