Lisof takes it “One school at a time”

Joe Public, a well spoken advertising agency meets Shana Rosenthal (CEO and founder) of LISOF, most progressive fashion design school and retail education institution in Africa.

Joe public runs a division called “One school at a time”, managed by Bronwyn James. “One school at a time” teaches, uplifts and cares for unfortunate youth in rural areas and schools in Soweto and Diepsloot. We, at Lisof, were fortunate to collaborate with this division, to help build and give a young aspiring fashion designer a chance to make their dreams come true. LISOF in association with “One school at a time” visited  Forte High School in Dobsonville, Soweto. We were privileged to enter the school with big smiles and cheerful greetings not knowing that these learners are taught in challenging circumstances. Upon arrival, we noticed the learners were playing soccer on the ground between rubble that the community throws in the schoolyard and immediatly knew that offering them an opportunity to study at Lisof would be life changing.



Pics above: Bronte of Lisof (wearing white top) and Bronwyn of One School at a Time talk to the learners about this exciting project!


We entered the office with a warm handshake, meeting the principal and teachers. They escorted us to the hall and the bubbly students moved closer to the stage were we stood. Unpacking and settling in, we noticed they did not have the necessary resources to play the “Why to study at LISOF” movie. When handing out fliers, we came across a student who had started his own business, where he buys second hand clothing and tries to modernize these items by hand. Such great initiative and an entrepreneurial spirit! His only wish was to know how to sew. This skill could change his life. These students were eager to learn about fashion and we were given the chance to teach them as much about the industry as we could. Lisof cares and we will uplift the community with skills development and knowledge of the fashion industry as our social responsibility.



The term “Doodle” was unknown to most of the learners, therefore we spent time explaining the concept to them. Inspiring them to create, draw and design! The learners then created their own original doodles and several were chosen to participate in the Design Workshop at Lisof Blairgowrie Campus. . At the Design Workshop they will be taught how to draw, design and silkscreen. The best doodle will then be printed onto fabric, which will then be used to produce t-shirts within a fashion range! This winner will be gifted a Lisof Bursary.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.35.38 AM
Kamogelo, Grade 11
Mpho gr 11
Mpho, Grade 11
Reney gr 12
Reney, Grade 12
Morena Gr 11
Morena, Grade 11
Ntswaki Gr 12
Ntswaki, Grade 12
This design was created by Kelebogile in Grade 8
Kelebogile, Grade 8


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