Open Day Speaker | CHRIS MACWADE

1. Why did you choose Lisof?

Chris Macwade
Chris Macwade

I chose Lisof because fashion theory as a field in South Africa (and even globally) is relatively small. Relatively, fashion receives little attention from academics. This makes the theory of fashion and design particularly exciting – there is room to move and to create fashion scholarship as the discipline grows.

2. The Lisof life lesson?

The most valuable thing I learnt at Lisof is the power of  visual expression

3. Personal highlights in your career?

The most exciting moment of my career to date… is between speaking at a conference at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, or watching Izikhothane throw custard around my classroom during a third year fashion theory presentation on subcultural identity.

4. Future aspirations?

Complete my Phd in the next year, and get a haircut, because I really need a haircut right now, so I guess that’s “future aspirations” too, even if it’s the short-term future.


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