My Fashion Love Letter

For a long time I never understood myself or the people around me. For as long as I can remember I never was the popular kid or the talented one but one thing I always knew was that I was a hard worker and will always be one I might add. The one thing that has carried me to where I am today has been the feeling of knowing that I have a purpose and that I didn’t pop down to earth for no reason.

Last year in my matric year I battled and battled with myself about what was it that I was going to do when I leave, I even considered to stay at church and do some community service for a year but out of the blue it suddenly came to me that I wanted to study fashion. I didn’t see a career in fashion but my being longed to study this field but at the same time my mind was fighting it. Why was I going into an industry where people are always judged about what they wear and an industry where people use clothes as a tool to hide who they truly are? But I decided to pursue it anyway, my parents and friends where very sceptical about this decision as I had never done anything that’s arty. I applied to LISOF and I was required to do an entrance exam which needed me to draw but through all that I made it into the institution and it has been one of the best decisions I have made yet.

Fashion is not what everyone makes it out to be, it’s bigger than we think . Fashion is not just about designing clothes and looking good. Fashion is the art of understanding people through what they and what they buy. If you think about it fashion is not just clothes it’s everything around us. Whether we know it or we don’t, fashion is the reason why we buy what we buy. We choose cars, clothes and cell phones because of the way they are designed.

Fashion also gives people hope, in that if I wear this jacket or pants I might just get lucky tonight or get that job I want so badly. Through dress people are creating their own identities and beliefs. Then again I think about how fashion limits one as you have to work around the current trends and so on. Then again I think about some of the greatest artists of all through all forms of art people like Mozart and most recent Alexander McQueen. They really never cared about trends or what other people were into but instead they did what they knew and loved and shared it with the world. Their greatest asset was their pain and hardships which led them to their graves but is it possible to be truly great without being troubled? Look at Kanye West and his rants, looking at Kanye’s rants you can tell that he is hurting and that he is insecure if he isn’t that why does he do it. Kanye is one of the greatest in music today but why does he do it?

I love fashion very much, it’s almost as if I am brailing through life. I don’t know what the future holds for me in fashion but I decided to just share my craziness with you. Life is too short to not pursue what we long for because in what we long for that’s where our true destiny and power lies.

Thanks for your support on the blog keep supporting.

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