1. Why did you choose Lisof?

Filipe De Carvalho Credit: Jerri Mokgofe and Augustine
Filipe De Carvalho
Credit: Jerri Mokgofe and Augustine

Because I had spoken to a few people who told me it was the best… when I had my entry interview I was convinced

2. The Lisof life lesson?

You have to eat, sleep and breathe fashion in order to make it at LISOF and the industry thereafter

3. Personal highlights in your career?

There have been many exciting moments but the first one that lead to many other exciting moments was being asked to be the fashion editor at Dossier before I had even completed my degree

4. Future aspirations?

To create something so beautiful that once you’ve seen it, you’ll never forget it


If you are interested in what Filipe is doing you can follow him here or come and listen to him speak at the Lisof Open day on 4 October 2014:

twitter: @filipegodinho   @DossierSA

Instagram: @thatfilipeguy


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