LISOF transcends the trends yet again

As the LISOF examinations draw closer… and.. closer, I have realized that I have started moving away from the beautifully crafted clothing that lies behind the mysterious and to some extent dangerous doors of my wardrobe to well, more comfortable clothing. Can you relate?

Yes, the demands of fashion school have just begun to set in and let me tell you one thing, it is all for good reason.

With students either studying the commercial side of fashion, the design or doing an integrated course, which includes subjects in either of these two categories almost everyone has a different set of subject choices and therefore the number of exams written by each student varies. This is extremely clever as at the end of our studies the skills obtained by each learner differ but everybody has been exposed to the basic concepts.

SPOTTED – LISOF STUDENTS PREPARING FOR A CHALLENGE! Some students have been seen to arrive at college barefoot (no doubt that they still looked fabulous)! That’s just the way it’s done at LISOF but do that at any other institution and you would be shown to the nearest exit within the first 30 seconds of your arrival.

The stereotypic idea of the fashion industry as being super glamorous and an easy field of work are so off point. The effort put in when working in the fashion industry more often than not has a glamorous output but the industry itself is cut throat and just like any other industry, one needs to be the best to get to the top.

Of course a means of motivation is looking for style inspiration just before the start of exams… Nevertheless, this does not take away from the stress, the late nights of studying and the hours and days of preparation needed before we students sit down to write our papers.

So dear LISOF students, wishing you happy studying and a venture into your own inspirational fashion styles or trends over these next few weeks.

By: Nadia Czuba



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