Mister Effortless

What does it take, to be Mister Effortless? We have composed 5 easy steps to being the ultimate Mister Effortless- He woke up like this!

                                                                                               Photo Sourced: Fashion Newby.com   


Have you ever wondered “How does he do it?” (Yes guys think about this too) Or, “How does he just look like he has it all together?” Wonder no more, LISOF has the perfect answer for you on how to become Mister Effortless…


TIP1: He woke up like this…

Photo Sourced: Trendy Men’s Hairstyles

To get that perfect ‘bed hair’ look, without actually having bed hair.

Take a small amount of hair wax and rub it in between the palms of your hands. Next, brush through your hair using your fingers- for a more ‘subtle’ look, follow the hair’s natural direction, for a more ‘ messy’  look, just rub fingers through your hair in any direction.


TIP 2:Relaxed business









Photo Sourced: HQ.com

The perfect way to get that ‘effortless business’ look, is to neatly roll up long sleeve shirts or cardigans just below the elbow. If you are wearing only a button up shirt- make sure to tuck it in and wear a belt- This will totally take you from business dud, to business hunk!



TIP 3: Scented to perfection!






Photo sourced from: Askmen.com

This is an obvious but necessary step when trying to achieve the ‘Mister effortless’ look. Using a cologne before going out or to your work place, lets others around you know that you care about your personal hygiene. It is always a good idea to smell great! Research shows that social engagement is usually optimized when the opposite person likes your scent.



TIP 4:Keep it clean









Photo sourced: Trendy Men’s Hairstyles

A clean shave always says that you care about your appearance, which is satisfying for those who you engage with because it shows that you look after yourself. However, we know that sometimes the ‘baby face’ after that monthly shave just does not do it for you… If you have a beard, keep it neat and trimmed, this will also give others the perception that you are well groomed and ready to take on the day!


TIP 5: Play with styles









Photo sourced from:Thethread.com

Sometimes we tend to be a bit nervous when incorporating different styles into the outfit of the day. We are here to tell you, that it’s okay!

Playing with different styles often results in a master piece outfit. A smart casual outfit paired with sneakers, is the perfect effortless look…





After following these 5 easy tips, you are ready to try out your new look as

Mister Effortless


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