Lisof Student racks up fashion awards

My name is Crystelle Natasha Khan. I was born in 1993 and my family and I lived in Mutare (Zimbabwe). We later on moved to Harare where I attended High School at Heritage Senior School. In 2013, I moved to Johannesburg, South Africa and started pursuing my formal studies in Fashion Design at LISOF (Fashion Education Specialists). I was always exposed to the fashion industry one way or another.

Crystelle Natasha Khan

My mom is a businesswoman in the retail and manufacturing industry and she has such a contagious drive. I would accompany her to the shops during holidays and that made me notice different trends and consumer behaviours, which have had an influence on my current design philosophy.

Studying at a fashion school however, took my mindset to the next level.

I am very blessed to have gotten the opportunity – studying fashion formally is still a taboo topic for many young and aspiring designers finishing their high school education. Some parents still believe in the status quo, that their children should go and study to be a doctor, lawyer or an accountant.

I can say that my formal career in fashion began in 2015. I entered Zimbabwe Fashion Week which went very well for me because my collection was well received and appreciated. As a result, I was privileged enough to be declared as the Emerging Designer of the Year 2015. The award was the icing on the cake! In the long run what I truly appreciated and what will benefit me the most is the overall experience and journey I went through. The entire process of working with seamstresses, making patterns, costing and starting to create a name for myself.

I also partook in the Starbrite Talent Show in which I dressed the finalists along with other emerging designers. Most recently, I made my first Television appearance on DSTV; I was invited to Ayanda’s fashion house, to talk about digital fashion and online shopping in Africa.

– post and image from @zimyoungachieversawards on Instagram

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