LISOF x Tammy Taylor MRS SA COLLABORATION – Engineered Denim

by Caileigh Jayne Davis

LISOF has the reputation of being the most progressive fashion design school and retail education institution in Africa. Our alumni populate fashion and retail environments throughout the world and our degrees in fashion are well sought after in the industry. Being at the educational forefront means that LISOF doesn’t follow the crowd but leads it, whether it is through education or tackling hard topics like sustainability in fashion and shining light on to reengineering fast fashion.

A first of its kind in fashion, LISOF and Tammy Taylor Mrs SA have collaborated to create amazing ball gowns from recycled and pre-loved denim which the Finalist donated themselves. This collaboration brings to light the importance of sustainability, these one of a kind pieces will be worn by woman who showcase that being a pageant finalist is more than what people think, Tammy Taylor Mrs SA is a movement that shines the torch on real women. Real women with real lives, real curves and real problems.

With sustainability being a topic of the zeitgeist this collaboration will bring the importance of re-engineered fashion to the public domain, allowing LISOF to showcase the importance of sustainability in particular to reengineering denim and how we as a community can combat recycling in a fun and fashionable way.

Upcycling is an international trend aimed at decreasing wastage and supporting sustainable lifestyle practices. In the fashion industry, upcycling is being employed to transform old stock inventory into reengineered garments with a ‘slow-fashion’ appeal. Each garment that will be seen at the Tammy Taylor Mrs SA Pageant, has been designed specifically for the finalist wearing it, showcasing how a fast fashion pieces of clothing can be stripped back to is raw fabric and a designer garment created from this.

In the 21st century it is everyone’s responsibility to understand the importance of sustainability and do something about it. This collaboration is a step-in educating the public on the importance of understanding where your clothing is made LISOF CEO, Shana Rosenthal says that LISOF’s Reengineered Denim project wants to place the sustainability of fashion in the limelight. “LISOF has made it its mission to educate consumers on reengineered fashion. Just because you bought a jacket or pair of denim pants last year, doesn’t mean it can’t be this season upcycled denim reengineered designer must have garment.”

The months of hard work by our design team at LISOF Adriaan van Dyk and Balki Yaheda paid off when the finalists took the ramp on the night of the show. The crowd cheered, the ladies strutted and we were so proud of the designs, the hard work that went into this project and the topic of sustainably that was at the for front of the conversation.

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