“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes make-up to look natural”
– Calvin Klein

The two-year make-up course at within the LISOF Fashion Degree, enables you to master the art of Fashion Make-up. You may also opt for the 6 Month Short Course which teaches the basics, including bridal and catwalk fashion. With top quality studios, students practice and master different fashion make-up techniques. The expert instructors are highly qualified and skilled to educate students to evolve into professional make-up artists.


Make-up adds value to the world of fashion. From fashion editorials to film or for a bride on her wedding day, make-up can make a difference in one’s appearance by correcting and enhancing. The industry is ever-growing with thousands of You Tube tutorials, dedicated Instagram accounts and beauty bloggers abound in numbers. The attraction is that as an artist it is a form of expression and as creative entrepreneur, it is a tool to make someone feel beautiful and get paid for what you love to do.

Qualified make-up artists may find careers within various sectors of industry such as; fashion catwalks, magazine shoots and corporate or wedding events. LISOF make-up students learn about the foundations of the process even before picking up a brush such as; how to assess a clients facial features and face analysis.


At LISOF, all student use world class MAC cosmetics. Students receive discounts at MAC and twice a year a MAC Masterclass is held to relay global make-up trends. A make-up professional uses many tools, from sponges, an array of brushes and high-tech airbrushes depending on the project needs. Our aspiring artists learn the uses for the many types of brushes and the pros and cons of make-up types.


Being successful in the world of make-up artistry comes from inner talent, learned skill, experience and inspirational mentors such as the instructors at LISOF.


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