LISOF x EDGARS UP-CYCLING COLLAB: Reengineered Denim Project

LISOF and Edgars have joined together to up-cycle denim product into new designer garments. 2nd year Design students at LISOF, were given youth brand denim product and briefed to up-cycle, reengineer and consider sustainable fashion practices when creating their one of a kind garment. These pieces will be available to purchase at a selected Edgars store. This project has aimed to shed lights on the sustainability of fashion and the role that LISOF has taken to educate consumers on reengineered fashion. The pieces showcase the design skills of the next generation of designers whilst touching on social issues of sustainability and up-cycling.

The Engineered Denim fashion showcase on the 16th of August will show consumers, media, bloggers and fashion retailers what exciting product will be available for purchase and to create a fun atmosphere around these new fresh faces to the fashion industry. Their amazing technical skills and guidance from Edgars buyers as well as LISOF lecturers, have helped these second year students up-cycle denim products to a one-off must-have fashionable items.

Pre-launch of this project, we invited the public to vote for their favourite denim fashion illustration. During this stage, students were still designing and conceptualizing their vision onto paper. Each week for four weeks we changed the illustrations on the LISOF website and here are the TOP 4 winners:

Week 1 Sarah Mutshipayi

Week 2 Natsai Musasike

Week 3 Kearabetswe Sekati

Week 4 Andrea Figuera

Up-cycling is a world trend that sees many collaborations happening to avoid wastage and to realize the fact that consumers are educating themselves on sustainable lifestyle practices. We have all heard the saying reduce, reuse and recycle – therefore this theory has been applied from old stock inventory into reengineered garments that have the ‘slow-fashion’ appeal and are fashionable again. At the official launch night, two selected students word will be awarded Best Up-cycled Womenswear and Best Up-cycled Menswear.

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These #engineereddenim products will be available at Edgars in Menlyn for the public to purchase end August.

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